Internet flooded with shoe-throwing games in wake of Bush incident

In the wake of the shoe-throwing incident at US President George Bush, the Internet has been flooded by online games in which users can throw shoes at Bush, or avoid them…

A screenshot from the Mind360...

A screenshot from the Mind360 game.

During Bush’s recent visit to Iraq, Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi hurled his shoes at the American President during a news conference in Baghdad. Since then, at least 10 games were released in less than a week.

One of the first games released is the Bush Shoe Game created by Mind360, an Israeli company that develops scientifically based brain training games.

The game measures response time, a capability that is known to be reduced with age. As soon as the shoes are thrown at Bush, the player must click on Bush to avoid being hit by the shoe.

Other games are actually aimed at throwing shoes at Bush rather than protect him. One such example is Bye Bye Bush, which provides endless supply of shoes to throw at Bush.

Another one called Sock and Awe, was developed by Alex Tew who also created the one million dollar page.

According to Google trends, it appears that most ‘Bush and Shoe’ searches were carried out in Muslim countries, with Pakistan leading the search volume.



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