Khmer hate Thai or Thai hate Khmer?

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  1. I’m french and i don’t understand this Hate between your 2 countries.
    I know there had some discord into your nations in the past but why this Hate today?
    France have a bad past with germany but today we are very friendly.It’s important to be peacefull with your neighboor country.
    I think your conversations is a shame and dangereous. Thai and khmer are just humain person nobody choise his roots.Please Be intelligent and open minded!

  2. Thank you Dhokko for your great idea. Peace is what we want. If Khmer and Thai can be friends and respect to each other, it will be better but this can’t happen to Khmer and Thai. The reason is Thai teach their students to hate Cambodian. They tell their son that Cambodian stole them temples. They want everything from Cambodia. There are many more thing between Khmer and Thai that can make this two countries don’t like each other. As you can see a lot of news that Thai do many things to look down Cambodian. They don’t want Cambodia to be a better country. Those Thai people is not good to Cambodian. I am currently working with Thai. They are very selfish.

    As in the history, Khmer ever help Thai, we ever make a good friendship with Thai but at the end Thai fight Cambodian and take some part of our country. At least we had a honest king who was arrested to Thailand. The king come back to Cambodia and make a troop to fight and take control of our country again. Even this is the history but Thai people never change. They still treat Cambodian as an enemy and teach their people that Cambodian take their country and their will do everything to take it back or make Cambodian to be a bad country.

    So what I can say is Thai and Cambodian won’t be better.


  3. KU KON THAI! Geez u talk like a true Hater! u say this and say that ur so full of it! Hav Some respect! HOW DARE U Tell us to go and develop our country to be like THAI! geez ur comments sound like it comes from a true uneducated Boogan! Think before u TYPE!

    US khmers have been through alot, we lived through a blood shed war! and lived to tell the story, WHAT would u know? wat hav u been through? NOTHING! my country has suffered a downfall and u make fun of us? PLZ use wats left of ur brain to think!

    HOW dare u SAY KHMER= BEGGER! Dont make me laugh! have u forgotten wat a thai looks like? the skin colour, tone, language? Cos those people begging and living on the streets of thailand are UR PEOPLE maybe ur just BLIND or pretend not to see those PEOPLEs who are poor and in need! They make ur country look dirty? plz try and help ur people before u tell us wat to DO!

    If khmer didnt hav a war let me tell ya, it would be up there just like u or even Economically better!

    KHMER= JEALOUS COUNTRY? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! So wats so good about u? wats so good about Bangkok? The fact that it has adopted western culture? Is that it? Ha ha ha seriously take my advice think before u type! It would help you to sound less PATHETIC!

    Now now let me think, u say we are jealous? but wait, we are not the ones who go around making false claims that the ANGKOR TEMPLE belongs to them, when in all the history books around the world has noted that ANGKOR TEMPLE was created and made by our khmer ancestors! So…? Who is jealous of who? Mate u really need to check the history books!

    I for one respect other countries and cultures, every country has its good and bad points if you don’t like us talking rubbish about ur country, don’t dish MINE!

    Im khmer and damn proud of it! So keep an opened mind and take time to think before u act!


  4. as my point of view,we can’t say that let’s be friend and love each other between thai and khmer and build a good friendship in the same way the europian countries have so far done it,because among southeast nations,thai is so much conceited,too much proud of being a thai and that because of this thai seems to try to see other neighbour countries as less power or less wisdom(stupid).in this case,there have been many many problems happening amid these nations. thai has not been so friendly with the surrounding countries such as laos(even though both are similar in many aspects i.e.language…) burma and so on.if anyone wants to understand whats the thai always say about the history or about the countries around thailand one should learn thai language and one will understand these problems clearly.
    herewith,we would like to say that why the europes can unite with each others is that they speak frankly clearly in every field of the problems such as history and so on i.e.speak the truth all the time.we don’t.

  5. สวัสดีครับ Kun Thai,
    คุณเรียนประวัติดศาสตร์รู้ไม่จริงหรอกครับ ผมขอถามหน่อย อาณาจักรสุโขทัย แต่ก่อนเป็นธานีของใคร ? แล้วจุดเริ่มต้นของประเทศไทยที่มีอยู่ทุกวันเกิดจากจุดไหน ? และเผาพันธุ์ของไทยมาจากไหน ? ผมตอบเองแบบสั้น ก็ได้ครับ มาจากประเทศจีน ซึ่งเป็นคนอยู่ในประเภทที่สังคมไม่ยอมรับในตอนนั้นแล้วต้องอพยพไปหาที่ใหม่โดยแบ่งเป็น สองสาย ฯ
    สายที่หนึ่ง ได้อพยพไปทางลุ่มแม่น้ำสาละวิน เรียกว่า “ไทยใหญ่”
    สายที่สอง ได้อพยพไปทางลุ่มแม่น้ำเจ้าพระยา และแนวแม่น้ำโขง เรียนตนเองว่า “ไทยน้อย”
    และเมื่อ พ.ศ. 1781 ประเทศกัมพูชา หรือเรียกในสมัยนั้นว่า ขอม มีความไม่สงบในธานีสุโขทัย พอสบโอกาศพวกไทยน้อยซึ่งเป็นโจรที่อพยพจากจีนที่ขออาศัยดินแดนของขอมจึงร่วม
    กันเข้าตีกรุงสุโขทัยยึดเป็นของตนเอง และโดยสถาปนาพ่อขุนศรีอินทราทิตย์เป็นปฐมกษัตริย์ ฯ
    ที่นี่การที่พวกคนมาด่านคนกัมพูชาในทางที่ไม่ดี ผมอยากให้คุณลองศึกษาประวัติศาสตร์
    หรือหนังสือที่เขียนโดยคนต่างประเทศที่มีชื่อเสียง มิใช่เขีนโดยคนไทย ซึ่งไม่มีนักปราญช์คนไหนกล้าเขียนความเป็นจริง ทั้งที่ตนเองรู้แล้วก็ตาม เพราะสังคมยอมรับไม่ได้ ฯ การที่พวกคุณด่าคนกัมพูชา บางทีอาจจะด่านบุพการีของคุณก็ได้ เพราะปูยาตายายของคุณอาจเป็นคนกัพมูชามาแต่ก่อนก็ได้ คุณลองคิดดูมีใครบ้าง จะไปสร้างปราสาทให้ ถ้ามิใช่ดินแดนของตนเอง อาทิเช่นปราสาทหินอยู่จังหวัดนครศรีธรรมราช ภาคใต้ของไทย สร้างโดยพระบาทชัยวรมันที่ 7 ของอาณากัมพูชา และอีกปราสาทหินอยู่จังหวัดกำแพงเพชร ปราสาทพนมรุ้ง ปราสาทพิมาย เป็นต้น

  6. I don’t know how to say but Thai itself make me hate until now, you know what, I’ve been working in Lao for months one day i ask some japenese and Philipino coworkers to going in thailand( Vientian and Thai land so near accross only 1 river side.

    But what happened to me, they not allow me to get into except my friends why??? 😦 I asked thai customs why ..they say No Khmer and some bad words in Thai but i know their meaning…

    WE MAKE THEIR COUNTRY DIRTY Yes, he right in Bangkok you can see many beggers around there are Cambodian ” that’s why m not agree with PM in Cambodia always say that his country so develope why he doesn’t brint them back..”
    Moreover you can check the news many khmer that go into Thai and they transfer back daily many and many. That why make them so headache. It’s not like VN comes to our country so easy and some can work high rank in government too

    I jsut recommend before we hate some we have to make youself at least equal someone u hate. e.g. you cannot hate someone when u always go to ask something from them

    Anyway we still get some money from Thailand too you can check some schools, hospial.. specially road goto Kohkong that support from Thai too

  7. Hey who said Khmer=Jealous country?

    I’ll tell u the truth Cambodian people are the most honest people on earth, abiding by the rules of Buddhism. They are friendly, helpful, kind, gentle, creative, hardworking, never tell lies, and have a healthy state of mind. However, it was also for these things that brought our nation to a downfall, as neighbouring countries such as Thailand had noticed our weakness.

    Yet Cambodian are not to be blamed, they are not the ones who started the battle. According to history, Khmer and Mon (Burma) are the first settlers on Southeast Asian mainland, creating their own languages and cultures and lead a happy peaceful lives. It wasn’t until about the 12th century when Thailand was born after moving southward from China that the nation of Kampuchea started to break a part.

    U see, the Thai, they are the culprits. They stole our culture, our languages, our land, our temple, and many other of our resources; and just made a few modification then claimed those things as theirs. But as a designer, i would say never how they tried to modify our culture, art, languages, etc. it does not look as beautiful as where it originally belongs to, where those cultures, arts, languages etc. came from our pure heart of Khmer. In fact, it look SUCKS!!!!. But it is so sad to see that foreigners like to admire Thai wonderful culture, and fail to see our original ones.

    As Mai has mentioned, if it wasn’t for wars and invasions from our neighbourhood as well as from other countries, Cambodia would have been an outstanding and developed nation in Southeast Asia, where Thailand could never be compared to. I still have hope for the better Cambodia that one day our dreams will come true.

    In conclusion, i would say i can be friend with any people including the Thais and i would not hate them if they stop their hatred against us. In addition, compared to Vietnamese, Thai are much better in terms of mind or ambition, despite their cocky attitude toward us. Vietnamese, on the otherhand, appears friendly to us, BUT U’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN THEIR MINDS!!!!…………..

  8. jah sa- wat-dee kaa! thanks for the history lesson, to bad i cant read thai! As i mentioned, i hav respect for all countries and cultures, im not a hater, but comments like the one before was really
    Inappropriate! just respect khmer my homeland and im happy to pay respects also, coz every country has its good, bad, ugly and evil! It depends on us people! we can either lend each other a hand or simply stay away from each other!

  9. ไอ้คนไทยบ้างคนชอบอ้วดว่าตนเองประเสริฐเลิศหนักนา แต่ความจริงสกปรกมากกว่าในนรกเสียอีก มีนักศึกษาขายตัวเต็มสนามหลวง และวัยรุ่นก็ไร้สาระกับการเล่นพวก Hi 5 ซึ่งเป็นจุดที่อันตรายต่อสังคมของมันเอง
    ประเทศไทยรวยนักใช่ไหม ? บางคนหาข้าวกินยังไม่มีเลย และไอ้พวกที่ด่าคนกัมพูชา เรียนประวัติศาสตร์รู้ไม่จริง เรียนตามนักเขียนของไทยเอง ซึ่งเป็นผู้ปัญญาอ่อน ทั้งที่บางครั้ง ก็รู้อยู่แล้วว่า ประเทศไทยเกิดมาได้อย่างไร แต่ไม่ยอมเขียนความจริง เพราะกลัวสังคมไม่ยอมรับ กลัวโดนตำหนิจากสังคม หรือยอมรับตนเองไม่ได้ ที่ไอ้สัญชาติคนไทยนี้มันเป็นโจร จากปรเทศจีน มา

  10. we,khmers,are not the most honest people as having asked above anyway,but we usually never claim to demand something which doesn’t belong to us saying that it really belongs to us in the way that some others are still claiming ,”we’ve lost lost lost”,having lost to where,and”lost whats ? lost the lands?”,go and ask laos,burma and even malaysia,”these people really have taken some pieces of land from thais?
    please find this song out and listen=album: วอนพ่อเลิกเหล่า artist:น้องฝน title:เเหล่ประวติสาสตร์ชาติไทย
    when we all have become good,the peace must come automatically,don’t worry.be in DHARMA

  11. we,khmers,are not the most honest people as having asked above anyway,but we usually never claim to demand something which doesn’t belong to us saying that it really belongs to us in the way that some others are still claiming ,”we’ve lost lost lost”,having lost to where,and”lost whats ? lost the lands?”,go and ask laos,burma and even malaysia,”these people really have taken some pieces of land from thais?

  12. Boumibol Adujadet (Thai King) Hates Thaksin Sinawatra; Sam Rainsy Hates Hun Sen; Haiya! It sounds like not uncommon that Thai Hates Siam; Cambodian Hates Khmer! Hahahahaha! Hope this culture of hatred comes to an end and a culture of love comes to an emergence soon! May peace come into all human beings in Cambodia as well as in countries in Southeast Asia and the world. Anu Moutta Nea Lok Ouey! Hehehehe!

  13. As we both khmers and thais are actually buddhists,we have already understood and have had our way of thinking inwhich it is neither too traditional nor too modernized,but the Right and Reason.
    Is it the culture of loving that one is trying to love but another is trying
    to hate.One can create the loving culture by right thought,right speech and right actions.
    The Buddha said
    na hi verena vera’ni sammanti’dha kuda’canam’
    averena ca sammanti esa dhammo sanantano.
    ន​ ហិ​ វេរេន វេរានិ សម្មន្តីធ កុទាចនំ
    អវេរេន ច សម្មន្តិ ឯស ធម្មោ សនន្តនោ។
    เเต่ไหนเเต่ไรมาในโลกนี้ เวรไม่มีระงับด้วยการจองเวร
    มีเเต่ระงับด้วยการไม่จองเวร นี้เป็นกฏเกณฑ์ตายตัว
    Hatreds never ceace through hatred in this world,
    trough love alone they ceace,this is an eternal law.
    we want love and peace,how about the others? want peace too?

  14. Dear friend,

    I am very impressed on the one hand and also worried on the other to see many people commented on this topic. I think as a young generation of these two countries, we should not blame each other and burn ourselves by picking up flaming facts here and there. The real history is the still the real truth of life though many historians have tried to rewrite it for the sake of their nation. We are living in a broken world with many problems, yet some mankind are also broken soul persons. We are blind by egocentrism, sociocentrism and other factors that pushing us around which make us ignorant of what life is. Life is too short if everyone lives with hatred. But if you live more with LOVE and positive thinking toward life and everything plus everyone around you, life is so meaningful and more wonderful. I love the proverb “good neighbor makes a good wall.” yet in reality some people always think in contradictory by using their neighbor as a good enemy or people whom they can exploit as you can see almost every corner of Cambodia or the world.

    Again life is too short; therefore, let’s live wisely and peacefully.

    NB.: If you are interested in the Education for Sustainable Development: 2008 Contest, pls visit my blog http://www.chanroeun.wordpress.com for details.

  15. thank you every one for your love for Khmer…. thank you Mai, particularly, for your strong comment…. yes, for some reasons, they are now apparently superior nations. that’s why our words sounds more like jealous for some people who doesn’t know about the fact and history… i can’t blame anyone for saying we are jealous, but i beg them to learn more about the fact and history rather than just listen to any one side… put yourself close to the real situation, then i can wait to hear you say it again, foreigners…

  16. I want to tell everyone infact between thai and khmer have alot of story that confuse,soneone in this say right that he say is thai that teach their student hate khmer but we should understand khmer have history thai also have history so our country really have history and different history so we is youngest person we don’t know which history is ture because we is love our country so how can we understanding mind and stop hate each other?
    Thai history tell their student khmer is fight their temple it right that they believe thier history and it right that we believe our history so we can not take mistake to which country?
    Somthing that we can do is try friendly and forgive each other it is not better than we have agrue.
    if our country is have agre why we are people don’t try underatanding mind each other and make friendship between khmer and thai why like agrue each other like this.
    Because we think our idea is right so i want to ask everyone when that khmer and thai stop hate each other.

  17. Hi there !
    i think u don’t thinks more or pain about that thai’s words .
    bcoz in thais mind/heart are contained some stupid virus
    that can’t be treated or noway to treat them get better.
    U know that virus is built in from they was born bcoz of their ancestor the same the evil always burn or fire the soul of their next generations of thai to be come a monster.their goal is kill khmer peoples , stolen our perfect culture more and more by using their cool tricks or hot tricks …. that i don’t want to mention.
    but now we are khmer we must to calm down about bad thai words , we calm down mean that we are not lost thai power , but now the billion of things is calling we are khmer to save , to do , to fill , to love each others to stand , to collect our power be a huge line , to develop our country is the first task that we must to do it. the game is not over now is waitting for we are to play but not now , bcoz our economic is not strong now , it the same the cossack game if we 1 2 destroy or invade other countries we must to built a strong economic first thanks ,
    i hop u understand this. see u later …

  18. All things have their causes or origins,that is to say,they are inter-related.So when a thing arises,it must arise from it’s sources.
    And when we would like to stop it ,we must stop it at it’s beginings.
    So then what’s the begining of the hate?
    Personally in my mind,there is no anything in which it is called a provocative thought, I have been enjoying very much the musics of the thai,i can understand that.But there has been one thing that used to hurt my mind is that some thais always try to intentionally disturb khmers.I’v been in thailand long enough.In some places, I can hardly say that I am khmer while i’m conversing with thais because their moods would change immediately when they come to know that i am khmer.So sometime i pretend to be thai. Even others
    used to tell me like this too.
    Whatever am I saying here are just the things maybe they can hear, and then they can change their ways of thinking, and later,I will not waste my times for putting up with these things accuring again and again.
    Anyway,I try to be a good friend with all the thais forever as I can.
    May peace and compassion be with us,khmer and thai at all time.

  19. to reaksa,
    i am dazzle with your english, but i tried to be understand. what has been driven me crazy is your ideas. it is completely wrong when you said every country has its own history and that we are young we don’t know their history. So answer me what the hell people are recording event in the history for the next generation? For your ideas, i dare to say you have never read history book, especially history about khmer. you are always enjoying your so-called good thai movie.

    note: i bet you can’t understand my english very well. if so, let me know, i will right khmer for you here.

    thanks, and don’t forget to read more history books rather than watching your fckng movies….

  20. to reaksa,

    ok, i have some ways for you….
    1. go to thailand and proudly show them you are cambodian when you communicate with those, let call people, then see how you will be treated.
    2. as u like to visit that, let call country, u’d better pack ur bag and go to live and earn ur living there by begging or whateva. i believe cambodian are not happy to share the space for the stupid-minded like u…

  21. ពួកថៃមិន​ស្រឡាញ់​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​យើង​ឡើយ គឺ​ពួក​វា​ចង់​តែ​បាន​សម្បត្តិ​វប្បធម៌​របស់​កម្ពុជា​យើង​ តើ​ធ្វើ​ដូចម្តេច​ទៅ​ដែល​យើង​ចូល​ចិត្ត​អស់​ទាំង​នោះ?

  22. Hi everybody ! Today visit this site I get a lot of ideas from U and know that our people can communicate with many language, so we can know who say sth! No one can change history or make their own history to show their people that they are really GOOD. But maybe they can hide the truth points in history and let their students study in that way, so if they take the test if they don’t answer as what they studied how can they pass the exams?
    So someone who can know well in Thai please translate into our language for someone understand!( pls dont change the meaning)
    Remember that what U say here is ur own word not for all the people in ur country!

    For my own ideas for here, I can’t force all of U to think or do like me but it the best way that I always do for a long time!
    I live in Battambang province, U know it very closed to Thailand, but I use less time to see Thai movie it’s not mean I hate Thai but I like to see Khmer movie more than Thai! In Battambang Thai money is useful ( plastic paper) cos it’s easy to use! But I’d like to keep Riel money more than Bat! So why don’t we change all Thai Bat into Riel and keep Riel only in Cambodia? Can the government do that? If can what will happen?
    There are more countries that make our country down in the past but nowadays we still get the help from them and be very friendly with them! So why don’t we do with those countries as Thailand? If we do what will happen?
    In this time, no war to kill people by weapon but by the other ways! Thai and Khmer will not fight for the land or temple, cos now the map of the country is drawn in the world map and the world accepted Cambodia is one of the peace country now! As we took Prasat Preah Vihea from Thailand ! Try to get peace in urself then ur country will get peace too and then U will solve more problem in the best way!

    To Thai blogger who visit this site : As I said that no one can change history but they can hide it! The poorest khmer who work in ur country is a person too! If U are the good nation as U think U should do as good as Buddha said !
    To all Khmer Blogger : Our country need to be improved more so we need to help our country to better , cos we start from 0 not as the other start from 10.

    As I am Khmer and I speak Khmer even here i write in English but my ideas are still what khmer need! Now i’m not in Cambodia but I still think about Cambodia and want our country get improved, I can’t do it alone but we are Khmer do, it can.

  23. I think some Thai (Siem) people wrote something in here without thinking or no brain to think at all. Hey, Thai thief. I have read about your real source. You (Siem) are the thief of China, then China kicked you guys out from there country and then you came to Cambodia land and asked King Chey Voromonth VII to live on our land. So You were just the poor people and had no land to live before. And our king kindly let you lived, you weren’t even thankful for that, opposite you stole and robbed our Cambodian People land. People on earth never heard of your country during 1000 B.C. So don’t be crazy and stupid to us. You are the thief. Remember your name is no thai but Your real name is ” Siem” which mean Thief. Siem = uneducated thief !!! Siem you guys developed till today because you are very good at cheating and kiss people ass!!!

  24. Hello all Khmer Children, I know that you are all love khmer. So let’s work together to show the Siem that we are a lot better than them. They are not real buddist. They (Thai, Siem ) act like people have no religion, no education, ruthless, like a crocodile which is never thankful for anything, no brain. So don’t people no brain talk to us or look down us like that. Let’s stand up and show them the power Khmer Children!!! I love Khmer ! I love my Country! Cambodian is my country! I love you so much-Cambodia!!!!

  25. I don’t agree with this!!!!! As Thai bought a Kro Chau factory in Battambang but they just closed it so many people around the factory got no jop and nothing to do with Kro Chau (​ក្រចៅ), so people have to buy បាវ រឹ ការុង from Thailand to use!!!! They want to rent Phnom Banon too, they want to make a resort there!!!!
    If they rent Koh Kong the plan for Thai to make a international port for very big ship as in Singapore will successful. It’s not mean I want to cut the profit of Thailand but this point our Government can do to get profit from this.

  26. oh i’ve been talking so much in this topic but i haven’t really answered to the question from Boeun. My answer is that the majority of Thai hate Khmer, but ashamedly, many ill-minded Khmers love Thai, Thai products, Thai movies, Thai styles, so on and so forth. Thai lovers, don’t you ever feel ashamed to say proudly that you love Thai’s?

    For me, i am exactly neutral; i’ve never hold any revenge to them; But i’m really hurt in deep whenever i heard Thai hurt any Khmer people by any mean. I am not encourage Khmer to hate Thai, but I wish Thai could end their hatred on Khmer.

  27. To Boran: Reading your comments from the beginning, I feel that you hate Thai so much. However, your comment on number 58 clearly shows that you are a real peaceful Khmer guy. And I am proud of you to see you shared a very peaceful idea. Southeast Asia Region needs more people either Thai, Khmer, Laotian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Malysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Bruneian, or the Filipino to end the hatred among Southeast Asian citizens and begin a culture of friendship, love, peace, and tranquility in the region. Our younger generations or children and grandchildren could not afford any war in the future.

  28. Why young people of these days still talking about hate, anger, and fighting? Khmer and Thai has a long history of fighting each other for thousands of years and untill now, it should be the right time to talk about peace. For my understanding, not all Cambodian are bad (I’m not insulting my own nation. I’m still pround to be a Cambodian) and not all Thai are bad. It’s depends on their knowledge of understanding each other, forgiving each other. How many more years do you want to keep this anger alive? Till your children or grandchildren generation? I’m currently living and working in Bangkok but not all of them are that bad. And i go on the street not all of beggers are Khmer. Please stope provoking hatred between this 2 nations. It’s time to talk about PEACE.

  29. Okay We know our Country is poor as a developing Country not as your Country that already in middle income country. But please make sure that your country is perfect????? I know a lot of about your country but maybe not a lot as your self as you are Thai I been there 4time already
    i found many nice thing from there also a lot of stupid thing there also. Maybe what I know and many Hight Education foreigner they also know that Thai people that they are like to blame their self right???? Checking your History again before you talking with Khmer okay?????? I don’t want to make war with you cause I am a peaceful for every one. But as I am Khmer and as your supervise, just want to let you know that if you don’t have Khmer you can’t stand as today!!!
    Wish you enjoys your Life!!! Siam Person!!!

  30. សួស្តី​អ្នករាល់គ្នា! យើងទាំងអស់គ្នាជាខ្ែមរ គួរត្រូវស្តាប់គ្នាមិនមែនចាំចាប់កំហុសគ្មាទេ!​ មើលឃើញកំហុសគ្នាគួរតែប្រាប់គ្នាក្នុងភាសាយើងណា​ 😉

  31. Hi Every Khmer,
    I am happy to conform all of you that. We learn that Khmer just have History at 1st century A.D that we have our Queen than Our queen married with Indian Prince that make our country more powerful in this region. And according to The new research from American group(sorry I don’t remember well) they said Cambodia have civilizations more than 80000 years a go. they found it by DNA with the people body at some where in Thailand. and another research from France found that almost every nation in this region they have Khmer blood. just a lot or a little by percent. They Do it test DNA and we are Khmer have 100% of that kind of blood.it mean that We
    are Khmer is one of the oldest nation the the world also(I got it from Voice of America and Radio Free Asia). So what I mean here???????/

  32. Who in this world don’t want Peace????? You and me??? We all want that.
    Cambodia is the country full of the war. You know Khmer Rought??? is one of the interested history in the world also, this is happen in Cambodia. so what is this???
    you can check it. hehehe We are learning the real History not blaming our people. We try to find out what happening in the past the true thing. we rich, we poor. I think our people really love peace and we don’t need to explain them what it mean now???
    ohh sorry maybe it not in this Topic heheheh okay any way Khmer hate Thai or Thai hate Khmer???? I think they both hate each other. So why???
    Thai hate Khmer cause they think Khmer stupid alway fighting each other heehhee it sound funny cause this is our problem it not their business but why they teaching their own people like this cause they don’t want their people scaring of us that will take the land back this is what the government think maybe. but how about Burma??? heheeh
    so This is what they teaching in school???? to let the people thinking like this o each other???
    So why Khmer hate Thai Cause Thai is Stupid like that like to shaw what is perfect of their people nothing wrong with them??? this is really stupid. No want perfect they blame their own people and their people like it also???? heheheh I am not hate Thai but just don’t like even to talking with….
    Like to have what it not belong to them and they don’t shy to do that How about Preah Vihear Temple now try to make the problem. want that Temple even every body no that it belong to Khmer but still like to do this!! Oh my god look what my Neighbor country did??? they like to have peace??? hemmmm I am so pity to hear that… poor men…
    okay anyway take care al of your self na…Ku Kon thai
    Sorry my English not good.

  33. 11th-12th centuries,to the east, The capital of this empire was the great city of Angkor, and the Khmer rulers were masters of a tightly organized society with remarkable capacities for territorial and cultural expansion. The Khmer also successfully controlled most of the trade routes in the Thailand-Indochina region. Khmer territories stretched well into the area that is present-day Thailand, covering the northeastern region much of the center, and coming as far west as Kanchanaburi Province.The Ayutthaya kings adopted Khmer court custom ,language and culture. Unlike the paternal rulers of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya’s kings were absolute monarchs and assumed the title devaraja or God King. Ayutthaya became one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in Asia, rivaling London in its influence. From the early 16th century the Portuguese established trade and supplied mercenaries to fight in continuing campaigns against the rival kingdom in Chiang Mai.

  34. Thailand was known to the “west” as Siam until 1939. Sayam, from which Siam came, was the name for Thailand in the the Szechwan dialect of Chinese. Five significant periods can be discerned in the history of Cambodia. From the 1st century AD, thekingdom of Funan organized life in support of royal courts that adopted the Indian Brahmanic cult ofthe god-king; Indic culture spread into the legal code and an alphabet. During the 6th and 7th
    centuries, kingdoms of Khmer origin known as Chenla kept the institutions of Funan while
    conquering neighboring kingdoms in present-day Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. Chenla was
    succeeded by the classical (Angkor) period of Khmer history, which lasted from the 9th to the
    mid-15th century. During this period Cambodian artistic, architectural, and military achievements
    reached their zenith. A gradual decline in the coercive authority of the Khmer Empire was followed
    by losses of territory to the Vietnamese and the Thais.
    The French protectorate began by treaty in 1863 and became a colonial relationship with
    Cambodia’s incorporation into the Union of Indochina in 1887. Indochina fell to the Japanese during
    World War II, but France reclaimed it in 1945 as part of the newly conceived French Union. King
    Norodom Sihanouk (installed by France in 1941) was pressed by new nationalist parties to gain full
    independence (granted 1953).

  35. Hi Thailandharatage,
    Sorry I am not good in English, But it look great that you know a lot of Khmer History But I am sure that it must be not from school. Most of Thai people think Khorm people and Khmer people are different people ??? What do you think about Khmer???
    Ohh where Thai from??? and why they live in Cambodia or Angkor period?? Emmm and How they can create Sokhouthai??


  36. Oh I think you know na… and if you know that maybe you can also tell your people should be kind of your neighbor na let them think na as deep as they can na.. I think your people will be kind to get to know the true thing not like as they study at school. Oh if you checking History pls check the right pion na…I think all of this we know but your history that you learn from school maybe is much better if you tell us about them.

    Thank you and thank again for your kindness tell us our history. hheeheeh

  37. Hey Thailand heratage, thanks for the history lesson, you are one of the very few thai people who is willing to accept this part of khmer history and i agree with Rasmey i dont think u learnt this part from school. Some times its harder to accept the truth for wat it is then make up a better ending story, in every cambodian person’s heart we know that our great ancestors were the ones who developed Angkor Watt and we are willing to fight for it to be known as a FACT not a FICTION as thai people think! The only way we can live in Harmony and peace with our neighbours, is if our neighbours them selves are ready to live up to the truth, face the facts and move on! if your want to live and teach thai children a fictional story of the past, then you wll remain stuck in fiction forever, narrow minded and non realistic, only the very few thai people who have taken that step forward and accepted the truth will live in harmony with one self, why fight and argue for something that never once belonged to you?

    so i applaud you for making the effort! 🙂 now lets hope the rest of thailand can be as brave as u!……..but i think there is less then 1% chance of that ever happening! coz even ur next generation of children hav been taught the fictional history lesson then the fact!

  38. No worry! Today is the neo-globalized world where people get to know information through the internet. Whatever education or ideology is exploited to instill the perception of the Thai people, at the end of the day, the fact can’t be hidden if you guy work hard to develop more websites on the internet revealing the axiomatic truth of the Khmer history. Argument or fighting is useless for healing our old wound.

  39. In response to Rasmey!( WHAT THAIS STUDENT LEARN IN HISTORY?) This lack of understanding is reflected in the thinking of a considerable number of educated Thais and members of the ruling class, who distinguish between the Khom and the Khmer, considering them to be two separate ethnic groups. They assert that it was the Khom, not the Khmer, who built the majestic temple complexes at Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom and who founded one of the world’s truly magnificent ancient empires. They further claim that Khmer culture, for instance its various forms of masked dance drama, is merely a “derivative” of Thai culture. (This is despite the fact that the word “Khom” is derived from the old Thai “Khmer krom,” meaning “lowland Khmer.” In spoken Thai, “Khmer” was gradually dropped, leaving only “krom,” which over time became, first, “klom” or “kalom,” and then eventually “Khom.”) Those elements of Thai culture which are generally considered to have originated in India, such as Buddhism, architecture, artistic designs, and even a significant portion of the Thai lexicon, did not enter Thailand directly from India. Rather, they were all second-hand transmissions, so to speak, having first passed through the Sri Lankans (including the Tamil), the Mon, or the Khmer. Even the concept of divine kingship (devaraja) and much of the special vocabulary associated with the royal court were, as M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, a noted intellectual and former Thai prime minister, said, “derived from Cambodia.”

  40. Culture is based on that of Old Khmer, Cambodia had a hand in the development of local martial arts. Muay Thai and it is often said that every move in Muay Thai has a similar equivalent in Pradal Serey, Muay Thai’s origin in Thailand can be traced back to its ancestor Muay Boran (“ancient boxing”). This was the form of unarmed combat used by Siamese soldiers in conjunction with Krabi Krabong, Neighbouring countries such as Laos also had a major influence on the art. Ayutthaya was destroyed twice by Burma. Ayutthaya kings took refugee twice to Odong City and on knees to beg the Khmer Kings to liberate Ayutthaya. And that’s how Thai soldiers got Muay Thai from Khmer Muay Boran There’s no were in Cambodia that has ancient temple with Thais scripture on it, but in Thailand one can find ancient (Angkor Kingdom) Khmer Temples scattered all across Thailand. Thais can’t even translated the ancient text b/c it’s Khmi scripture, so who has strong influence of cultural and history? even the men in Thailand adorn their body with sacred tattoo’s (sak yan) those inscripture (sak yan) are Ancient Khmr script. All monks in Thailand are very aware of Thais history, but b/c of government force of teaching most monks lips are sealed in fearing death or imprisonment.

  41. in responds to Mai– I really agree with your statements! why? 99.99% 0f Thais student were taught different on Thais/Khmer history but now historian from all over the world that study Southeast Asia, says different of Thais/Khmer history, completely in reverse of what was taught in school by Thais government. Lost of educated and royal in Thailand knows our history, like I have said before in my last statements that Thais are afraid of their government retaliation, soft whisper of the true source of Thais history, can be considered a act of treason against Thais Nation, can land you some serious time in prison. In some case there’s even death.

  42. For centuries, the Tai (Thai) people had been drifting south from their native Yunnan Province, in China, and had settled throughout what is now North Thailand. This migratory process was speeded thanks to the predatory movements of Kublai Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan). The Thais called this fertile area the “Golden Peninsula” and, to firmly establish themselves, wrested the city of Sukhothai from Cambodian influence. From this background, descended directly from King Chiang Saen, sprang Prince UThong. Upon the founding of his capital, Ayutthaya, 400 miles south of Sukhothai, he was crowned King UThong (Rama Thibordi I) in 1350. He further extended his Kingdom by taking Sukhothai and some parts of, what was then, Cambodia including Chainat and Lopburi.

    Even thou I am Thai, but I know that I have Khmi blood running threw my vanes!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s Thais,Laos////if you are reading this note:
    Please try to look beyond what were taught as a young child, only thru research and learning with an open mind, will we as a nation will truly know who we are. Is by knowing our past, and history the Great Jayavarman II once said>>>>>>> “Never forget were came! Or you will never know were your going”

  44. Those elements of Thai culture which are generally considered to have originated in India, such as Buddhism, architecture, artistic designs, and even a significant portion of the Thai lexicon, did not enter Thailand directly from India. Rather, they were all second-hand transmissions, so to speak, having first passed through the Sri Lankans (including the Tamil), the Mon, or the Khmer. Even the concept of divine kingship (devaraja) and much of the special vocabulary associated with the royal court were, as M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, a noted intellectual and former Thai prime minister, said, “derived from Cambodia.”

    Thai leaders in the past were filled with tremendous admiration for anything Khom-Khmer. Khun Pha Muang, who ruled the city of Muang Rad, somewhere in present-day northern Thailand, and was instrumental in the founding of the Sukhothai kingdom, was given the title “Sri Intrabodintrathit” (before it was changed to “Sri Intrathit”). This is a name taken from the lord or phee fah of the city of “muang Sri Sothonpura.” Pha Muang’s royal regalia, known as “Pra Khan Jayasri,” the Jayasri sword, and his royal consort named “Sikara Maha Devi,” were all bestowed by the King of Angkor.

    This is the message conveyed to us by a fourteenth-century stone inscription of Wat Srichum at Sukhothai (the authenticity of which has never been questioned, unlike that of the Ram Khamhaeng Inscription). The Thai term “phee fah” (referring to a king) and the term “Sri Sothonpura” are direct references to a Khom-Khmer king and his royal capital. The king in question was probably King Jayavarman VIII (1243-1295) and the royal capital of Sri Sothonpura is certainly Angkor Thom.

    In other words, the earliest royal Thai titles – King Sri Intrabodintrathit, the Pra Khan Jayasri sword, and the consort Sikara Maha Devi – were derived from the Khmer, one of the most highly advanced civilizations in Southeast Asia at the time and a source of knowledge and inspiration to the Thai people. It is possible that Sikara Maha Devi was a daughter of King Jayavarman VIII and thus the Thai leader Khun Pha Muang, one of the founders of Sukhothai, was a son-in-law of the Khmer King.

    The early history of the Lao Lan Xang kingdom in Luang Prabang shares distinct similarities. Fah Ngum, the founder of the kingdom, had sought refuge at Angkor, where he was given a sacred Buddha image (Phra Bang) and where he took a Khmer consort (Mahesi) before establishing his supremacy over all the Lao people (A.D. 1353).

    This respect and admiration for anything Khmer also characterized the Ayutthaya period from the mid-fourteenth century onward. Interestingly, the flourishing of Khmer art and culture at the Thai court was the result of war, a war in which the victors adopted elements of the superior civilization of the losing side.

    The glorious Khom-Khmer civilization ultimately sank into decline, as Sri Sothonpura (Angkor Thom or Sri Yasodharapura), seat of the kingdom, fell three times to invading armies – first to King U-Thong in 1369, second to King Ramesuan in 1388/9, and finally in 1431 to King Sam Phraya. The sacking of Sri Sothonpura can be compared to the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, but Thai historians are reluctant to make this analogy as it casts Thais in the role of “villains,” a role more comfortably attributed to the Burmese>

  45. ThailandHaratage i want to truely thank u for ur kind regards to khmer history, ur truly bright and a out standing person not coz u accept khmer history but coz ur brave enough to live and breath in the real world, understand the fact and forget the fiction, Not only that you tried to teach ur thai pplz to think the same, so i really do thank u on behalf of khmer for being brave and for ur kind heart!

    thanks alot friend! 🙂

  46. Thanks for our respond, Thailandharatage

    and Yes!!!! that it you got??? I think I know it also and know which document that you read also….. okay i done by thai person. I think not all that you know…. Have more….;-) off casue you have khmer blood maybe alot than another nation in Asia…. hhehe
    So Siam is like the bastart child according to the History right as you know also!!!! and Thai is like Stupid child I mean some.. heeeehehe
    Without Thinking they hate their perent.. they forget that they are Buddhism that keep the perent are like the god alive. heheheh oh or if you said you are younger and sister with Khmer people with your unclear voice become Khmi???? I am not sure about that We call you very clear that Siam or Thai… Emmmmm…. I am too young to talking with you casue i am just 18 and my English not so good also..
    but my understanding about your people i cause be give me some Idea about that…. i had watch that film it look very bad but if you come to Cambodia now you wil see how big different from now???
    we just finish the war at 1997 but our Development and our relation ship to all the country very quikly become good!!! About Preah Vihear Temple we have American China France Korea…. Suport us they will help us to develop there as we are poor not yet can do it by our self…. not as you already developing there without thinking!!!!Emmmmm… I have no time for it now I have to go Bye



  47. Dear all

    I have read some acticles of what you are saying and try to write for everyday to update what you are thinking about both countries. I know that no want to say something down about our country but I know that now what we are doing now we are trying to push our coutry to be a modern one. Some of the acticle that people are trying to say are very good to know about the country which they are belonging. So both Thai and Khmer have a long fighting history. Som now should stop is better.

    For thai you should study about the past history also before you are saying with khmer people. You should study or read about khmer also so you must know that that happen in the past. I know that because I like to read the past history. I don’t read for khmer but i read for both thai too.so i don’t say which one is wrong cos .th s in he past but should think.

  48. Haiya! Use good language man! Don’t say silly or stupid in here! People have their rights to put up topic for discussion! Is it hurting you to put up a topic of Khmer and Thai? To me, it doesn’t hurt at all. It is a good topic raising awareness among Khmer and Thai. We now should stop a culture of quiet diplomacy. We have the rights to speech and expression, but not the rights to violence and cursing on the internet.

  49. Emmm I agree with Khmer Emperor. If we keep our mouth the problem will never solve. Only Khmer and Thai People that will change this situation. I think they like a Victim from the policy of goverment. just Open your mind to shaw the truth. why it can happen. I think Thai they used to Love Khmer and love so much!!! if they don’t Love they will never have their culture look like khmer(but not all they have their own special).
    and Khmer also used to love them so much also that why we can live with each other. But every thing it not stay the same. It alway change. according to all your Idea or your all aticle. I think now we understand what is the problem and why it can happening??? So I know all of you also know what should we do for our both country Cambodia (Khmer Cham Chinese….) Thailand (Siam, Lana, Khmer, Chinese….) or Cambodian and Thai to find the bright for hendren years or forever if possible… is Good Relaionship not only act but also in mind. as german and France?????? I don’t know hhehehehe
    What Do you Think Dara??? heheheh I know it not easy for you!!!
    any way Wish all of you have a happinese life!!!

    Ors Kun Chrern!!! Khorb Khun Mark!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!


  50. Khmer people have been exiting for over 2000 years; Thailand has been existing only 100 years.

    Khmer Kings helped Siam King to fight against Burma twice.
    Khmer army taught Siam soldiers and Siam King of Khmer Muay Boran (Khmer Ancient One) and Khmer Sak-Yant to protect themselves before going to war against Burma twice.

    The glorious Khom-Khmer civilization ultimately sank into decline, as Sri Sothonpura (Angkor Thom or Sri Yasodharapura), seat of the kingdom, fell three times to invading armies – first to King U-Thong in 1369, second to King Ramesuan in 1388/9, and finally in 1431 to King Sam Phraya. The sacking of Sri Sothonpura can be compared to the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, but Thai historians are reluctant to make this analogy as it casts Thais in the role of “villains,” a role more comfortably attributed to the Burmese>

  51. Thai Brotha>Sister

    You all might not want to hear this> Not all Thais would agree with your statements. My brother’s and sister please don’t make Thai’s look evil, every elders of Thai’s knows where Thai culture and hisrory evolve from (Khom) Khmer. The Khmer Kingdom”Funan”dates back as early as 100th to 1400th a.d.> Thailand dates from 1400th a.d. Thai’s Royal Monarchies was model after the Khmer Monarchies and Thai’s Royal Language is Old-Khmer. Our history books in thailand are fuul of story telling some are tru but most are made belive to trick us.. WHY???? We will never know…

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please check it for your self.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In other words, the earliest royal Thai titles – King Sri Intrabodintrathit, the Pra Khan Jayasri sword, and the consort Sikara Maha Devi – were derived from the Khmer, one of the most highly advanced civilizations in Southeast Asia at the time and a source of knowledge and inspiration to the Thai people. It is possible that Sikara Maha Devi was a daughter of King Jayavarman VIII and thus the Thai leader Khun Pha Muang, one of the founders of Sukhothai, was a son-in-law of the Khmer King.

  52. To all of Thailand’s people>>> LET ME JUST ASK TWO QUESTION:



    If you chose not to believe me, go to Thailand and visit all of the ancient runes temple’s. Those San Script are Ancient Old Khmer script….

  53. The Ayutthaya kings adopted Khmer court custom ,language and culture. Unlike the paternal rulers of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya’s kings were absolute monarchs and assumed the title Devaraja or God King. Ayutthaya became one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in Asia, rivaling London in its influence. From the early 16th century the Portuguese established trade and supplied mercenaries to fight in continuing campaigns against the rival kingdom in Chiang Mai.

    100th-1800th centuries,to the east, The capital of this empire was the great city of Angkor (Funan) and the Khmer rulers were masters of a tightly organized society with remarkable capacities for territorial and cultural expansion. The Khmer also successfully controlled most of the trade routes in the Thailand-Indochina region. Khmer territories stretched well into the area that is present-day Thailand, covering the northeastern region much of the center, and coming as far west as Kanchanaburi Province.

    There’s no were in Cambodia that has ancient temple with Thais scripture edge in stone, but in Thailand one can find Ancient (Angkor Kingdom) Khmer Temples scattered all across the land even in Laos/ Vietnam. Thais can’t even translated the text, b/c it’s Khmer scripture, so who has strong influence of cultural and history? Even the men in Thailand adorn their body with sacred tattoo’s (sak yant) those in ancient scripture (sak yant) are Ancient Khmer San Script.

    If one travels to Thailand, please visit any of your choice of Buddhists temples in Thailand and you can find that the Thai monks has Khmer pagoda to protect all Thai Buddhists..

  54. Thank you so much for your shearing, Thailandharatage. You such a great Historien. I been in Thailand 4 time. many provinces around 18 provinces. you have many interested places they are great. When i went to Sokhothai the people there said that I am the first Khmer that visit there. i smile ti them and said really??? So I am a lucky one among most of Khmer?? maybe it true for last hendrend years. Because I see many thing there very related to Khmer and and I saw what is very dicferent
    from Khmer. I note that Thailand they put Buddha anywhere. but In Cambodia we only can find the Buddha inside the pagoda and at home.
    This is the different pion but what I really interested is Thailand they use AB not AD as in Cambodia now. As a Buddhism Country Thailand
    a one of the great country off that!!
    I have more but now i have to go!!!!

  55. Som chet neak Sorse Khang ler nis… Phorng Chose na…
    Som merl a vey de ke ban Pipheaksa buntech ban te???
    Kom Kit doch chneass na…
    Peak Chass khmer yerng ban Pul Tha: Ber men ban Chouy Churk Chouy Cheav Kom Youk Chherng reav terng na Ban te…
    Kom arv ke merl ngav yerng chea Khmer na…

    Ors kun chrern!!!
    Somtersh phorng ber neak kit tha vea min trerm tvov…

  56. Thank you rasmey!

    you are right. I support your idea. Don’t let other look us down by using the word without any thinking when we are saying something. Because Khmer also forgive e.th to other. This is the character of Khmer from the ancestor ok? I’m also Khmer so also learn that one from my grandma and also the people around me.

    Think again when you say something

  57. Yeah! Please do not used undesired words here! Too bad to curse each other! We are neighbors! We should solve any issue through dialogue and consultation. Khmer people are gentle and very peaceful. Khmer needs only peace, tranquility, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national building and survival, social developemnt, and friendship with all countries around the world including Thailand, Vietnam and Lao.

  58. สวัสดีค่ะ ฉันเป็นคนไทยนะคะ จะตอบเป็นภาษาอังกฤษก็ไม่ค่อยถนัดค่ะเดี๋ยวจะสื่อความหมายผิดขอเขียนเป็นภาษาไทยนะคะ ฉันคิดว่าคนไทยส่วนใหญ่คงไม่เกลียดเขมรหรอกค่ะ แต่ส่วนน้อยอาจจะมีบ้างเป็นธรรมดาของคนคาดว่ามีแบบนี้ทุกประเทศค่ะ แต่ก็ไม่เข้ากันเหมือนกันว่าทำไมทุกคนชอบยกเอาเรื่องประวัติศาสตร์มาทะเลาะกันทั้งที่เมื่อตอนนั้นก็ไม่แน่ใจว่าเกิดเป็นมนุษย์หรือเปล่า หรือว่าหมู หมา กา ไก่ ทำไมไม่ลองถามกันด้วยเหตุผลล่ะคะ ถ้าสนิทกันคิดว่าคงได้ทราบคำตอบที่ดีๆ แต่ถ้าจากมุมมองของฉัน(คนไทย) ไม่ทราบมุมมองของคนเขมรนะคะเลยจะขอตอบแค่ของคนไทยส่วนใหญ่ ถ้าสาเหตุที่จะทำให้ไม่ชอบเขมรคงเป็นเพราะเรื่องเมื่อ 3-4 ปีที่แล้วจำปีได้ไม่แน่นอนนะคะ ที่คนเขมรบุกทุบทำลายอาคาร ร้านค้า โรงแรม และสถานทูตของประเทศไทยคิดว่าเรื่องนี้แหละค่ะเรื่องใหญ่ เพราะสาเหตุของเรื่องที่เกิดเพียงแค่ข่าวลือที่ไม่เป็นความจริง เรื่องนี้กระทบจิตใจคนในประเทศไทยมากค่ะ โดยเฉพาะเมื่อตอนที่ข่าวในโทรทัศน์ฉายให้เห็นภาพพวกคุณกระทืบและเผาทำลายธงชาติและรูปในหลวงของประเทศเราซึ่งคนไทยให้ความเคารพมากทำให้ความจำนั้นลืมเลือนยากค่ะ แต่โดยส่วนตัวฉันก็ยังไม่เกลียดคนเขมรนะคะแต่กลัวค่ะ เคยคิดจะไปเที่ยวนครวัดของเขมรอยู่เหมือนกันแต่ยังลืมภาพเหตุการณ์ครั้งนั้นยังไม่ลงค่ะ รู้สึกเหมือนคนเขมรจะเกลียดคนไทยมากทำให้ไม่ค่อยกล้าที่จะไปค่ะ หวังว่าข้อความนี้คงไม่ทำให้คนเขมรยิ่งเกลียดคนไทยมากขึ้นนะคะเพราะโดยส่วนตัวแล้วคิดว่าก็ไม่ใช้คนอื่นคนไกลกันแค่เพื่อนบ้านกันนี้เอง

  59. I’m sorry but any thai people read this site, could you please respect us a bit. why you wrote in thai. even though some khmer can read thai but this is khmer site you come to this site meaning you in khmer land now even though wherever you are. you wrote in thai i don’t understand a bit what you said. I don’t mind you can’t write in khmer but write in english then. I believe most of the reason some khmer hate thai because they don’t respect us like that, i meet lots of thai people, some are good and kind but it is truly that most thai look down on khmer. Here is the message to all of thai If you respect us more than for sure that khmer people will respect you back. And if you really do not think of stealing anything from us than you alway the innocent one even someone say you did, but if you really thinking of it even though nobody say anything you are already a thief.

  60. Hi Khmer friends….I am a Malaysian and my ethnicity is Kedahan, my hometown Kedah were actually a part of an ancient kingdom during the 1st century and it is located southern of Songkhla today. I suppose to be called as Malay in formal document but I believe that our real ethnicity are from the same root with Khmers and Mon people of Myanmar. Our ancient kingdom were Langkasuka, it happened to be vassal state under Phnom empire or Funan. In 7th century our kingdom were defeated by Malay tribe of Palembang in Indonesia and they made our ancient kingdom as their colony. I see that the problem of Cambodia and Thailand as almost the same as our problem with Indonesian where they claim their superiority on almost all of the native in Malaysia, because of some Malay ethnics have Javanese blood. I have no Javanese blood at all and prefer myself to be called as Kedahan. They are also claim about Siam as hijacking our ancient culture in the south which is from Langkasuka a part of our counterpart in Funan-Chenla, but those claim do not see Khmer as a part of the oldest civilization because they forgot to check the Cambodian History book. I have no hatred with Thais although Kedah my hometown suffered being colonized by Thais for about three hundred years, but I do agree that we should be honest with history. Happy to talk with Khmers and No hatred to Thais.

  61. There are many ancient kingdoms around southern Thailand and northern Malaysia. They are like Raktamartika (Red Soil) kingdom, Panpan, Langkasuka, Gangga Nagara. They were established around first century of the decade, long ago before Malay tribe from Indonesia territory now conquering the kingdoms and long ago before Sukhothai dynasty gain power in 12th century.
    Langkasuka were established by a king whose name is Merong Mahawangsa. He have many childs (Putra and Putri). He sent his Putras to many places around the area of his kingdom which is in Kedah and Patani in southern Thai territory today to govern them.
    Gangga Nagara are now in Perak present day. Panpan and Raktamartika are in Kelantan and Terengganu and Langkasuka are in Patani and Kedah. Please check those places in Google Earth or maybe you can find some informations about them when you google the places name.
    Gangga Nagara were established in 2nd century AD, King’s name is Ganjil Sarjuna. He is believed to be a Putra of Merong Mahawangsa. In our local dialect, Merong means Dragon, while Mahawangsa is a Sanskrit surname.
    The religion embraced by our ancestors in Kedah is Brahmanism, not Budhhism. Then the religion changed into Islam around 11th century. But whatever our religion are we today, we can’t deny that we are the same root with the Khmers and the Mons.
    Angkor Wat is totally Khmers, the king whose name is Suryawarman is from Tambralinga [Nakon Si Thammarat] that gaining power from Indrawarman and continuing Angkor Wat project. Tambralinga is not a Thai Kingdom, it is local kingdom which is the heritage of Langkasuka. Not Malay nor not Thai. The king may have Indian and Malay blood due to Sriwijaya [buddhist Malay] conquest in the southern Thai and northern Malaysia, but he has Khmer blood too. I see many Khmer words correspond to our local dialect in Kedah such as Anak, Putra, Putri, etc but they are considered as high class word in Thai while Anak is not in Thai vocabulary.
    Theravada Buddhism too being introduced to Thais by Putri Jamadevi. She is a Mon from Haripunjaya dynasty. Mon are distant relatives of Khmers.
    Native aborigines in Malaysia also speak in their languages which are close to Mon or Khmer rather than Indonesian one. There is a case where a grandmother from Yala in South Thailand lost in Chiangmai. She lost there for almost 15 years, she just know to sing in Patanese dialect but speak no Thai words. People in Chiangmai called her Mon-Grandmother because her language almost the same sound as Mon people speak. Until a group of students from southern Thai come to Chiangmai for a visit, they confirmed that the grandmother is from southern Thailand.

    This thread is informative, please tell is about ancient kingdoms in Thailand and Myanmar too before they fall to Burmese and Thai if anyone have any informations. Like I said, not to deny anything but it is important to be honest in history.

  62. I read all the threads, they really sounds like Malaysia and Indonesia. People from Indonesia don’t know how to respect us even in our own forum. They keep talking dirty about their broken islands superiority over Malaysia. I thought that Thais or Cambodian haven’t face this kind of problem, but I now know it is wrong. But I think at least there are Thai people with good heart who knows about Thailand original kingdoms while Indonesian have no knowledge at all about Malaysian boran history and cursing tantrums on us.
    Indonesian always blaming us arrogant country while we help them many times when their country facing disaters and providing jobs to Indonesian while many local natives have no job. They never say thanks to us, although we do not need the appreciation for helping other human being. Many Malaysians think that it is much better to help people in Cambodia or Myanmar because at least we are the same root with Khmers and Mon people.
    Northern Malaysian natives are the same root with Mon and Khmers, maybe some of them have Thai blood due to Siam conquest during Sri Ayuttaya time and Chakri time in 16th century. Only handful of southern Malaysian natives with Javanese or other Indonesian tribe blood. Some Indonesian did came to Malaysia because Malaysian native are peaceful people too. We helped them from bad Dutch eventhough we were facing torments from British in early 19th century.
    Cambodian khmers too are good people. They recognoze their countries weakness economically not jerks like most Indonesian.
    One thing should be cleared is southern Thai issue. They are natives of southern Thai. The same root with Mon-Khmer people and northern Malaysian natives. How did the term Kun Khaek comes? even we in Kedah [Muang Sai] also being called Kun Khaek by Malaysian Thais while we speak in southern Thai dialect although we are in our own region.

  63. I have agree with you Sarinya. I don’t Know why can’t we just be friend. Khmer are already went through many kind of war already, do you guy want more war? Do you know what take khmer to this point? isn’t it because of the war? so why do we want to make more war? this is not make scene at all when we try to argue about the past, we have to look through the future and try to find the way to bring back our country to greater point if we don’t want thai people to look down us any more.

  64. I don’t know that it true or not that thai want khmer temple but it seem that nowadays there something going on again about the preah vihear temple near thai border which is another result that khmer people always think that thai have some bad idea about it. Actually I don’t understand about that problem, can somebody explain me a bit about it! why the government alway have to argue about it again and again like that.

  65. Thanks AnakLangakasuka for sharing us your root and some history of Khmer and Thai but I never see Kedah in Khmer-Mon group but Malay.

    Khmer and Mon are the greatest group in Southeast Asia. We can call them Khom in Khmer language derived from word Khmer and Mon (Kh+M called Khom) mean “to be patient” in Sanskrit. Thai is one in Khmer-Mon nation and should has 90% of Khmer blood. They are a small group but their became strong and strong and separated to be a big nation and fight Khmer for land, use Khmer culture as their and changed their history. Whatever, it’s the history. But WHY THAI STILL WANT TO FIGHT KHMER FOR LAND AND NEED KHMER TEMPLE till these day? THAT IS COMMON THAI???

    Poor Khmer people who loves Thai. They can’t bring back their love to Khmer.

  66. One more thing about Thai people mock Khmer people. Maybe they don’t take that seriously but for Khmer people this is a total disrespectful. You see Khmer use to be one big empire and also very powerful one, even though nowadays we are not the same but as Khmer people we are proud of our great history so to receive such a mock like that is a totally disrespectful toward us. So Thai people imagined that you in our situation, can you take us such an insult? so don’t blame us when we say bad thing about you it is you make us do like this.

  67. Hey Kmer kid.I sure that thai people don’t want your kmer temple.It’s stupid reason because we stopped you in most seriously  reson than  you  imagine.I’m not sure that your goverment can tell you  every reasons.If you thing Thai want kmer temple,you are innocent. We have deepy problem  than  this  reson.Today I don’t have must  time to tell you.I will told you in next day.

  68. It is axiomatically true that the incumbent Thai Foreign Minister has an ambition to provoke a dumb ass problem over Preah Vihear temple. Here I don’t refer to all Thai people. There are good Thai people who clearly recognize that Preah Vihear Temple belongs to Cambodia/Khmer. As a Foreign Minister, he/she must abide by the international law. The International Court of Justice of the United Nations already ruled that Preah Vihear Temple is in the Cambodian territory and belongs solely to Cambodia/Khmer. As a neighbour of Cambodia and in accordance with the international customary law, the Thai Foreign Minister must respect the Cambodian sovereignty, national independence, and territorial integrity. Cambodian/Khmer people have the full rights to self-determination in terms of registering Preah Vihear Temple with UNESCO. Such a provocative behavior of the Thai Foreing Minister may be resultant in war between the two countries and this must be stopped as soon as possible. The Thai Foreign Minister should spend his time to find strategies to end the internal war in Southern Thailand rather than taking his/her dumb ass brain to wage more problems over the issue of Preah Vihear Temple. Such a provocative behavior of the Thai Foreign Minister may harm good relations between Cambodian people and Thai people.

  69. I still don’t know what happened between the 2 government over Preah Vihear Temple So explain me a bit clearly. And of course Sarinya I really can wait to hear your reason!!! Oh and like i said before if you really don’t want our temple why would you have to worry so much about it? if you good you always be good, If you bad there are nothing that can change that either!

  70. Thank you Boeun for your view and many thanks for information about ethinicity terminology, I am happy to be friend with Khmers and Thais. Yes, Kedahan is known as a part of Malay tribe today, so do the east coast Malaysian natives which are Kelantanese and South Thai Patanese. Many Kedahans including myself trying to avoid using Malay term to ourselves because we are definitely different from Indonesian, our civilization is longer than those in Indonesia and higher. We began almost the same periode with high civilized Mons and Khmers.
    We have to agree with the term Malay as our race identification because our country administration were held by Southern Malaysian people who have Indonesian ancestry. In Malaysia, we still have native people who speak in languages which is not Indonesian in origin. They are called proto-malay. Means people who are pure from Indonesian malay origin. They live in the jungles and hills because trying to avoid being malayanized and their language are totally different from Indonesian or non-identical at all. They are Senoi and Jakun people and animists. I give my highest respect to them because of their specialty in treating deseases although Indonesians who know nothing about ethnics in Malaysia insult them as Semang (monkey).
    The real Malay tribe are actually in Palembang in South Sumatera also in Riau and South Johor. They first having contact with Kedah, Kelantan, and a vast area of Southern Thailand during war around 7th century. Their ancestors religion were Mahayana Buddhism with Tantrik influence before being muslim.
    While our Langkasukan ancestors practice Brahmanism before being muslim kingdom in 11th century. The first muslim king changed his religion thrice before being muslim. First into buddhism, then into Brahmanism again before being muslim. His non-muslim title is Phrah Om Mahawangsa with his original name Shri Maharaja Durbar Raja 2 and muslim name is Sultan Muzaffar Syah 1. This king are from Cymmerian descendent, their ancestors is from Iran near south Europe who travel to India and embracing Hinduism or Brahmanism. Our Royal ceremony never leave Nobat and Nafiri which are inherited during ancient time when it comes to special occasions in Palace. While Indonesian do not have those Nobat and Nafiri musical instruments. They have Gamelan which are Javanese.
    Our ancient kingdoms in the peninsula before 7th century never use Malay as mother tongue language, it was written in historical record written by a Patanese palace scribe. The historical record telling us about history of Langkasuka kingdom until it was torn to parts due to ancient wars and after some small kingdom in it embracing Islam.
    We are mixed blood people, but we will never deny Mon-Khmer people influence toward us, they maybe our ancestors and it is possible because we are still in South East Asia mainland.
    For Malaysian, we are tired when Indonesian insulting us and being jealous to our country development. They are dissapointed when our country being an independent nation and not joining their Indonesia Raya (Great Indonesia), although they never helped our land to gain independence. We have to agree with British to stay patient with immigrants that influxing our country. They never heard about Langkasuka kingdom or Gangga Nagara kingdom or checking how Malaysian native have to suffer torments from immigrants and British.
    Many Indonesian are rude too. They do not respect us, I think that they have this rude habit from their ancestors during ancient time who love to attack other kingdoms around eventhough they are in Islands.

  71. Oh, by the way I do not speak Malay at home. We just speak Malay with other Malay natives or Malaysians to avoid misunderstood as non-muslim or being seen as peculiar.
    I speak in Southern Thai dialect with local slang. We share many similarity with southern Thais such as Nang Thalung (shadow play) and traditional practices which are inherited from Brahmanism era. Our Kedahan-Malay too doesn’t sound like prime Malay, Indonesian won’t understand us in the term of words and grammar since we have our own words for almost everything especially in agricuktural field. We have three kind of language in Kedah, one is Jati Kedah or standard and it is Malay based from classical Malay, second is Kedah Kampong and third is Kedah Thai.
    Many native Kedahan cannot speak in southern Thai dialect anymore. They are indoctrined with Malay based system and some of them being confused by people from the south who have Indonesian ancestry. I am lucky because I live with my grandfather during childhood time. He can’t speak a single Malay word at all. Many old generation can’t speak Malay at all in my village, they are now passed away and the fourth generation who are borned in Kedah in new Malaysia like me do not know Kedah Thai or not fluent in it anymore.
    I don’t really into Pan-Malayan term by some people who are influenced by that idea. It seems like trying to include us into Sumateran Malay stock. We are the inlander, not the islander. Have nothing to do with people in islands.

  72. Congratulation Indo-Malay Scholars.I wish you have a happiness life! 😉 hates or love each other just a policy of the government. The only thing is our Heart. All we know about History but history it just history it come from the last people being. could we continue some kind of that thing??? I think Cambodia’s Government they
    we are a new people create a new thing for better world. the men find out unclear make the war again each other why the men can disappear it?? and make a better world of cause it not easy because the people still Want. but just try to do the Best>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    The people traveled to any where it not easy for that time to said that
    influecvien because they travel without passport no checking pion. heheheehhehe

    But I don’t agree at all that hate is from jealous cause a women love her husband that why she jealous hehehehe just kidding. But it true right??? if we talking about Culture which one belong to which one is very interested to know but also with take responsibility if we know that very clear I think you can make your own style and look very great.

    I love My culture cause we are know very clear that we get it from who and how. so the people very clear know how to use it that why it not easy if you look at our culture it really not look like Indian but exactly it influce by Indian. Because Our Queen Neang Neak or Sov Ma her husband is Indian. and I also love and respect to all the culture they have their own special that we really can’t compare with one is good or bad or which one better. Because different people (idea…)difference place (the weather..) so that why we can see so many difference culture any where on the world. The only question is Why they make it like that????

    Okay thanks
    see you next time
    Ors Kun Chrern, Khorb Khun Mark, Salamat Datang,

    your Sweetboy hehehe just my nick name..

  73. Swaddeekhaap and a very good day

    It is good to hear from Indonesian neighbor, I am sorry if my overgeneralization hurts our friends’ feeling.
    I do not want to fight with any Asian friends or neighbors, just want to correct some views by some misleading Indonesian citizens and some Malaysian citizens in the southern area of Malaysia who do not know about ethnicities history in Malaysia thus make them claiming us as a part of Islands tribe through Indonesia Raya idea. This is not about hate towards Indonesia or Malaysia. Just to show the difference of culture and about our history to other Asean friends so that we may appreciate and respect each others.
    The term Malay in Malaysia is not tribal as in Indonesia. Although known as a Malay in our formal documents, I do not speak Malay at home but Southern Thai while my relatives be they muslim or buddhist were all in Kedah or in Southern Thailand in Songkhla part or Satun (Setul), never heard about my relatives in Indonesia.
    We were Malayanized by Malays from Sumatera because of ancient war in 7th century AD, we still have our own identity and our ancient history with our own civilization like the ancient Khmers and Mons.
    We Malaysian learn about Indonesian history and aware of the importance of Java Land in Indonesia today. It is good that Javanese trying to defend their culture and we do know that certain people in Southern Malaysia adopt Javanese style culture.
    Since we in the north of Malaysia do not adopt any Javanese culture or any Southern Sumateran culture, so we feel that “some” Indonesians claim over us as hurting our feeling, we are the native of Malaysia in our own land, our ancestors were not from Indonesia though some may have Sumateran or Achehnese ancestry because of the conquest of Sriwijaya-Malay in 7th century and the war between Acheh and Kedah in 14th century. That is history that we are aware of and of course they are all passed.

    Here is a link on Kelantan shadow play, they are still traditional and you can see even some of them who do not know about their Kedah’s counterpart culture makes them insulting their brothers in Kedah. Why is this happens? Because our history are in parchments. Kedah, Kelantan, Patani, vast area of south Thailand are the kingdoms in Langkasuka.

    Here is a sample of Kedah shadow play. Shadow play actually originated from Cambodia more than 1000 years ago and not from Java Island in the south. Brahmanism actually embraced by people in ancient Kedah and Cambodia. That is why we display similarity with Khmers and Mons while distant from people in Indonesia.

    You can sample the musical instruments sound in there and compare them to Thai, Javanese and Khmer play. Hope you enjoy the show although the languages are nt mutual in your understanding.

    Many thanks and khop khun maak, we agree with the culture of peace 🙂

  74. Thank you rasmey!!!

    your idea is very good. I think you are the person who have a lot experience with hate love and jealous. Yes you are right all hate not because of jealous also they love too much with someone or something they also feel hate too.

    But I disagree with your idea that in the past past time they did not use the passport but they use other to recognize the person where are you from and what tribe was you belonging ok? For example you Tang Chieng (the old story from China) when they go to take the bible from somewhere (sorry I forget the name of the place) but they also use one letter to recognize all the people in the group so they could travel around the world. I can say like that ok. If you enter one place with out any sign so you could not cos they will kill you or arrest you ok?

  75. សួស្តីអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នា!










  76. Hello all,

    I copied this Thai brief history from Khmer channel at YouTube.


    Thailand brief history

    Tai period

    Tai people lived in Nanchao, China until the Mongol invading their homeland and they took refugees into a Khmer land at Sukhotei.
    Tai refugees were helped by the Khmer King brother Preah Rong. When Tai people declared independence from Khmers at Sukhotei, a massive Khmer Empire Army did not fight back against
    Tai independence, because the Khmer King did not want to hurt his brother who helped Tai people from the Mongol.

    Siam period

    Siam was wiped out twice by Burma; the Siam King took refugees to the Khmer Odong city and begged the Khmer King for help. Khmer Army taught Siam soldiers and Siam King of Khmer Kun Boran, Kun Dombong Kun Dao, Kun Lompeng and Khmer Sak-Yant tattoos
    Mun Akum Keatha to protect them before going to war against Burma.
    Muay Thai still keeps Khmer Kun Boran tradition until today and some of some of Thai soldiers still have Khmer tattoos with Khmer sacred letters until today.
    Google: Khmer Sak-Yant

    Thai period

    When Vietnam and Thailand occupied Cambodia, Khmer resistance was still fighting against the Viet and the Thai occupation until the French came and Cambodia asked France to become a Cambodia protector.

    WWII period

    Vietnam was wiped out by the French and Thailand was wiped out by the Japanese.
    Vietnam and Cambodia fought for their independence from the French while Americans, British, Australians, Canadians and other foreigners fought for Thailand independence from the Japanese.

    Thailand has a foreign cemetery today at Kanachanburi in Thailand.
    Thailand became a permanent foreign cemetery colony since the WWII

  77. ខ្ញុំ​យល់ថា មតិ​របស់ វាណាណូមី មាន​ការភ័ណ្ឌ​ច្រឡំ​ច្រើន។ បើ​ខ្ញុំ​អាច​លៃ​ពេល​បាន ខ្ញុំ​នឹង​រៀបរាប់​ពី​ដំណើរ​ខ្លះ​នៃ​ប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រ​ខ្មែរ​នេះ។

  78. I hate the Thai government very much. I don’t hate the innocent people but the high ranking ones. You know last month, I travelled around Cambodia’s border, and I found out that Thia is trying to take part of Cambodia’s border as his part. At first, I did not believe what the people living next to the border said, yet while seeing so I do hurt and wonder why this case still occuring while war have been finished for ages. He has stolen our land since ancience and still doingso right now. He is not ashamed anything. In the short future, Cambodia will become more developed than he does.

  79. 1/2 Breed Khmer-thai / American i can speak 3 languages Khmer Thai and Cambodian the reality is Thailand used to be all Cambodia until the war long ago but who cares its like America the white people put indians on reservations but the indians live in what Little land they have left they are almost extinct be happy that both of our cultures thrive still and are not “white washed”. My Grandmother is from Siam Reap and my Great Uncle was Kao Thoch a revolutionary and was assasinated by the king back in the days of khmer isarak my family had to move to thailand not only because of the blood line we were on the hit of sin hoe so thailand isnt that bad because we were on the witness protection progam there my mom came back to cambodia to fight with the khmer sarey. My Grandfathers brother Kao Thoc was a sucess of stopping the FRENCH from colonizing Cambodia, And for this our King Sin hoe had him killed…but i still love my country Cambodia and the country that gave us refuge Thailand. so if your gonna be mad about temple point to the FRENCH not Cambodia, we are like the indians that got pushed aside and given “reservations” .the FRENCH are the ones Who chop the Heads of our temples and sell to museums we should not hate our neighbors for what is lost, because the true buddhist followers would not pouch their own roots, only a foreigner would disrespect for profit.

  80. The fact of prehistoric Cambodia now still remains unable to explain. A very little evident show that there are some tools form a cave discover as early as 4000 bc, which can mark the first Cambodian arrival, so it can be concluded that Cambodian people arrive long before the date.

    Funan Khmer Kingdom Period (1st – 6th century)

    Cambodia was known as Funan. Funan was visited by two Chinese people and they report every aspect of life in that time.Having a big influence by India, Funan leader took the religious of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism.

    Chenla Khmer Kingdom Period (6th – 8th century)

    The capital of Chenla was known as Sambor. The kingdom was integrated from Funan to Chenla by two strong kings, Mahendravarman and Isanavarman.

    Angkor Period (8th – 15th century)

    This is the period when Cambodian people made the best and largest temples of all time. Angkor Wat temple marked the Khmer emperor. The temple was firstly planned and built by King Suyavarman II but the building was not fully finished, so it was left until King Jayavarman VII. Jayavarman VII was also the builder of Bayon temple at Angkor Thum and several other large Buddhist temples. He was the only king who cared about his people. He also built rest houses along roads and many hospitals, especially irrigation systems to make sure that everyone can make three rice crops a year.
    The decline of the Angkor period started from 13th century to 14th century. No historians know for sure why Khmer kingdom started to decline. This may caused the uprising of Thai Kingdom and rebellion in the local area. Another factor may have been the impact of introducing Theravada Buddhism in Khmer Kingdom.

    Cambodia Critical Period (15th – 18th century)

    Until the middle of 15th century, the whole Khmer Kingdom was at war. The invasion of Ayutthaya Kingdom, Dai Viet, and Toungoo brought Khmer Kingdom to its knees. Now Ayutthaya Kingdom evolved into Thailand, Dai Viet evolved into Vietnam and Toungoo evolved into Myanmar. The huge waves led by the three enemies devastated the whole area and close to destroy the kingdom. However the Khmer Kingdom still could detain its identity and its culture. For four centuries, after the kingdom was slowly destroyed and abandoned Angkor, there is very little information related to the critical period. It still remains to be the dark side in Cambodia’s history now.

  81. Khmer Kingdom.
    Khmer culture in Thailand peaked between 100 and 1500 ad, and was highly influenced by Indian culture. The belief in a diving monarch as head of state and centralized leadership was adapted and shows in both the most grandiose Khmer historical site, Phimai, along with the equally well preserved Phanom Rung and Muang Tham. All these sites offer a glimpse into a civilization that for a time ruled the larger part of central Thailand.

    Sukhothai Kingdom.
    Although the Khmer civilization was key to the religious development of Thailand, Thais place Sukhothai as the true beginning of the culture that marks life in the Kingdom today. The third ruler of Sukhothai, Ramkhamhaeng, is attributes with creating the Thai alphabet from Mon Khmer scriptures and introducing Thervada Buddhism to the people. Ayutthaya is also credited with the rise of Thai art, which, in the numerous religious Buddha images, combined with magnificent results the elements of style from the past ruling cultures.

    Ayutthaya Kingdom.
    Ayutthaya came to the forefront of Thai culture around 1350 ad, influenced by the truly Thai Sukhothai, and the more ancient Dvaravati. The art of the period encompassed these two main influences, as well as the Khmer and the Older Mon and Lawa cultures. Ayutthaya was the first kingdom to host European visitors, who not surprisingly called this settlement ‘the city if enchantment’.

  82. The Kingdom of Funan (Cambodia)
    Historically the first Great Southeast Asian kingdom, that we know anything about, is the Khmer kingdom of Funan. Funan was a Cambodian kingdom located around the Mekong delta. We know very little about it, except that it was a powerful seafaring and trading state. This is evidenced by the discovery of Roman, Chinese and Indian goods, found there during archaeological excavations. The capital is thought to initially have been located at Vyadhapura, near modern Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    The Funanese Empire reached its furthest extent under the rule of one “Fan Shih-man” in the early third century A.D. At this time, Funan extended as far south as Malaysia and as far west as Burma. The Funanese established a strong system of mercantilism and commercial monopolies, that would become the pattern for future empires in the region. Fan Shih-man expanded the Funan fleet, and improved the Funanese bureaucracy, establishing a quasi-feudal system that left local customs and identities largely intact, particularly in the empire’s farthest reaches.

    The Funan kingdom is said to have been heavily influenced by Indian culture, Sanskrit was the language at the court, and the Funanese advocated Hinduism. Later, after the fifth century, also Buddhism. Records show that taxes were paid in silver, gold, pearls, and perfumed wood. Chinese merchants reported that the Funanese practiced slavery and that justice was rendered through trial by ordeal, including such methods as carrying a red-hot iron chain, and retrieving gold rings and eggs from boiling water.

    The Funan kingdom is said to have been heavily influenced by Indian culture, Sanskrit was the language at the court, and the Funanese advocated Hinduism. Later, after the fifth century, also Buddhism. Records show that taxes were paid in silver, gold, pearls, and perfumed wood. Chinese merchants reported that the Funanese practiced slavery and that justice was rendered through trial by ordeal, including such methods as carrying a red-hot iron chain, and retrieving gold rings and eggs from boiling water.

    The Funan kingdom is said to have been heavily influenced by Indian culture, Sanskrit was the language at the court, and the Funanese advocated Hinduism. Later, after the fifth century, also Buddhism. Records show that taxes were paid in silver, gold, pearls, and perfumed wood. Chinese merchants reported that the Funanese practiced slavery and that justice was rendered through trial by ordeal, including such methods as carrying a red-hot iron chain, and retrieving gold rings and eggs from boiling water.

  83. The Mon of Thailand
    In about 600 A.D, the Champa of Vietnam (more about them later), sacked Funan and brought it under vassalage. This turn of events allowed the “Mon” of Thailand to break away from Funanese vassalage and establish their own kingdoms. The most important of these Mon kingdoms was Dvaravati, which dates from approximately the 6th to the 11th century A.D. It was centered at the Chao Phraya River valley in modern-day Thailand, with Nakhon Pathom as the capital.

    The Mon were rarely politically dominant, but rather, almost continually under the shadow of their stronger neighbors. Dvaravati was prevented by geo-political barriers from establishing close political ties with other Mon states to the west in southern Myanmar (Burma), and with the Mon state in northern Thailand. Consequently, Dvaravati experienced political domination by neighboring peoples on at least three separate occasions: in the 10th century, the Burmese conquered the Mon state of Thaton, which was west of the Tenasserim Yoma; from 1100 A.D. to the 1300 A.D, the Khmer (in Cambodia) arose in the east and re-established their Empire; and finally, in the late 13th century, when Dvaravati was absorbed by the current inhabitants of Thailand – the Mongol Thai’s.

    The Thai were a Mongol people who had already emigrated from southern China during the 9th and 10th century’s, and had at first founded only small settlements which were then under Khmer hegemony. In the beginning of the 13th century, they gradually succeeded in becoming free of the reign of the Khmer, who had previously conquered the Mons.

    The first Thai kingdom was Sukothai in the Central Plains of Thailand, from which originated the modern Thai culture, which is a blend of Mongol and Mon. The Thai alphabet and script were developed during this Sukothai period.

    Subjugation did not mean immediate extinction for the Mon however, it appears that the Thai allowed the Mon to retain their customs and a relative degree of racial homogeneity for a time. Of course that could not last very long, naturally there would be cross-breeding. And today, it would be very difficult to find a Thai with purely Mongol blood or one with purely Mon blood.

  84. is there any historical links between Khmers, Mons, and the Southern Thais?because in Malaysia, we have heard about the lost kingdoms of native Siamese, I believe they are the same people with Khmers and Mons.Their legend or myth is are reported by the aborigines who speak proto languages such as in Pahang.The lost city is Muang Pahang or Indrapura and Glanggio.There is also a legend about Nagas in the Lake Chini in Pahang. This creature sometimes take human form.Naga tribes was also mentioned in Mahabharata as ancient people originated from Kashmir and Himalaya region before Vedic time or before the Aryans entering India through Kashmir.Is there any sources about Naga tribes in Thailand, Cambodia, or Myanmar?thanks

  85. Is Thais learn about Naksat cities?The cities are represented by 12 zodiacs. Do Thais recognize Phrah Datu Nakon and Nakon Si Thammarat annals? My ancestor is from Ligor (Nakon Si Thammarat) but I also recognize Kedah as my motherland due to Langkasuka empire in the south.Langkasukan are considered as Malays but it also had once being a vassal under Phnom-Chenla,it still exist when Si Ayuttaya kingdom succeed the power from Sukhothai. Is there any notes about Langkasuka and Old Kedah in Cambodian or Thais history?thank you.

  86. Malay in Indonesia is something different than Malay in Malaysia,some Indonesians and not all Indonesians are fond of their Indo-centric. Natives in Malaysia such as Senoi and Jakun are classified as the Austroasian people, their other name is Proto-Malayic or the Orang Darat (the inlander) who live far from the sea. The people in coastal area are called Orang Laut (the sea people), they are categorized by historian scholars as Deutro-Malayic group. Just to share about Malaysian natives, of course Khmer and Mons are different tribes don’t worry we are no inclusive and will never be inclusive.

  87. To number 138

    You can’t compare Americans & Native Indians to Khmers & Thais.
    Americans were the origin European; they conquered America by themselves, no one helped them and they were not forced to leave their homeland Europe to America and they brought their European culture with them to America.

    Thais were Tai people living in Nanchao until the Mongol came and they forced Tai people running into Khmer land. Tai people were welcome in Cambodia and they were helped by the Khmer King Brother’s Preah Rong.
    Read: Eksar Maha Boros Khmers

    Thai refugee camps were not free.
    Read “Quality of Mercy” of William Shawcros.
    Shawcross was a journalist following about 45,000 Khmer refugees running into Thailand seeking for help, but instead those poor Khmers were forced by Thai soldiers to get in busses and transfer to Preah Vihear Khmer-Thai border and those poor Khmer refugees were forced by Thai soldiers to walk across the land mines back to Cambodia.
    Thai soldiers shoot Khmer refugees who dare to turn their back to Thailand.
    Shawcross estimated thousands were killed by Thai soldiers and by land mine.

    Thai cruel action provoked the international community and the UN.
    Thailand was forced by the international community and the UN to accept money and guarantee, so that the international community and the UN can get all Khmer refugees out of Thailand safety.

    Thai soldiers neatened up Khmer children who played the Thai coins that have the Thai King on the coins. Khmer refugees who lived in the Thai camps refugees had very bad souvenirs with Thai soldiers. They were treated so badly by Thai soldiers.

    Read the Preah Vihear temple case. It has been almost 50 years now that Thailand lost a case against Cambodia and Thailand today continues to protest against Cambodia over the same Khmer temple none stop.

    It is Thailand that hates Cambodia, not Cambodia hates Thailand!!!

  88. Gosh the picture in the book cover from the link really shows ancient Khmer high civilization, beautiful monument. It is so sad that ancient Khmer civilizations being washed by ancient wars. I suspect tht many other Khmer monuments happen to be exist around SEA, further research must be done by scholars in SEA region to track down the records and monuments. Thanks for the book reccomendition, pls state more books title in here, I want to find them.

  89. But do you think to solve the problem is have to talking talking talking almost the same thing in the same place?? when do you think it enough
    to talking about this history between two country as in Khmer-Thai, Japaneses-Korea, Indonesia-Malaysia, China-Mongolia, France-German or…… and now America Emmm Who you will Explain?? Who make the problem between Khmer-Thai??? so what is the real solution?? Or you want to say: Ancient Khmer civilizations……. Siam…… war…….culture….. or…
    What do you think? do you think all Khmer talking here they don’t know about your people have done to us?? what is your responsible
    to the true I really know that you know all kind of this problem nad I can say that it not easy to find the people as you in Thailand as your Government change your real people as you to the people who have small mind to the neighborer as Cambodia, Burma, Laos. I had see the Documentary Make by Burmese people about Human Zoo you know what is talking about?? is about one speacail Ethic (Karen Phadong) group who move thire home from Burma to north Thailand, because of the war and the thai government they put the Ticket post in front of thire Village all the time when the tourist inter thire Village they have to pay the ticket for the government. Do you think it right that your government do like that? i been in north of Thai but I don’t went there cause it strength for me. back to Cambodia we don’t meet as the same problem as them cause we are the Nation the big group of the people even not big as Thai or Vietnamese (Most of Khmer was kill because they protect thire own nation from both country who want disappear the own land people and some of them was kill cause of thier own Boss, civil war).
    as I am Khmer I really don’t need the respect thing from Thia who proud to say nothing wrong with us. But What I do is I don’t care about your people let your people enjoys of that thing and I try my best to help my country back to our Civilization as before. We can do it as soon as you will see. I just only back in 1960 your people is come to Cambodia to find Health care. And Precedence of Singapore he also used to study bachelor in Cambodia…..

    And how about Now? we not only cry to see the past but we also learn that!

    Thank you that try to explain us about History but I want to Hear it from your heart not from copy from the book!

    Thank you so much!!

  90. So, Sukhotei was given by the Khmer King to his brother Preah Rong, because Preah Rong wanted to give a freedom to Tai people.
    In order to become a free nation, Sukhotei must have a language, so Preah Rong or King Ramkhamheng created a Thai language based on the Khmer language such as Khmer alphabet, Khmer vowels and Khmer numerals.

    And Siam won war with Burma because with the Khmer help.
    Khmer army taught Siam soldiers and Siam king of Khmer tactic of fighting such as Kun Boran, Kun Dombong, Kun Dao, Kun Lompeng, Khmer Sak-Yant, Khmer tattoo etc…

    The Thai King parent took refugee to USA during the Japanese occupation in Thailand, the Thai King was a Thai refugee born in USA. The Thai King’s ancestors were Tai people from Nanchao, Tai people took refugees into Khmer land during the Mongol invasion.

    Thai historians never mention the Khmer help for bringing freedom for Tai people just like they never mention the American help fighting against the Japanese to bring freedom for Thailand.

    So, without the Khmer & American help, Thailand would never have become a free nation today.

    Thais, please correct your Thai history, so Khmers will be proud of your Thai people and Khmers and Thais will live side by side happily.

  91. To Tailandheritage
    You seem to have read and be aware of many legends about both khmer and thai. If all your country people know the same as you guy, maybe they don’t claim that the Angkor and Preah Vihea Temple are Thia achievement.

    Once visiting Angkor Wat, I and my group argued with a Thailand visitor. YOu know y? It was so ashamed then! He walked around the Temple and told the Western poeple that Angkor Wat was his ancester left for him, but the Khmer government stole.

    Tell you the trusth, never do Khmer poeple hate the Thai ones, but Vietnamese; in responce, you Thai hates Khmer very much. I don’t know y?

  92. I agree for both of you RumTum and Long. We are Khmer in general don’t hate Thai people only some of the people who know the truth from what Thai thinking to us. opposite from Vietnamese that we all know
    We don’t like them. We can see the Movie from Thai but we can’t see the movie from Vietnamese. I been in Thailand many time you know what I feel for them?? In my heart they are totally really Stupid people cause I face some thing stupid from them. Sorry for Thailandheratage I just say the true but you are not one of them. But for me it also funny.
    Anyway All Khmer People we really don’t need Thai to change thire History. Why we need them to change?? to stop them hate us?? it really no reason to do that. that is really thire problem it not our problem. it not only funny for us but the world will laugh to them as they don’t care let they enjoys that.
    Long you don’t think that if that Thai guy who say that to western people who know the truth ?? how about that do they proud to say that???
    Preah Rong His kind to Tai people in Ancient time cause maybe he think that they are pity people. Now we still open mind to Thai people cause we think that they are still pity people.


  93. Dear all

    I don’t have comment today but I want to share something with all of you guys. This is a news.

    On Sunday 15th of June 2008, Khmer Civilization Support Association (KCSA) has announced its celebration Court of Justice (ICJ)’s 1962 ruling that Preah Vihear belong to Cambodia -rather than Thailand.

    I hope we are Cambodia or Khmer people will join it. Please go to support our nation to put PREAH VIHEAR into World Heritage



  94. Dear all

    I don’t have comment today but I want to share something with all of you guys. This is a news.

    On Sunday 15th of June 2008, Khmer Civilization Support Association (KCSA) has announced its celebration International Court of Justice (ICJ)’s 1962 ruling that Preah Vihear belong to Cambodia -rather than Thailand.

    I hope we are Cambodia or Khmer people will join it. Please go to support our nation to put PREAH VIHEAR into World Heritage



  95. This is a response to those Thai ignorant that refused to recognize and acknowledge that Thais were helped by Khmer’s and why Thailand adopted Khmer culture and custom instead of adopting their own Chinese-Tai’s.
    Thai culture and custom resemble almost 80% to Khmer Civilization such as culture, custom, art, language, numerals, dances, court, etiquette and religion etc..and nothing resemble to Chinese-Tai culture and custom as they claimed they came from Chinese-Tai.

    Thailand has been lying to the world by making up a fault history about Khmer’s and Thais. The truth history is that Thais have become a nation today because of the Khmer help. If Tai aka Siam aka Thai were powerful by themselves as they claimed for sacking Khmer Empire even the most powerful army of the Mongol could not even sack Khmer Empire, why would Thais who used to be Tai refugees could sack a massive Khmer Empire???? If Tais were powerful alone by themselves, why would not they fight against the Mongol who invaded their homeland of Nanchao and why would not Tais keep their Chinese-Tai culture and custom today instead of adopting Khmer culture and custom?.
    The answer is because of Khmer Civilization that helped Tai refugees to become strong, Khmer Civilization that helped Tai refugees to become civilized and Khmer Civilization that taught Tai refugees to fight.

    In 1216, The Khmer King Jayavarman XIII was so kind, the King allowed Tai refugees to settle their new lives among Khmer people and allowed Khmer people to teach Tai refugees of Great Khmer Civilization such as culture, custom, art, language, numerals, dance, and especially Khmer tactic of fighting Bokator and Kbach Kun Boran Khmer to protect themselves just in case the Mongol would invade Khmer Empire.

    When the Mongol army chased Tai refugees in to Khmer land, the Khmer army captured 2 Mongol Commanders; Commander Me Roi (Hundred Commander) and Commander Me Poin (Thousand Commander) and the Khmer army killed hundred of the Mongol soldiers.

    Khmer Empire and Mongol Empire had a peace talk.
    A peace agreement between the Mongol Empire and the Khmer Empire had been respected.
    The Mongol Emperor Chenzong of Yuan China sent a diplomat Zhou Daguan to pay respect to the Khmer King Indravarman III. Zhou Daguan and his team were very impressed by Khmer Civilization and he had to write about Khmer Empire which Zhou Daguan named it as “Custom of Chenla” and it was translated in 1819 by a French A. Remusal and again in 1902 by a French P. Pelliot.

    Preah Rong, a Khmer King brother and some other Khmer’s who supported Preah Rong never stopped teaching Tai people about Khmer tactic of fighting, especially Khmer martial arts of Bokator and Kbach Kun Boran Khmer (Thais changed it to Muay Thai) and Khmer magic Sak Yant to protect themselves just in case the Mongol would invade Khmer land again. And that’s how Thais knew all Khmer tactic of fighting and knew all of Khmer Kbach Kun Boran Khmer and Khmer magic Sak Yant.
    Preah Rong helped Tai refugees to found a tribe called “Muang Tai”. The Khmer King did not know that Muang Tai had a plan to betray Khmer people.
    With Preah Rong and other Khmer help, Muang Tai rebelled against Khmer Empire without warning and Muang Tai attacked a small Khmer town Sovann Lok and plunded a Khmer City of Sukhotei and Tais changed Sukhotei to Sukhotai and changed again to Sukhothai.

  96. To 152

    Thank you for the history lesson as i sed americans shoved the indians into a corner they stole land from the natives and poisoned them with fire water in return america got addicted to tobacco. Khmer blood runs through my veins mixed with thai my grandma and granpa had jungle fever so not all thais hate cambodians. but i think the hate should stop I was a monk from december 05 – january 05 i am buddhist but i dont understand whu we make our own suffer? but if we all go back to lunar calendar things will be less hateful check out


    get tuned Rhythmic Blue lunar eagle

  97. ទិវា​រម្លឹក​ខួប​អនុស្សាវរីយ៍​ឆ្នាំ​ទី​ ៤៦​ ដែល​តុលាការ​អន្តរជាតិ​កាត់​ក្ដី​ប្រគល់​ប្រាសាទ​ឲ្យ​កម្ពុជា​វិញ​ ដែល​បាន​ប្រារព្ធ​ធ្វើ​ឡើង​នៅ​ សួន​មុខ​វត្ត​បទុមវតី​ កាល​ពី​ព្រឹក​ថ្ងៃ​អាទិត្យ​ ម្សិលមិញ​ បាន​បង្ហាញ​ពី​គោល​បំណង​ឲ្យ​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​ទូទៅ​បាន​ចង​ចាំ​ឲ្យ​ច្បាស់​ ថា​ «ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​សម្បត្តិ​វប្បធម៌​ជាតិ​ខ្មែរ​ពិត​ប្រាកដ»។

    នេះ​គឺ​ជា​លើក​ទី​១​ ហើយ​ដែល​មាន​ការ​រៀបចំ​នូវ​ពិធី​បុណ្យ​រម្លឹក​ពី​ការ​ទទួល​បាន​មក​វិញ​នូវ​ សិទ្ធិ​អំណាច​នៃ​ការ​គ្រប់គ្រង​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ រួម​នឹង​បូរណភាព​ដែនដី​កម្ពុជា​នៅ​ជាប់​នឹង​ប្រាសាទ​នេះ​ បន្ទាប់​ពី​តុលាការ​អន្តរជាតិ​ទីក្រុង​ឡាអេ​ សម្រេច​ឲ្យ​កម្ពុជា​ឈ្នះ​ក្ដី​លើ​ប្រទេស​ថៃ​ កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​ ១៥​ ខែ​ មិថុនា​ ឆ្នាំ​ ១៩៦២។​ លោក​ មឿង​ សុន​ តំណាង​ឲ្យ​គណៈកម្មការ​រៀបចំ​កម្មវិធី​បុណ្យ​បាន​មាន​ប្រសាសន៍​នៅ​ក្នុង​ពិធី ​នោះ​ថា៖​ «សមិទ្ធផល​នេះ​ ក៏​បាន​ដោយសារ​គុណ​នៃ​តុលាការ​យុត្តិធម៌​អន្តរជាតិ​ក្រុង​ឡាអេ​ ដែល​មាន​សមាជិក​ ចៅក្រម​ប្រកបដោយ​យុត្តិធម៌​សម្រាប់​ប្រជាជាតិ​ទូទាំង​សកលលោក។​ ទូលបង្គំ​ជា​ខ្ញុំ​ ក៏​មិន​អាច​បំភ្លេច​បាន​នូវ​ព្រះមហាក្សត្រ​ និង​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ថៃ​ ដែល​បាន​បង្ហាញ​នូវ​ព្រះទ័យ​ និង​សន្ដាន​ចិត្ត​ សម​ជា​ប្រទេស​ដែល​មាន​អរិយធម៌​ខ្ពស់​ ដោយ​បាន​គោរព​នូវ​សេចក្ដី​សម្រេច​របស់​តុលាការ​យុត្តិធម៌​អន្តរជាតិ​នេះ​ជា​ រៀង​រហូត​មក»។​ លោក​ មឿង​ សុន​ ថ្លែង​បន្ត​ទៀត​ថា៖​ «ទិវា​ដែល​យើង​ជួបជុំ​គ្នា​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​នេះ​ គឺ​ពុំ​មាន​បំណង​ណា​មួយ​ផ្ទុក​ពី​កិច្ច​ពង្រឹង​ និង​ចំណង​មិត្ត​ភាព​ដ៏​ល្អ​ដែល​បាន​នឹង​កំពុង​អនុវត្តន៍​ប្រចាំ​រវាង​ រដ្ឋាភិបាល​នៃ​ប្រទេស​ទាំង​ពីរ​កម្ពុជា​ថៃ​នោះ​ទេ»។

    នៅ​ក្នុង​ពី​ធី​នោះ​ មាន​មន្ត្រី​អង្គការ​សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល​ជា​ច្រើន​រយ​នាក់​ចូលរួម​ និង​មាន​ក្រុម​សិល្បៈ​សម្ដែង​ពី​រឿង​រ៉ាវ​ដែល​ទាក់ទង​នឹង​ប្រវត្តិ​ប្រាសាទ​ ព្រះវិហារ​ផង​ដែរ។​ វាគ្មិន​មក​ពី​អង្គការ​ -​ សមាគម​ក្រៅ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​សាស្ត្រាចារ្យ​ជាច្រើន​ បាន​ថ្លែង​សុន្ទរកថា​នៅ​ពេល​នោះ​ ដែល​ភាគ​ច្រើន​ទាក់​ទង​ទៅ​នឹង​ប្រវត្តិ​ និង​សក្ដានុពល​សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​ នៃ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ដែល​ទាញ​ភ្ញៀវ​ទេសចរ​ជា​ច្រើន។​ វាគ្មិន​បាន​លើក​ឡើង​អំពី​តឹកតាង​ដែល​បញ្ជាក់​ថា​ ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​របស់​ខ្មែរ​ ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​កន្លែង​ធម្មយាត្រា​ និង​ជាទី​សក្ការបូជា​របស់​សម្ដេច​នា​សម័យ​អង្គរ​ ដែល​ករណី​នេះ​ជា​មោទនភាព​ដ៏​អស្ចារ្យ​របស់​បុព្វបុរស​ខ្មែរ​សម្រាប់​កូន​ចៅ​ ជំនាន់​ក្រោយ​ ហើយ​ទាំងអស់​គ្នា​ត្រូវ​តែ​ប្រឹង​ប្រែង​ថែរក្សា។

    ចំពោះ​ការ​ប្រារព្ធ​ពិធី​នេះ​ ប្រធាន​សមាគម​សិល្បករ​ខ្មែរ​ លោក​ អៀង​ ស៊ីធុល​ បាន​ថ្លែង​ថា​៖​ «តំណាង​ឲ្យ​សិល្បករ​ទូទាំង​ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រ​កម្ពុជា​ សូម​អោបអរសាទរ​ និង​សម្ដែង​នូវ​ការ​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ខ្មែរ​ទៅ​ជា​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ ពិភពលោក»។​ លោក​ អៀង​ ស៊ីធុល​ ក៏​បាន​សន្យា​ថា​ នឹង​ធ្វើ​ពិធី​គោរព​ខួប​ដែល​តុលាការ​អន្តរជាតិ​កាត់​ក្ដី​ប្រគល់​ប្រាសាទ​មក ​ឲ្យ​កម្ពុជា​វិញ​នៅ​ឆ្នាំ​ក្រោយ​ៗ​ទៀត​ផង​ដែរ។

    នៅ​ក្នុង​ពិធី​នោះ​ ក្រុម​សិល្បៈ​ល្បី​ៗ​បាន​សម្ដែង​ពី​ប្រវត្តិ​ទាក់​ទង​នឹង​ប្រាសាទ​ ព្រះវិហារ។​ កម្មវិធី​ដែល​មាន​ប្រគំតន្ត្រី​បុរាណ​ និង​សម័យ​ព្រម​ទាំង​ចម្រៀង​ និង​ស្មូត​ផង​នោះ​ បាន​បង្ហាញ​ជា​ឈុត​ឆាក​ថា​ កាល​ដើម​ឡើយ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​មរតក​ និង​ស្នាដៃ​ដែល​ជា​បុព្វបុរស​ខ្មែរ​បាន​សាង​ឡើង។​ ប៉ុន្តែ​សត​វត្សរ៍​ក្រោយ​ៗ​មក​ ដោយសារ​តែ​ខ្មែរ​បែកបាក់​គ្នា​ ភោគផល​ និង​សម្បត្តិ​ស្ដុកស្ដម្ភ​របស់​ខ្មែរ​ជា​ច្រើន​ ត្រូវ​សត្រូវ​ឈ្លានពាន​យក​អស់​ រាប់​ទាំង​ប្រាសាទ​ជា​ច្រើន​ទៀត​ត្រូវ​បាត់បង់។​ ឈុត​ឆាក​ បាន​បង្ហាញ​ពី​ទាហាន​ដែល​ស្លៀកពាក់​ឈុត​ខ្មៅ​ និង​ប៉ារ៉ា​របស់​សៀម​ចូល​កាន់​កាប់​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ។​ ប៉ុន្តែ​ក្រោយ​ពី​តុលាការ​យុត្តិធម៌​អន្តរជាតិ​ទីក្រុង​ឡាអេ​ ប្រទេស​ហូឡង់​សម្រេច​ក្ដី​ក្រោម​ស្នាព្រះហស្ត​ទាមទារ​របស់​ព្រះមហាវីរក្សត្រ ​ព្រះបាទ​នរោត្ដម​ សីហនុ​ ក្នុង​ឆ្នាំ​១៩៦២​ ទើប​ប្រាសាទ​នេះ​ត្រូវ​សៀម​ប្រគល់​ឲ្យ​ខ្មែរ​វិញ​ដោយ​មិន​ពេញ​ចិត្ត។

    ការ​ប្រារព្ធ​ទិវា​រម្លឹក​ខួប​អនុស្សាវរីយ៍​ឆ្នាំ​ទី​ ៤៦​ ដែល​តុលាការ​អន្តរជាតិ​កាត់​ក្ដី​ប្រគល់​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​គ្រោង​ចុះ​បញ្ជី ​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​នៅ​ខែ​ កក្កដា​ ខាង​មុខ​នេះ។​ តាម​រយៈ​សេចក្ដី​ថ្លែង​ការណ៍​របស់​ខុទ្ទកាល័យ​អ្នក​នាំ​ពាក្យ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​ ១៣​ ខែ​ មិថុនា​ កន្លង​ទៅ​ ប្រមុខ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ខ្មែរ​លោក​ ហ៊ុន​ សែន​ បាន​សុំ​ឲ្យ​រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាល​ខ្លួន​ធ្វើ​​ឥរិយាបថ​ទំនាក់​ទំនង​ឲ្យ​បាន​ល្អ​ជា ​មួយ​ភាគី​ថៃ​ដើម្បី​ជំរុញ​ការ​ដាក់​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ចូល​ជា​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ ពិភពលោក​នៅ​ដើម​ខែ​ កក្កដា​ ឆ្នាំ​ ២០០៨​ នេះ​ នៅ​ប្រទេស​កាណាដា។

    កាល​ពី​ពេល​ថ្មី​ៗ​នេះ​ អនុប្រធាន​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ​របស់​ប្រទេស​ថៃ​ លោក​ អាឡុង​ ខន​ ប៉ូលឡា​ ប៊ុត​ បាន​អំពាវនាវ​ឲ្យ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ថៃ​ធ្វើ​យ៉ាង​ណា​រារាំង​ភាគី​ខ្មែរ​ក្នុង​ការ​ ចុះ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ចូល​ក្នុង​បញ្ជី​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក។​ ប៉ុន្តែ​ករណី​នេះ​ រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ការ​បរទេស​ថៃ​ លោក​ ណុបផាដុន​ ប៉ាតតាមា​ ច្រាន​ចោល​ដោយ​ថា​ ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​របស់​ខ្មែរ​ស្របច្បាប់។​ រី​ឯ​អ្នក​នាំ​ពាក្យ​ទីស្ដីការ​គណៈ រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​នៃ​ប្រទេស​កម្ពុជា​ លោក​ ផៃ​ ស៊ីផាន​ បាន​បញ្ជាក់​ថា​ ៖​ «ថៃ​មិន​បាន​ប្រឆាំង​ជំទាស់​ក្នុង​ការ​ដែល​ភាគី​ខ្មែរ​ដាក់​ប្រាសាទ​ ព្រះវិហារ​ចូល​ជា​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​នោះ​ទេ»៕

  98. I hate those ignorant Thais.
    They can’t have Khmer Angkor Wat temple, so they tried anything to insult Khmer Pride. They made shoes with Angkor Wat temple and now they built Khmer sacred Angkor Wat temple to be their Thai massage & Spa ASS.
    Thais never changed their greed attitude towards Khmers. I still believe in karma, Thailand will pay the price one day for what they have done to Khmers.

  99. Art Srey Sraop, you should read the whole comments before asking.
    It was said above that William Shawcross was a journalist followed those 45,000 Khmer refugees and he saw Thai soldiers shooting Khmer refugees who turned back to Thailand.
    I read somewhere even saying some of Khmers even tearing their white shirts to make as a white flag begging Thai soldiers not to kill them, but those Thai bastard had no human being heart…

    Read “Quality of mercy” of Shawcross
    Google: Khmer refugees were killed by Thai soldiers.

  100. Due to many decades of war, many Khmer people are poor. They cannot afford to pay for visa, so they decided to cross the border into Thailand to find works so they can feed many starving dependents back home. However, the consequence and penalty for Khmer people who cross Thai border illegally is death.

    I feel sorry for my fellow Khmer people. I am very optimistic that Cambodia will be prosperous and Khmer people will not suffer these consequences any more.

  101. Art Srey Sraop

    The poverty is everywhere in the world even in Thailand. If Thailand has works, Thais don’t need to change their sex males to females and selling their bodies to the foreigners.
    Those Khmer who crossed the border to Thailand looking for job; they are cheated by Thai mafia. Those Khmers are sent back from Thailand after losing a lot of money paying to that Thai mafia.

    We’re all wishing the best for Khmers, but that can’t stop Khmers of talking about Thais stealing Khmer heritage and claimed as Thai.

  102. Have anyone seen those Thai protesters in the BKK streets this week?
    Those Thais protesters are against Cambodia for asking Khmer Preah Vihear temple to be in the UNESCO LIST.
    What’s on earth Khmer temple got to do with Thai people???
    Thai greed still dream of having Khmer temple that the world court ordered Thais to get out of Khmer temple 46 years ago.
    What a shameful of Thailand dishonor and liar.

  103. TO: J

    Hi J !!!!!

    I know you hate Thai Poeple but before you write something you must read all the articles or text that all our friend post in this blog. So you will have some ideas to continue your idea to write and share some new ideas. and also get new idea from this blog. ប្រសិន​បើ​យើង​ស្អប់​ប្រជាជនថៃ​យើង​គួរ​តែ​ធ្វើ​ឲ្យ​គេ​ដឹង​ថា​អ្វី​ជា​ការ​ពិត​សម្រាប់​ប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រ​ដែល​បាន​កើត​ឡើង​។​ ដូច​នេះ​ហើយ​សូម​ប្អូន​ឬ​បង​គិត​សារ​ឡើង​វិញ​ចំពោះ​អ្វី​ដែល​បង​សរសេរ​ទេ។ យើង​ត្រូវ​ជេរ​គេ​ដែរ​តែ​ជេរ​ដោយ​ឲ្យ​គេ​អាច​យក​ទាំង​អាម៉ាស់​ទៀត​។ ដូច​អត្ថបទ​ខ្លះ​ដែល​មិត្ត​យើង​សរសេរ​គឺ​ជេរ​ថៃ​តែ​ ថៃ​គឺ​គេ​យល់​យើយ​បក​មក​វិញ​ថា​គេ​ពិត​ជា​អញ្ជឹង​មែន​បើ​សិក្សា​តាម​ប្រវត្តិ​សាស្ត្រ​។ ខ្ញុំ​សុំ​បង​ប្អុន​ទាំង​អស់​មុន​នឹង​ជេរ​សូម​ពិចារណា


  104. រដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា​ បាន​បង្ហាញ​ជា​សាធារណៈ​នូវ​សេចក្ដី​​ប្រកាស​រួម​រវាង​​កម្ពុជា​-ថៃ​លើ​បញ្ហា ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ ដោយ​ភ្ជាប់​ជា​មួយ​និង​ផែន​ទី​ថ្មី​ស្ដី​ពី​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ។ សេចក្ដី​ប្រកាស​រួម​ដែល​បាន​ចែក​ផ្សាយ​កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​សុក្រ​ នៅ​ទី​ក្រុង​ភ្នំពេញ​​ បាន​ធ្វើ​ឡើង​ខណៈ​ដែល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​នឹង​ត្រូវ​ប្រកាស​បញ្ចូល​ទៅ​ក្នុង​ បញ្ជី​សម្បត្តិ​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ នៅ​ដើម​ខែ​កក្កដា​ ក្នុង​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​ប្រចាំ​ឆ្នាំ​លើក​ទី​ ៣២​ របស់​អង្គការ​យូណេស្កូ​នៅ​ទី​ក្រុង​កេបិច​ ប្រទេស​កាណាដា។

    សេចក្ដី​ប្រកាស​រួម​រវាង​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា​ និង​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ថៃ​ រួម​នឹង​គំនូស​ផែនទី​ថ្មី​និយាយ​ពី​បញ្ហា​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ ធ្វើ​ជា​ភាសា​អង់គ្លេស​ចុះ​ហត្ថលេខា​រួម​គ្នា​កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៨​ មិថុនា។ ជា​ហត្ថលេខា​របស់​លោក​ឧបនាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ សុខ​ អាន​ តំណាង​ឲ្យ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ក្រុងភ្នំពេញ​ និង​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​​ថៃ​ តំណាង​ដោយ​លោក​ ណុបផាដន​ ប៉ាត់តាមា​ (Noppadom Pattama) រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ការ​បរទេស​ថៃ។ សេចក្ដី​ប្រកាស​រួម​ ចុះ​ហត្ថលេខា​នៅ​សាមី​ប្រទេស​នីមួយៗ​ ក៏​មាន​​ហត្ថលេខា​ទទួល​ស្គាល់​របស់​លោក​ស្រី​ ហ្វ្រង់​ ហ្ស័រ​ រីវីយ៊ែរ​ (Francoise Riviere) ជំនួយ​ការ​អគ្គនាយក​ទទួល​បន្ទុក​កិច្ចការ​វប្បធម៌​របស់​អង្គការ​យូណេស្កូ​ ពី​ទី​ក្រុង​ប៉ារី​ប្រទេស​បារាំង។

    ដោយ​មាន​ការ​ព្រមព្រៀង​គ្នា​លើ​ ៦​ ចំណុច​សំខាន់ៗ​ សេចក្ដី​ប្រកាស​រួម​រវាង​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ក្រុង​ភ្នំពេញ​ និង​ក្រុង​បាងកក​ ជា​ការ​ប្រកាស​បញ្ជាក់​ជា​ផ្លូវ​ការ​របស់​ប្រទេស​ជាប់​ព្រំដែន​ទាំង​នេះ​ទៅ​ លើ​បញ្ហា​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះ​វិហារ។ សេចក្ដី​ប្រកាស​រួម​នោះ​ចេញ​ពី​លទ្ធផល​នៃ​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​ពិភាក្សា​លើ​ការ​ បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​របស់​កម្ពុជា​ចូល​ទៅ​​ក្នុង​​បញ្ជី​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ ពិភពលោក។ ជា​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​២២​ ឧសភា​​ រវាង​​លោក​ឧបនាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ សុខ​ អាន​ និង​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ការ​បរទេស​ថៃ​ លោក​ ណុបផាដន​ ធ្វើ​ឡើង​នៅ​ចំពោះ​មុខ​លោក​ស្រី​ ហ្វ្រង់​ ហ្ស័ររីវីយ៊ែរ​ នៅ​ទី​ស្នាក់​ការ​កណ្ដាល​អង្គការ​យូណេស្កូ​ ក្នុង​ទី​ក្រុង​ប៉ារី។

    សេចក្ដី​ប្រកាស​រួម​បាន​បញ្ជាក់​ជា​ដំបូង​ថា​​ ប្រទេស​ថៃ​បាន​ព្រមព្រៀង​គាំទ្រ​ការ​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ទៅ​ក្នុង​ បញ្ជី​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ ក្នុង​សម័យ​ប្រជុំ​លើក​ទី​ ៣២​ របស់​អង្គការ​ UNESCO នៅ​ទី​ក្រុង​កេបិច​ ប្រទេស​កាណាដា​ នៅ​ខែ​កក្កដា​ ខាង​មុខ។ នេះ​ក៏​ព្រោះ​តែ​កម្ពុជា​បាន​ធ្វើ​​គំនូស​ផែនទី​បំព្រួញ​ថ្មី​មួយ​លើ​ការ​ កំណត់​តំបន់​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះ​វិហារ។ ជា​ផែនទី​​ដែល​ដាក់​បញ្ចូល​តួ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ និង​រួម​បញ្ចូល​ផង​ដែរ​នូវ​តំបន់​ទ្រនាប់​ ដែល​ត្រូវ​បាន​គេ​សម្គាល់​ថា​ “ជា​តំបន់​២” ដែល​ស្ថិត​​នៅ​ទិស​ខាង​កើត​ និង​ខាង​ត្បូង​ប្រាសាទ។ ចំណែក​តំបន់​​ទ្រនាប់​​នៅ​ផ្នែក​ខាង​ជើង​ និង​ខាង​លិច​នៃ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ ដែល​គេ​កំណត់​ថា​ “ជា​តំបន់​៣” ត្រូវ​បាន​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា​សម្របសម្រួល​ ដោយ​មិន​ដាក់​បញ្ចូល​ក្នុង​សំណុំ​ឯកសារ​​ស្នើ​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ ក្នុង​បញ្ជី​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ឡើយ។ និយាយ​ឲ្យ​ចំ​ គឺ​ផ្នែក​ខាង​ជើង​​ និង​ខាង​លិច​ដែល​ជា​តំបន់​ជុំវិញ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​ប៉ែក​ខាង​ព្រំដែន​ ប្រទេស​ថៃ​ត្រូវ​បាន​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ខាង​ព្រំដែន​ប្រទេស​ថៃ​ត្រូវ​បាន​ រដ្ឋាភិបាល​​ទាំងពីរ​ព្រមព្រៀង​គ្នា​ថា​ នឹង​ត្រូវ​រៀបចំ​ឡើង​ដោយ​មាន​ការ​​ពិគ្រោះ​យោបល់​រវាង​អាជ្ញាធរ​ប្រទេស​ ទាំងពីរ​ តាមរយៈ​គណៈកម្មការ​ចម្រុះ​កិច្ចការ​ព្រំដែន​ដី​គោក​កម្ពុជា​-ថៃ។ ក្រុម​ការងារ​​ព្រំដែន​ចម្រុះ​នេះ​ នឹង​ធ្វើ​ការ​ដោះស្រាយ​បញ្ហា​ព្រំដែន​ត្រង់​ចំណុច​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ ស្រប​ទៅ​តាម​ស្តង់ដារ​អន្តរជាតិ​​ក្នុង​កិច្ច​អភិរក្ស​ដើម្បី​រក្សា​តម្លៃ​ លេច​ធ្លោ​ជា​សាកល​នៃ​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ។

    សេចក្ដី​ប្រកាស​រួម​កម្ពុជា​- ថៃ​ក៏​បាន​គូស​បញ្ជាក់​ថា​ ការ​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​របស់​កម្ពុជា​ដែល​ស្ថិត​នៅ​ទល់​ដែន​ ប្រទេស​ទាំងពីរ​ គឺ​មិន​មាន​ផល​ប៉ះពាល់​ ការ​បាត់បង់​ទឹក​ដី​ និង​មិន​រំខាន​ដល់​ការងារ​បោះ​បង្គោល​ព្រំដែន​រវាង​កម្ពុជា​-ថៃ​ឡើយ។ បញ្ហា​ព្រំដែន​ នឹង​ត្រូវ​​ដោះស្រាយ​ដោយ​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​ចម្រុះ​​កិច្ចការ​ព្រំដែន​ដី​គោក​ កម្ពុជា​-ថៃ​ មុន​ពេល​​ដែល​កម្ពុជា​ត្រូវ​ដាក់​បញ្ចូល​ផែនការ​​គ្រប់គ្រង​ប្រាសាទ​ ព្រះវិហារ​ទាំងមូល​ទៅ​ក្នុង​​ប្លង់​​មេ​គ្រប់គ្រង​ចុងក្រោយ​លើ​ប្រាសាទ​ ព្រះវិហារ​ និង​តំបន់​ជុំ​វិញ​ ដាក់​ជូន​ទៅ​មជ្ឈមណ្ឌល​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ របស់​អង្គការ​យូណេស្កូ​ យ៉ាង​យូរ​បំផុត​ត្រឹម​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១​ ខែ​កុម្ភៈ​ ឆ្នាំ​២០១០​ ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ធ្វើ​ការ​ពិចារណា​នៅ​ក្នុង​ កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​លើក​ទី​៣៤​ នា​ឆ្នាំ​២០១០។

    រដ្ឋលេខាធិការ​ទី​ស្ដី​ការ​គណៈរដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​លោក​ ច័ន្ទ​ តានី​ (Chan Tani) ដែល​ចូល​រួម​ក្នុង​ក្រុម​ការងារ​ដាក់​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ជា​សម្បត្តិ ​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​​ពិភពលោក​ បាន​បញ្ជាក់​ប្រាប់​ក្រុម​អ្នក​កាសែត​ដដែលៗ​ កាល​ពី​ល្ងាច​ថ្ងៃ​សុក្រ​ថា៖ “ការ​ចុះ​បញ្ជី​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​​របស់​កម្ពុជា​​ចូល​ជា​សម្បត្តិ​ បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ មិន​ពាក់ព័ន្ធ​នឹង​បញ្ហា​ព្រំដែន​ឡើយ។ ការ​ដាក់​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​​ព្រះវិហារ​ក្នុង​បញ្ជី​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ត្រូវ​ ញែក​ឲ្យ​ដាច់​ពី​បញ្ហា​ព្រំដែន។ បញ្ហា​ព្រំដែន​​រវាង​កម្ពុជា​-ថៃ​ត្រង់​ចំណុច​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​​លើ​ជួរ​ ភ្នំ​ដងរែក​ ទុក​ឲ្យ​គណៈកម្មការ​ចម្រុះ​កិច្ចការ​ព្រំដែន​ដី​គោក​កម្ពុជា​-ថៃ​ ជា​អ្នក​ដោះស្រាយ​រួម​គ្នា​នៅ​ពេល​ក្រោយ”។

    ប៉ុន្មាន​ថ្ងៃ​នេះ​ សំណុំ​រឿង​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ ត្រូវ​បាន​ក្រុម​អ្នក​ប្រឆាំង​​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​​ក្រុង​បាងកក​ធ្វើ​ការ​តវ៉ា​ ដោយ​សម្អាង​ថា​ ការ​ព្រមព្រៀង​យក​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ដែល​ជា​កម្មសិទ្ធិ​របស់​កម្ពុជា​បញ្ចូល ​ទៅ​ក្នុង​បញ្ជី​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ពិភពលោក​ អាច​ធ្វើ​ឲ្យ​ថៃ​បាត់បង់​ទឹកដី។ ក៏​ប៉ុន្តែ​ទាំង​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា​ និង​ទាំង​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ថៃ​បាន​ប្រកាស​រួម​គ្នា​ដោយ​ធានា​អះអាង​ថា​ ការ​ព្រមព្រៀង​ដាក់​បញ្ចូល​ប្រាសាទ​ព្រះវិហារ​ទៅ​ក្នុង​បញ្ជី​បេតិកភណ្ឌ​ ពិភពលោក​ មិន​បាន​ធ្វើ​ប្រទេស​ណា​មួយ​ (កម្ពុជា​ ឬ​ថៃ) បាត់បង់​ទឹក​ដី​ឡើយ៕

  105. ខ្មែរមានចរិតអាក្រក់ម៉្យាងគី​ចូលចិត្ត​ធ្វើបាបនិងសម្លាប់ខ្មែរ​ដូចគ្នា​​​តែចំពោះជនជាតិដទៃវិញ​គោរពនិងខ្លាចគេអោយញ័រ។​​នេះជាចរិតរបស់​ខែ្មរ

  106. Art_Srey_Sraop, បានសេចក្តីថាម៉េចខ្មែរស្អប់ខ្មែរនៅពេលដែលខ្មែរកំពុង
    កេរ័្តមរដក់ខ្មែរទុកឪកួនចៅខ្មែរជំនាន់ក្រោយតើArt_Srey_Sraop អាចលើក

    ខ្មែរនៅនឺងមុខសៀមនីងយួន ខ្មែររវល់តែឈ្លោះគ្នា។ សៀមនិងយួនទោះជា
    ដែរឪតែបានផល់ប្រយោជន័ដល់គេ។​ សៀមនិងយួនគេមិនឈ្លោះនិងសាសន៏
    របស់ខ្លួនគេទេ បានសេចក្តីថាគេសហភាពជាមួយគ្នាហើយគេបានលទ្ទផល

  107. យួននិង​សៀមប្រឈមមុខជាមួយខ្មែរ​យើងតាំងពិជំនាន់ជីលាតាយើងរហូតមក​​មិន​មែន​ទើបតែពេល​នេះទេ​។​​​​ហេតុដែលខ្ញុំលើករឿងខាងលើមកនិយាយនោះគីចង់អោយខ្មែរយើងចេះស្រឡាញ់​សាមគ្គីគ្នាដើម្បីការពារបូរណភាពទឹកដីនិងអធិប្បតេយ្យ​របស់ខ្លូនតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ។​​គេអាចមើលងាយយើងបាន​នៅពេលដែលគេឃើញ​យើងមិនស្រឡាញ់​និងសាមគ្គីគ្នា។

  108. ឯខ្ញុំគិតថា ចេះវិញ​ ខ្មែរយើងចូលចិត្តបង្ហាញគំរូរអាក្រក់ដើម្បីអប់រំឲ្យមនុស្សឲ្យល្អ ជាជាងបង្ហាញគំរូរល្អឲ្យមនុស្សធ្វើតាម មើលតែទូរទស្សន៍សព្វថ្អៃទៅឃើញហើយ ដូចឥឡូវចឹង Art_Srey_Sraop ដូចចឹងដែរបែបទទួលឥទ្ធិពលខ្លាំងពីប្រព័ន្ធផ្សព្វផ្សាយអស់ហ្នឹងហើយមើល៎ទៅ។ អាប្រកាប់ប្រចាក់គ្នានោះចូលចិត្តណាស់ លោកកំបែ្លងយើង សម្តែងចប់សុទ្ធតែថាសំរាប់អប់រំ មានណា៎មនុស្សយើងអាក្រក់ឆាប់ចាប់បានសឹងអី ជាពិសេសក្មេងៗហ្នឹងតែម្តងដាក់ផឹបជាប់ដល់ភ្លាម មិនតែបណ្ណឹងអនុវត្តភ្លែត ជេម៉ែ ជេឪ ឯម៉ែឪនោះលឺកូនចាប់បានលឿន មើលមុខគ្នាសើចខខឹក ព្រោះថាឃើញកូនឆ្ឡាត ភ្លេចគិតអត្ថន័យនៃពាក្យនោះ ព្រោះអំនាចនៃក្តីស្រលាញ់បាំងមុខអស់!!!! ទំរាំតែនឹកឃើញ ហួសពេលបាត់ទៅហើយ ព្រោះពាក្យនោះបានធ្លោយជេដល់តាយាយធ្វើមិនដឹង ហើយតាំង​ ឈ្លោះគ្នាវាយកូនវាយចៅរំពងពេញផ្ទះ។
    ដូចបង រមទមយាយចឹង មធ្យោបាយដែលមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពបំផុតគឺការចេះលើកទឹកចិត្ត សរសើរ កែរតំរូវគ្នាទៅវិញទៅមក​ ជាជាងចេះតែថាចាប់កំហុសផាំងផាំង មនុស្សណាមិនឈឺ មិនគុំ ទោះមិនគុំយ៉ាងហោចណាស់ក៏ចាំទុកក្នុងចិត្តដែរ ហើយប្រហែលជាអ្វីដែរខំយាយនោះទោះល្អប៉ុន្ណា ក៏ដោយក៏សុំសិទ្ធិខឹងសិនដែរ គិត​មិនគិតក្បាលអញទៀតផងក៏មិនដឹង….

    តែគ្រាន់តែប្រទេសគេនោះគេរើសត្រូវ គេយល់ចិត្តសាសមនុស្ស ប្រព័ន្ធផ្សព្វផ្សាយគេនោះគេមានគុណភាពជាងយើង ធនធានមនុស្សគេច្រើនជាងយើង….

    ពិតមែនហើយដែលយើងត្រូវទទួលស្គាល់ការពិតថាមាន​ខ្មែរខ្លះគាត់ពិតជាគិតចឹងមែន តែសំនួរនឹងសួរថា តើយើងនឹងឲ្យខែ្មរភាគច្រើនគាត់ដឹងថាមានខ្មែរមួយចំនួនគាត់គិតដូចនេះ រឺក៏យើងព្យាយាមពន្យល់ខ្មែរដែលយល់អគតិដូចឆ្នោះថាវាពិតជាមិនត្រឹមត្រូវ?​ ដូចឆ្នេះបញ្ហាវានឹងមិនរីកធំ ផ្ទុយទៅវិញវានឹងរួមតូចទៅៗរហូតរលាយបាត់ទៅដោយឯងៗ ដូចពាក្យចាស់ថា បើមាន ភ្ឡើងឆេះផ្ទះហើយសូមកុំហួចហៅខ្យល់។

    ជួយពន្លត់គ្នាទៅ ហើយអ្នកដែរមិនមាន​ កំលាំងអាចជួយបាន សូមជួយលើកទឹកចិត្ត ឲ្យពួកគាត់មានកំលាំងយួរធុងទឹកផង…. កុំស្រែកជេគាត់ឲ្យទំលាក់ធុងចោល…..៕



  109. អូរភ្លេច Art_Srey_Sroap​​​សុំផ្តាំមួយបានពាក្យនេះមកពីណាសូមជួយពន្យល់អ្នកហ្នឹងវិញផងថា ពាក្យនេះជាពាក្យមើលងាយមើលថោកចំពោះខ្លួនឯងពេកហើយប្រើពាក្យថា ខ្មែរគឺទាំងអស់គ្នាណា៎ខ្ញុំក៏ខ្មែរដែរតែអត់ចឹងផងខ្ញុំមិនយល់ស្របទេយាយចឹងមានតែមើលងាយខ្ញុំ​ដែរ ស្គាល់ខ្ញុំពីកាល??? ចុះម៉េច Art_Srey_Sroap ឯងយល់ស្របពាក្យនឹងដែរចឹង?? អេស៎បើបាន​​​​Art_Srey_Sroap ជួយណែនាំម្នាក់ហ្នឹងប្រាប់តតគ្នាទៅយូរៗទៅដល់អាអ្នកផ្តើមយាយមុនគេ ចឹងបិទមាត់វាបានបាត់ ដូចArt_Srey_Sroap យាយចឹងអារឿងពីតាលួយតាលា យាយធ្វើអីទៀតវាហួសហើយគាត់ក៏ចែកឋានសឹងអស់ដែរ។ យើងចាប់ផ្តើមទំព័រប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រថ្មីទៅហី??​ការពារបរទេសឈ្លានពាន កសាងសេច្ជកិច្ជឡើងវិញ…

    អរគុណណា​ Art_Srey_Sroap

  110. Do not say so, Art-Srey-Sroap! Have you ever read any story of Khmer? Are you Khmer? If you are Khmer and you say such above words, it is inferring that your heart is the same with what you have said. Or you are just like a frog in the well who never know the real of Cambodian society. I used to live in province and have travelled around cambodia, I do know a lot of Cambodian characteristics.
    Maybe you are a Phnom Penh-born child, you live just in the environment of jealousy, aimition, killing to live or just hear several unknowledged-cruel leaders performing and so forth.

    Travel around Cambodia and try to find out and understand those provincial people you will be aware and will not say “ខ្មែរមានចរិតអាក្រក់ម៉្យាងគី​ចូលចិត្ត​ធ្វើបាបនិងសម្លាប់ខ្មែរ​ដូចគ្នា​​​តែចំពោះជនជាតិដទៃវិញ​គោរពនិងខ្លាចគេអោយញ័រ។​​នេះជាចរិតរបស់​ខែ្មរ”.

    Tell you one thing, people living in PP and in provinces are definitely different.

  111. អរគុណ Art_Srey_Sraop ដែលបានរំលឹកពីពួកសៀមនិងពួកយួន។
    តាមពិត​ Art_Srey_Sraop ចង់ឪខ្មែរយើងចេះស្រឡាញ់​សាមគ្គីគ្នា

    ចំណែក RAsmey​ នោះចមជាពួកែនិយាយមែន។ខ្មុំធ្លាប់ព្ញតែសុភាសិតខ្មែរ
    និយាយថា “បើមិនជួយចួកជួយចែវ កុំយកជើងរាវទឹក”។ ប៉ុន្តែពាក្សចាស់របស់
    RAsmey “បើមាន ភ្ឡើងឆេះផ្ទះហើយសូមកុំហួចហៅខ្យល់” ចមជាត្រួវមួយ
    ទៀត ដែលខ្មុំបានរៀនថ្ងៃនេះ។

    សួមអរគុណ RAsmey​ ដែលបាននិយាយពន្យល់យ៉ាងក្បោះក្បាយអំពីសង្គម
    ខ្មែរ។ សួមឪខ្មែរទាំងអស់ដែលបានអានសេចក្តីពន្យល់របស់ RAsmey នេះ
    ហើយ សួមជួយបន្តរដល់បងប្អួនខ្មែរយើងទាំងអស់ទោះជា់នៅកន្លែងណាក៍
    ដោយឪខំប្រឺងប្រែងការពារប្រយោជន៍របស់ខ្មែរជានិច្ជ។​​ អរគុណ!

  112. គេថាខ្ញុំញញឹមស្រស់តែគេមិនដឹងថាការញញឹមរបស់ខ្ញុំបង្កប់ទៅដោយក្តីឈឺចាប់នោះទេ។
    ខ្ញុំអត់មានធ្មេញស៊ីបាយទេសព្វថ្ងៃនេះ។ ញ៉ុមគ្រលាលេបហ្នឹងសព្វង៉ៃ​មានទំពារអីកើត​ហើយពេលខ្លះភ្លេចខ្លួនលេបឆ្អឹងមាន់ទាំងមូលបិសងាប់។

  113. អូខេ Art_Srey_Sroap បើ​ថា​ភាគច្រើន​ខ្ញុំ​យល់ស្រប បើ​ថា​ទាំង​អស់​នោះ វា​មិន​ត្រឹមត្រូវ​ទេ។

    ក្មេង​ឃ្វាល​គោ ទំនង​ដូច​រឿង​កំប្លែង​ណាស់ តែ​បើ​មែន​ពិត​ជា​គួរ​ឲ្យ​អាណិត​មែន។ ខ្ញុំ​ធ្លាប់​វៃ​យួន​ម្ដង​ដែរ តែ​កាល​ហ្នឹង​ជួយ​គេ​ទេ គួរ​ឲ្យ​កោត​ដែរ អ្នក​មូតូ​ឌុប​ប្រហែល​៥០​នាក់ គ្មាន​ពី​ណា​ហ៊ាន​ចូល​ជួយ បាន​តែ​ស្រែក​វៃ​ទៅ ដាក់​ឲ្យ​ងាប់​ទៅ។

  114. ចុះម៉េចអ្នកដឹងថា ថានៅស្រុកគេអត់ចឹងដែរ? គិតមើលខ្លួនមើលថីបានគេវាយយើង? ជាបញ្ហាផ្ទាល់ខ្លួនរឺយ៉ាងម៉េច? ខ្ញុំដូចជាមិនយល់??? តើគួរមើលលើបញ្ហារឺ ការប្រកាន់ពូជសាសន៌។ តែទោះជាយ៉ាងណាក៏ដោយ​​ កុំតូចចិត្តអីណា៎…. ដូចព្រះពុទ្ធអង្គទ្រង់មានពុទ្ធដិកាថា អ្នកណាសាងអ្នកនោះទទួល។ ខ្ញុំសូមចូលរួមសោកស្តាយផងដែលអ្នកជួប

  115. ម៉្យាងដែលចប់ពី​ខ្មែរស្អប់ថៃ ថៃស្អប់ខែ្មរ ឥឡូវដល់វេនខ្មែរ និងខ្មែរម្តង។
    មាន​ទៅពិបាករកណា៎ឆ្ងាយកង្វល់តែក្នាដូចចង្វាយនំបញ្ចុកចឹង។ ជួបហើយខ្ញុំខ្មែរស្អប់ខ្មែរ…. ម៉េចក៏ចូលចិត្តប្រកូកប្រកាសថាខ្មែរអាក្រក់ចេះ​អាក្រក់ចោះម៉េស?? វាពិតជាមាន​ភាពអយុត្តិធម៌មែនទែនសំរាប់បុព្វបុរសដែលបានហៅខ្លួនលោកថាខ្មែរ​ដែលបានយកយើសឈាមលោកកសាងកេរ៌ឈ្មោះល្បីល្បាញជាអមតៈសំរាប់
    រាល់ជនតាំងឡាយដែលមានឈាមជាខ្មែរ ដែលធ្វើឲ្យខ្មែរជំនាន់ក្រោយអួតក្តែង។ថា​ អង្គវត្តជាស្នាដៃរបស់ខ្មែរ។​តែស្របពេលជាមួយគ្នាក៏ត្រូវជនដែលមាន​ឈាមជាខ្មែរមួយចំនួនតិះដៀលខ្មែរអាក្រក់ចេះអាក្រក់ចោះ!!!!!!
    ចរិតជាខ្មែរពិតមិនចឹងទេ ភស្តតាងមាន​នៅលើពាក្យស្លោកខ្មែរបុរាណ មានច្បាប់ជាច្រើនត្រូវបានចងក្រងឡើងដើម្បីឲ្យកូនខ្មែរកគ្រប់រូបបានរៀន
    សូត្រ​។​​ មានតែពាក្រស្លោកសម័យក្រោយសង្គ្រាមនេះទេដែលអាវាសែរនោះ!!
    ខ្ញុំកឺធ្លាប់លឺពីពាក្យ​ទាំងនេះដែរ?​ តែខ្ញុំដូចជារកមិនឃើញសស់ពីប្រយោជន៌ពីការនិយាយអាក្រក់ពីគ្នានេះ។
    នោះយើងនឹងអាចទទួលផលពីរគឺ​បើគេមិនចូលចិត្តយើងទេ ក៏គេមានអារម្មណ៏អវិជ្ចមានដល់អ្នកដែលយើងកំពុងនិយាយអាក្រក់ដែរ…​តើអ្វីទៅជាគោលបំនងពិតរបស់អ្នក?​ ដើម្បីឲ្យខែ្មរចេះស្រលាញ់គ្នា​ ឬក៏?

  116. In the past, Thais destroyed Khmer temples and Khmer people and now they wanted Khmer Preah Vihear Temple, They paid a few bucks to those poor Khmers who live in Thailand to join Thai protesters at the Khmer-Thai border and told those Khmers to claim that Preah Vihear Temple belong to Khmers living in Thailand.
    Thais always used dirty tactic to make Khmers fighting Khmers and at the end Thais got Khmer property and changed the Khmer name to Thai name.
    I like to see Khmers supporting Khmers when it comes to protect Khmer property and Khmer interest please. Thanks.

  117. អីចេះ ខ្ញុំសូមណែនាំលោករកអានសៀវភៅមួយដែលមានតំលៃមែនទែនសំរាប់
    មុនសម័យសង្រ្គាមឥណ្ឌូចិន និងក្រោយមកទៀត សៀវភៅនេះ​មានតំលៃ​ជា​សកលដែលខ្ញុំធ្លាប់បានណែនាំរួចមកហើយនៅ កិច្ចពិភាក្សាក្រោមប្រធានបទ នរណានឹងឈ្នះឆ្នោតនៅអាណត្តិនេះ? ខ្ញុំមិនបានដឹងថាលោកបានអានវាហើយរឺនៅទេ? តែបើមិនទាន់ទេសូមស្វែងរកវាអានចុះ វានឹងផ្តល់ពន្លឺខ្លះបន្ថែមទៀតដល់លោកអំពីសាលាក្តីខ្មែរក្រហមនេះ​ ។ លោកនឹងអាចយល់រិតតែច្បាស់បន្ថែមទៀតថាកម្ពុជាប្រទេសដ៏សែនអភ័ព្វ
    នេះគួរជ្រើសផ្លូវណាសំរាប់ដើរ?​ ជៀសវាងដូចនិស្សិត ស្វាគមន៍ខ្មែរក្រហម ចូលកាន់កាប់ប្រទេសដែលថ្លាប់ធ្វោះមកហើយនៅ​ ១៧មេសា ១៩៧៥។

    សត្រូវបងប្អូនឯង ជាភាសាខ្មែរ Brother Enemy in English Version, នឹងស្វាគមន៍អ្នកជានិច្ច។

    អរគុណ 🙂
    ដោយក្តីស្រលាញ់ រាប់អាន ដ៏ស្មោះស្ម័ក្រ ក្នុងមានជាបងប្អូនរួមជាតិ។

  118. ប្រវត្តិសាស្រ្តខ្មែរឃើញតែកាប់ចាក់គ្នាដណ្តើមអំណាច មិនរួបរួមគ្នាឃើញេតែឈ្លោះគ្នាសោះហើយ។ ដើម្បីការពារទឹកដីរបស់យើង​ ខ្មែរត្រូវចេះស្រឡាញ់គ្នា។​​ ពេលបាន​ ABC​​ ហៅផងវើយ។​​ មិនដែលស្គាល់រសជាតិទាល់តែសោះ។​​​ ផឹកទឹកត្នោតជូរាល់ថ្ងៃរាគអាចម៌ដល់ក។

  119. WTF! Thai bastard soldiers just shot another one Khmer man and one 6 year old Khmer boy who crossed the border illegally. I’ve never seen a cruel country like Thailand bastard acting so animal like this.
    The US is an asshole helping Thailand billion dollars of aid every year and closed their eyes on Thailand committing crime against humanity again and again.
    No one is taking Thailand to court yet when those Thai bastards killing thousand Khmer refugees at the Khmer-Thai border.

  120. ថៃសម្លាប់ខ្មែរដូចសទ្វ។​ គ្មានអ្នកណាជួយរកយុត្តិធម៌អោយខ្មែរទាល់តែសោះ។​​ រដ្ឋាភិបាលថៃវាមិនខ្វល់​​ ហើយចុះរដ្ឋាភិបាលខ្មែរខ្វាយខ្លះទេ?​​ តើមានអង្គការក្រៅរដ្ឋាភិបាល​ ឬអង្គការមនុស្សធម៌ណាខ្វាយខ្វល់ខ្លះទេបងប្អូន?

  121. ខ្ញុំស្មានតែថៃសម្លាប់ខ្មែរ​ ការពិតគឺខ្មែរសម្លាប់ខ្មែរសោះករណីខ្មែរលួចចូលដីថៃកាលពីពេលថ្មីៗនេះ បុរសម្នាក់និងក្មេងអាយុ៦ឆ្នាំបានបាត់បង់ជីវិត។ ខ្ញុំនិយាយមិមទាន់ផុតពីមាត់ផងអំពីខ្មែរមិនចេះស្រឡាញ់គ្នា ស្រាប់តែពេលនេះបានទទួលដំណឹងថាឃាតករគឺជាខ្មែរដូចគ្នាទៅវិញ។​​ ហួសចិត្ត

  122. WHAT DO YOU MEAN ASPEOPLE2. WHERE ARE YOU FROM SHOW YOUR FACE AS PEOPLE TO TELL YOU WHERE ARE YOU FROM GUY?ប្រសិន​បើ​យើងជា​ខ្មែរយើង​មិន​គួរ​និយាយ​បែប​ឡប់អញ្ជឹង​ដែរ!​​ ប្រហែល​ជា​អ្នក​មិន​បាន​ជួយ​អ្វី​ឲ្យ​ប្រសើ​ជាង​នេះ​ទេ​មើល​ទៅ!!!!!


  123. Hahahahahaha….I keep saying Thais are អាលិបអាលប់ជាភាសារខ្មែរ
    and Thais are flip flip in English language. lol

    Khmers talk about Khmer temple, Thais talk about poor, sex, evil of Cambodia. Hahahahahahahaha….dude above is another Thai idiot alip alop afraid to use a Thai name. The whole world know that Thailand is sex, drugs and prostitution world destination.

    Thai King, Thai foreign minister and Thai judges are all a bunch of idiot. Thai alip alop judges ordered to block Khmer Preah Vihear Temple before the UNESCO decision ever made. Thais always act so arrogant and ignorant like the Thai judges that makes the Thai King become a Monkey on internet today. lol

  124. Aus people, who ever the hell u are, using “Aus people” as ur ID could place u in a whole lot of trouble from me, coz im from Australia and if that is where u are from, wat ur saying is so damn shameful!,Australians arent so close minded! u cant even show ur face, coz ur so scared…if u cant handle it STOP UR BARKING! and hav some damn respect! if u dont know wat the word means, come here i teach u a lesson or two!

    As for Aspeople 2, all i can say is stop making an ASS of ur self, ur so pathetic really the both of u!

    khmer people are only aggressive to pig headed people like u!

    U dirty minded person, child sex tour? how dare u! u should be put behind bars, rotten minded disgrace!

  125. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

    This not for “saying fuck”
    but for put it into Khmer girls and your mom

  126. Seriously, I’m not sure why are all this fight, hate coming from.

    I am Thai and I don’t hate Thai, Siamese, or Khmer.

    I think everything going on now are just political plot and plot to gain financial advantage to just group of people (Thai and Khmer). They want to take advantage by creating all of this out of history and confused people of two countries.

    I don’t believe anyone when they say, they own whatever ruin in the subject. Now we both are saying we supposed to own it today. Those are historic and should not be own by anyone. In the end, 100 years or whatever from now, ruin will stays and we may vanish, someone else will come and either own it or don’t look at it and let tree cover the whole thing once more.

    For now, instead, it should be taking care by people in the countries where ruin sit in the land. Yes, that come into problem. In Thailand, as far as I know, we are not saying we own it (except some stupid people), but we say we own the land. Now that is a long history and I don’t really believe anyone can prove Thai wrong or Khmer are wrong because each will have their own supporting data to prove they are right. So let those be…

    Personally, I (and my family) see this incident as just big bullshit. I don’t care if Khmer own land where the temple sit, and Thai own land where the entrance and surrounding sit or whatever. What I care and want to see two “governments” do is, to communicate to their people, not hiding a huge of information (where they agree, so both side can take the outcome as their advantage, Thai for financial to just group of blood sucking political and ex-political).

    Both countries governments must do is to take care of the ruin for their people.

    Lastly, we need to be close friends in order to over come what we are today and start to gain more economy advantage where we can. We need to become strong and help our econony, our farmers, our friends in the country. Look at EU for example, they are friends some what and they become stronger in economy both big and small countries. We should “learn” from history noth fight over history, both just past year or 2000+ years ago.

  127. (Ass khmer so u call ur self ) u immature bastards, Didnt i tell u to shut it? why is your BARKING only getting louder?, u need to shut ur trap, or i will shut it for u! once a low life always a low life, as for the finger u suggested, im sure a PAHTETIC IDIOT like u, can find another place to shove it! but coz im not as low as u, i wont tell u where but im sure a dumb kunt like u would already know!

    i dont wanna waste my breath with pplz like u, but some times small minded immature maniacs like u, need to be curse at, coz u only know how to BARK its hard to communicate, do u know wat BARKING is? coz u do it very well!

    Ur BARKING and antics only make u look dumber, and when u said u want some one to suck ur DICK? let me tell u something u disrespectful DIM WIT! u DONT HAVE DICK, or any BALLs for that matter! u dont resemble a MAN, but LOUD BARKING MANIAC!

    Sorry khmer bros and sis, for my disgusting language but for some people, if u dont talk like this they dont understand HUMAN and
    Civilized language or context of any kind!

  128. Never mine, I understand (Mai). Greate done! Khmer is a very polite poeple, if noone disturb them they won’t disturb anybody, becasue of the fucking Siam poeple they always think khmer is bad, even in their school book they teach the young guys that Khmer stole everythink from them, but infect the fucking Siam is. Even now Siam economic is better than Khmer but i still pround to be Khmer, I pround to tell the world that i am Khmer. Everyone who read the history (written by European, american,..) they will know very clear

  129. Asskhmer: put this back to your poeple, esp. to your fucking king

    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  130. I really sorry of Thai people that they comment thing like that here…
    you don’t even know what are you talking about… you so poor educational… you!! your people sould not live in our land that you
    believe that your land. Our brother king had make a big wrong decistion
    to allow you learn our civilizations and help you from Mongolia’s Kill. you actually didn’t change until now, but we still actually teaching you how to polite to the people around you and especially your self I or another Khmer who have better English than me can teaching you na…
    HOw old are you??? for me only 18 years old na….

    Thank you…
    ohhh Our Temple is very Beautiful and also our culture and our people they alway learn and not do the stupid thing na


  131. Long Live Cambodia!!!
    Congratulation!!! Preah Vihear temple now in the World heritage list. We all Khmer can see that what the Buddha said not wrong at all!!! Thai Lost Khmer again and again because of their greedy spirit. Thai Lost their face again in the international decision. ប៉ុន្តែយើងត្រូវប្រយ័ត្នចំពោះអាជាតិមួយនេះ វាមិនចោលក្បួនវាទេ…..

  132. Thai Ass: Khmer girls do not need this, so take it back and shove it into your mother’s asshole, Thai people, and your King’s asshole.
    You are so fucking psycho.

    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  133. ខ្ញុំគិតថា​យើងមិនគួរយកចិត្តទុក្ខដាក់លើវាពេកទេ។ ក្នុងន័យនេះគឹយើងរក្សាតំលៃរបស់យើងដោយមិនជេតបទៅវា។​ យើងជាប្រជាជាតិថ្លៃថ្នូរនឹងមិនចំនាយពេលដ៏មានតំលៃរបស់យើងទៅជន
    ដែលមិនមានភាពក្លាហានគ្រប់គ្រាន់មករង្កោះរង្កើរយើងបានឡើយ។ បន្តការពិភាក្សារបស់យើង ដោយយកប្រធានបទទាក់ទងហ្នឹងពត់ត្បត់របស់
    អាជាតិថៃនេះ។​ដោយមិនរវីរវល់ជាមួយយោបល់វា។ ព្យាយាមរក្សាប្លុកនេះកុំឲ្យមានឥទ្ធិពលណាមួយរបស់វាចូលជ្រាតជ្រែត។


  134. this is the past history i don’t need to talk but you know know that thailand is develop than cambodia why you don’t learn about the morality of what you are saying. when i watch thai’s film oh they show that all the actors and actress have mush morality but in fact is in the film only compare to the real is very far that i can see. this is thai that you are trying to show to the world that you are good with everything???? oh my god please see how you are doing right now? think again with what you are saying????

  135. Dear JOH

    I can say that who hate who but you must see how you are ok? before you said that? I also never hate thai but you and your friend make us want to say like that ok?

    I think that this is not a political issue that some people are trying to make it as well. I think i don’t see what kind of political issue that they are trying to make ok? I you are they will so can you tell me how? TELL ME???? HOW???? If you see in the real situation right now who will gain the best advantages????? Thai or Khmer????? For example about Preah Vihere temple? you remember????? In 1962????? but why thai still want to control this temple??? I know that Khmer government is just try to make the good relationship with your government so they don’t do nothing but all your people around there are strong and want to get this temple to be your but at the time is the big problem that your people made it. but my government is cleaver and close the border so your people cant make the profit so they as the government to open it???? right??? so your are the strong why you want to open it? I know that my people also could not make the profit as well but they still want to close because they want to show to thai people that this is mind so i can do want i want?????right?????

    I think you should ……….i don’t need to say more think again and i will answer the text that you wrote next time more ok????

  136. និយាយ​ដូច​រស្មី​ត្រូវ​ដែរ​ដោយ​យើង​ប្រកាន​នូវ​គោល​ជំហរ​ដែល​យើង​ធ្វើ​នេះ​ទៅ​វា​ជាការ​ប្រសើរ​ណាស់​ហើយ​មែន​ទេ?????



  137. ខ្ញុំសុភាពរាបសា ថ្លៃថ្នូរចំពោះមនុស្សណាដែលថ្លៃថ្នូរដែរទេ​ តែចំពោះអាថៃចុយម្រាយនេះ ខ្ញុំមិនអាចទ្រាំមើលបានទេបង
    ខ្ញុំមិនបណ្តោយអោយវាមើលងាយខ្មែរយើងអីចឹងទេ។ បើវានៅជិតវិញ ទាត់អ្ហែង
    អោយបាក់ក​ អាចង្រៃ។​ យើងមិនត្រូវបណ្តោយអោយវាមើលងាយខ្មែរយើយអី

  138. Lita

    It’s easy for you to say that,coz you’re not one of these individual. If it’s easy like you said, you don’t think we’re smart enough to figured that out? easy to say than to do it ! As for who hates who its depend on what side you on.
    អាគ្រាន់តែថាអ្នកណាក៏គេចេះថាដែរ តែការអនុវត្តន៍នោះ វាគ្មាន !

  139. ពួកថៃវាថាទឹកដីនៅជុំវិញប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារគឺជាទឹកដីរបស់វា ហើយពួកវានឹងប្តឹងទៅតុលាការអន្តរជាតិដើម្បីអោយតុលាការនោះសើរើសំណុំ
    រឿងហើយពិចារណាសារឡើងវិញអំពីបញ្ហាប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារ។ ពួកវានឹងសួរថា ហេតុអីបានជាតុលាការនោះកាត់អោយខ្មែរឈ្នះ? ហេតុអីប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារជារបស់ខ្មែរបើទឹកដីនៅជុំវិញប្រាសាទ
    ជាទឹកដីរបស់វានោះ?​ ម៉េចទៅរួច? ហើយពួកវាកំពុងទាមទាអោយពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរ
    ចូលទៅកាន់កាប់ដំបន់នោះ។​ ពូកវាមិនទទូលស្គាល់សាលក្រមរបស់តុលាការ

  140. ម៉េចហើយ​បាន​ជា​ឈប់​​ លីតា??​​ you want to solve this problem right??? maybe you never read the acticles that all of our friend post in this block te ban chea you said like that??? ok i hope you try to read it again before you continue your typing ok????

    Thai hates Khmer or Khmer hates Thai is just the topic. អ្វី​ដែល​លីតា​បាន​អាន​ប្រហែល​ជា​ចំនុច​តូច​មួយ​ទេ​ពួកទេ តាម​ពិត​អ្វី​ដែល​ទាំង​អស់​ដែល​បាន​ឃើញ​នេះ​គឺ​មក​ពី​ថៃ​មុន​ដែល​គេ​ក្អេងក្អាង​ពេក​ដូច​នេះ​យើង​ត្រូវ​តែ​ដា់​វិញ​ទៅ។​ កុំឲ្យ​អាថៃ​ចុយម្រាយ​វា​ខ្លាំង​ពេក។​so i want you think again ok

  141. ខ្្ញុំយល់ព្រមតាម សីហា​ នឹង កុមារា ដែរ​! ពួកអាចុយមារាយថៃខ្លាំងដៃណាស់​

    ខ្ញុំឃើញពួកអាសៀមអាចម៍គ្រី ចង់តែសម្ពងឲ្យពួកវាហើមក្បាល ម៉ាអាចុយមារាយ​!

  142. អរគុណ សីហា េហ​ ហេ​​ តែសុុំអភ័យទោសដល់មិត្តរួមជាតិ ដោយពាក្យមិនគាប់បីពិរោះស្តាប់ ជាភាសារ អង់គ្លេស​​ មាន​ដូចតទៅ​ :

    Motherfuckers thais acting like they’re untouchable,all those shit eaters. Everytime I saw (meet) them I just wanna beat the shit out of them- motherfuckers ! សូមទោសអ្នករាល់គ្ា​ ចំពោះពាក្យគំរោះគំរើយរបស់ ហនុមាន​!

  143. បងប្អូនជនរួមជាតិរួមឈាមជាទីស្នេហា ប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារជាមរតករបស់ខ្មែរយើង
    ដែលបុព្វបុរសខ្មែរយើងបានសាងទុកសម្រាប់កូនខ្មែរគ្រប់គ្នា ចំណែកទឹកដីរាប់រយ គ.ម. ជុំវិញប្រាសាទនោះទៀតក៏ជាទឹកដីរបស់ខ្មែរយើងដែរ។​ យើងជាកូនខ្មែរត្រូវ

  144. មែនហ្នឹង! ណា៎ថាបស់វា?? មានភ័ស្តតាងអី ទាវាទៅពួកអាលោភហ្នឹង ទាដល់តែវាឈប់ក្អេងទៅ! អាចុយមារាយ!!!!! ងាប់បាដោយ! ឡូវចេះជេហ្នឹងគេដែរ កគិកិកិកិ…​ 😉
    Siam’s mother fucking good!!!

  145. Khmer _ Kid

    I agreed with you, ain’t that sad? when they raise their kids,taught them to hate,to steal, to rape, and to abuse us. ពួកអាសៀមអាចម៍គ្រី មិនទទួលសារភាពងាយ​ៗទេ អាចោលម៉ារ៉ាយហ្នឹង បានតែសំពងពួកវាឲ្យហើមក្បាល អាចុយម៉ារ៉ាយ​!​ជេទៀតហើយខ្ញុំ​ សុំទោស​!

  146. នៅ​តែ​ពូកែ​ហនុមាន !!!!​ីi agreed with you guy those word should me use with those thai. They want justice ehhh so they will got justice next time after the world show new evidences. See khmer not say think khmer poor but in heart just want to show and walk through the buddha idea who did those who will get!!!!!

    For Preah Vihear don’t worry like i remembered when i search 1962 the court said that 30km from Preah Vihear is the land of Khmer. So if those thai want their government try to solve this problem so they will kill themselve cos thai government know that they walk over border of cambodia.

    I feel pity with thai people how much you want to win you will lost with those kind you want ok!!!!

    I’m khmer so i’m proud of khmer because khmer never one something from thai country but thai really want our land and our temples oh so what should i put the name of these thai people.

    Think about khmer is a poor country but for thai is a rich country tan khmer why want other countries land.

  147. ពួកថៃវាចង់ទៅបង្កើតភូមិថាន​និងបន្ទាយទាហានជាអចិន្រ្តៃនៅតំបន់ប្រាសាទព្រះ
    វិហារ។ វាថា”ខ្មែរហ៊ានធ្វើក្បាលក្តអីអញ”។ ទាហ៊ានឈុតខ្មៅថៃរាប់រយនាក់ចូល
    ទៅក្នុងទឹកដីខ្មែរ ឡើងទៅប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារធ្វើព្រងើយដូចវាហ្នឹងជាម្ចាស់អីចឹង។
    ចំណែកកងទ័ពខ្មែរវិញដូចជាបណ្តោយអោយថៃធ្វើអ្វីតាមតែចិត្តពេកហើយ។ ចុះ
    បើពួកថៃវាមិនចេញ​ ខ្មែរត្រូវធ្វើយ៉ាងម៉េច?

  148. សីហា ហនុមាន​ក៏ជាខ្មែរមួយរូបដែរ ស្រឡាញ់ខ្មែរ ជាតិ សាសនា នឹង​វប្បធម៌ រហូតដល់អស់សង្ខា បើអត់កាំភ្លើង ពូថៅ កាំបិត ឈើចាក់ធ្មេញក៏ចាក់ដែរ​ ឲ្យតែជួបអាសៀមអាចម៏គ្រី​!

    Full blood khmer for real, I’ll die for Cambodia if I have to,fight to the last drop,for the people,religion,and sovereignty of our nation. We shall not tolerant any threatened to our nation. May the soul of our heroes continue to watch over us as we about to face another dilemma. May buddha bless all of our brothers and sisters that being
    harm emotionally and physically. សូមឲ្យព្រះជាម្ចាស់ជួយតាមថែរក្សាបងប្អូនខ្មែរគ្រប់ៗ រូប ឲ្យផុតពីកណ្តាប់ដៃពួកអាថៃឈ្លានពាន !

  149. To: Thai bandits, here’s for you

    M = Mother Fucker
    U = Uncivilized
    A = Assholes
    N = Nuts
    G = Gangsters
    T = Thai Transvestites
    H = Horrible Hookers, Homeless Homosexuals
    A = Apes
    I = Imbeciles, Idiots

    S = Suckers
    I = Ignorant, Idiots
    A = Apes
    M = Madness Mother Fuckers

    T = Thai Transvestites
    H = Horrible Hookers
    A = Assholes
    I = Imbeciles
    L = Losers
    A = Apes
    N = Nuts
    D = Dumb Dick

  150. Makara
    I hope you’re not khmer,coz if you’re you fucked up bad. Stop kissing thai asses. Khmer don’t associated with wild monkey. What is it that we jealous of? Ain’t no one want shit from thai, talking about beggin’ that what you do when we done wope your thai asses begging for mercy !

    What do you know about Morality and Religion you sale-out? spear me please !

    ខ្ញុំសង្ឃឹមថាប្ូនមិនម៉ែនជាខ្មែរ បើប្អូនជាខ្មែរប្អូនពិតជាមនុស្សវិកលចារិកម៉ែន ក្មានអ្នកណាគេច្រណែននឹងពួកអាស្វាព្រៃទេ និយាយពីអីថាខ្មែរជាអ្នកសុំទាននោះ
    ចំជាភ្លើមែន !​អ្នកដែលគ្មានសុជីវធម៌គឺពួកអាស្វាព្រៃ មិនមែនខ្មែរទេកុំច្រឡំ ប្រយ័ត្នពកក្បាល !

  151. បងហនុមាន​ បងយល់ច្រឡំហើយ តាមពិតបងមករាគាត់មានបំណងល្អទេ។​ គាត់ចង់និយាយថា​% អ្នកដែលបានសរសេរពីរឃ្លាខាងលើគឺ



  152. My My how patriotic my khmer bros and sis are, geez so proud to be khmer, feel so loved! ha ha ha

    AS for u thai idoits my god, u not only teach ur pplz fake history, in ur fake land, wit ur fake pplz but now ur embrassing ur selves with all this fake bull shit with OUR Preah Vihear temple, take my advice and pack ur bags, ur troops and ur filth back to ur fake country! coz im sick of it, my pplz have been through enough and we seriously dont need any more shit from u…damn u make me angry! argggggggggggg……………..

    oh samantha nicely worded ha ha ha and same goes to khmer kid one ha ha ha THAI = THIEVES TRANSVESTITES ASSHOLE IMBECILES lolz 🙂

  153. Thai people need to learn to respect their culturalists, the ancient Khoms, for the Khoms who were their ancestors are the same as Khmer of today. I don’t know why they hate us so much yet are so obsessed with Khmer related things that they want to make everything Khmer as Thai. In reality, our differences are nearly non-existent. The differences of Thai and Khmer is that Khmer are ok with calling Thais brother, but Thai want to consume our identity and not believe we are related. Children of Sovanna Phoum are all children of the same Mother [Culture] (India) and Father [Origin/Genes] (Sothern-China). For you Khmer nationalists, please don’t be so blind and consumed in your hate.

  154. O Khom?? Who are them??? Where they come from??? In Khmer or the world history I didn’t hear this Name (Khom) :_/ Can you explain me?? where you learn it from? Ksor?????? :)) ohh Ksor you should read read all the comment at had post here. you will understand!!!! before you said you wonder…. 😉 don’t be confuse with where are you come from??? Khmer are not the same…. hahahha


  155. To: Thai bandits, here’s again for you

    M = Mother Fucker
    U = Uncivilized
    A = Assholes
    N = Nuts
    G = Gangsters
    T = Thai Transvestites
    H = Horrible Hookers, Homeless Homosexuals
    A = Apes
    I = Imbeciles, Idiots

    S = Suckers
    I = Ignorant, Idiots
    A = Apes
    M = Madness Mother Fuckers

    T = Thai Transvestites
    H = Horrible Hookers
    A = Assholes
    I = Imbeciles
    L = Losers
    A = Apes
    N = Nuts
    D = Dumb Dick

  156. កុមារា

    បងប្រហែលជាច្រឡំំែន សុំអភ័យទោស​ដល់ មករា​ផង ថា​ថ្ងៃក្រោយសរសេរឲ្យច្បាស់បន្តិច​!

    ចុះមានថៃឆ្កួតមកពីណាសរសេរថៃ នៅក្នុងខ្មែរប្លក ឆ្កួតម៉េចចេះអាចំកួតនេះ !

    we know you’re not thai, so stop pretend to be one,you wild
    monkey ! Khmer don’t fuck their own mother, only you thai sorry ass, or should I say thai wannabe..what’s a sorry ass wannabe ? ឡប់មែនអាឡប់ត្រូវគ្រាប់មីន​​នេះ​!

  157. It’s hilarous about the Thai govt.flip flop 🙂
    When Cambodia reported that Thai soldier bandits violated the Khmer territory, the Thai govt refused to admit it and kept saying those Thai soldiers were not inside the Khmer soil, but on the Thai soil. And then, a Thai solider who couldn’t read the landmine sign in Khmer and in English “Dangerous mine” he stepped on the landmine inside of Cambodia and blew up himself losing a leg. The Thai govt continued to ignore that and when the world press asked the Thai govt, so Thais put the mine inside the Thai soil to blow up their own soldier????
    No comment……Hahahahahahahaha

    A few days ago, the Thai press reported that the Thai separatists in south declared the end of fighting against the Thai govt…..
    And today, there is an explosion in south of Thailand injured ten Thai police officers and a villagerin responded to the Thai press that made up the false info….
    No comment….Hahahahahahahahaha



  158. Hey! all Khmer
    I know that the story of Preah Vihear will be end up after your election is finish. Your politicians use this point for their way to be the goverment, the same way as tupid thai politicians, that sounds very pity for people. I don’t hate Khmer people because all we are human and we are a neigbor. Ok their are some little disagreements but I belive we can clear all of them soon. It is useless to make a quarrel. I hope we find a good way to go together.

  159. you know why I hate Thai because we not only the Human. But Thai Human for me is too proud for some thing is not real… and more and more… I don’t care you hate or Love Khmer. I really don’t need to know.. from the person as you… too proud of some thing it not real.
    Open in the world History Book, Find the book name The King Never Smile (is about your King your nation the person that you love!!!) hahahah and you will know why I give you a big laugh hahahahahahah


  160. To 277 RAsmey,
    For the words I just wrote in 274, they are only for playing. Why? because you play those words so I can play mind too, it’s fair. And it’s just a word. No words can kill you,untill now, Ok? You blame my most respect king but it is non sense to get angry with you, why not, because he is not your king. Final I want to say with you “welcome to Thailand”.

  161. to 278 >>>>>>>

    OH thai people like to play with those kind of word in the country as well? so maybe i support RAsmey to laugh out loud HA HAHAH HAHAHAH.

    HEhehe so pity your country that the political is not good ok? I know that your country is very stupid one that destroy your own country like that? you know Taksin is very good one but all of you want him to take off the power so that why your country become like that. This is your country problem not my country problem ok??? you must remember that if my politician want to gain election ticket from putting Preah Vihear to world herritage because they did right way to get election tickets from the people.


    Because Preah Vihear is mine not your so my government put it in to world herritage is the right way to do it!!! I want and also my people want but i don’t know know why thai does not???

    Tell me why??? Preah Vihear is your???? NO NO NO????

    So why your people get angry???? I don’t know how to say???? You are the wanted country ????? I say YES YES!!!!

    Putting it into World herritage is protect from the thief like your????
    why you want temple from my country??? and try many ways to get it why????

    I can answer because your ancestor don’t know how to build the such good temple like Our ANCESTOR that why you always want to get it from us by saying the bad word or unprove to the world but my government is the good one that they try to put it into world to look at bastad country like your ok????

    Oh one more thing now you want to clear about the border also right??? This is your people want but i think if you still so proud of oyur country like you said in acticle 274 maybe you will lost e.th that you did over to our contry. now the world now that!!!!!!

    Dont worry my friend we are still friend after you are embarassed back to your country ok????

    Why you bring force to the border of Preah Vhear because your government doesn’t know how to find the evidence to prove the world that this place is your or those place is your right????

    So just put the force maybe my conntry afraid and you can did over the country again ok??????

  162. To: 278

    Welcome to Khmer Forum.
    This is Khmer Forum, not Thailand, don’t confused.

    You’re lucky that Khmers don’t delete your Thai comments here, because I went to Thai forum, all my comments were deleted by Thais. Thais have no democracy.
    Thai can’t answer to my question, so they deleted all my questions.
    As to your Thai King, Khmers never blame on him, but because Thais are calling Khmer dogs, beggars, the KR etc…So Khmers just give the Thai King as a sample to Thais, because the Thai King is a flip flop liar just like your Thai govt. liar and that’s why YouTube decided to keep your Thai Monkey King videos on YouTube.





  164. Ohh I forget Thai guy!! The BOOK that I told you “THE KING NEVER SMILE” you can’t find in your country but you can find it in Western country oh any where els accept your Best Country? (this is what you think by your self hahahahah) ohh so pity of your people…. that book it really good!!! ohoh anyway this is what you WANT!! hahahahahha
    Enjoys with your Own History!!!!




    I just want to correct you a little bit for saying that the Khmer govt. “THE MOST PATHETIC TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT”.
    The Thai govt is worst than the Khmer govt. if you look at south of Thailand, innocent Thais got killed from the Thai separatist militants almost every day. The Thai govt can’t solve the problem with their own people in south. And today, Thailand is creating more problems with Cambodia. If you think Thailand is taking advantage of Hun Sen is completely wrong. Thailand doesn’t even respect the ASEAN community, the UN and the UNESCO, so don’t expect Thailand to be better than the Khmer govt.
    The UN must give Thailand a lesson for its stubborn attitude, otherwise Thailand in the future will claim all of Cambodia belonging to Thailand.

    Both the Khmer govt and the Thai govt are corrupted, but at least the Khmer govt is doing something to protect Khmer property from the Thai thief govt.
    I hate Hun Sen, but to protect Khmer property from Thai thief, I better stay by his side for now and deal with him when Thai thief gets out from Khmer property.

    To: RAsmey

    I think not only “The King never smiles” is forbidden in Thailand, I think “Anna & The King” too is forbidden in Thailand and YouTube also is blocked in Thailand. Thais can’t watch YouTube anymore in Thailand since YouTube decided to keep the Thai Monkey King videos in YouTube, unless Thais use proxy to hide IP.

    Khmers can watch YouTube in Cambodia no problem even some anti Hun Sen uploaded some bad videos about him.

  166. Yes i agree with all of you Khmer Kid One and Sehya. not because I am Khmer but Because I am learn about this. But I so sorry I still not agree with you a Thai guy.. you do not understand what we mean here at all..
    I talking here not because I want to win you all Thai people!!! Khmer only want to win our self… not as your people your govt you not yet win your self but you do want to win to another such as Khmer and international…
    look at your Country it is safe anywhere yet?? as now Cambodia we can enjoys anywhere we want.. We can see all channel in world and you can?
    I can say that we know the world clearly than your people..

    As I was born as Khmer live on our mother land, I proud, I hurt,
    I love, I hate, all from the truth.

    anyway I still open mind to wish your country much better than this
    and Hope your live with the truth or take responsible for the real History soon….


  167. rasmey

    r u ok?? what the hell is on with you
    why do you mind about the history???? no one thinks about it anymore
    and i don’t think any japanese care about what they have done anymore either

    i am a japanese and i find it’s stupid for cambodian to be jealous of thailand just because they are richer, better, more tourists, more beautiful and the fact that we japanese love travelling to thailand

    jealousy is not a way dude

    and if cambodians are real buddhist so why acting like piece of shit? if you are buddhist then you should share the temple with thais .. Buddhism is for everybody who believe in it not just you

    for thai people, i think you should stop arguing with cambodians because the more you argue with dogs, the more you yourself look like a dog, just let cambodians be a dog like they want to, let them say anything they want to .. it’s showing other people how stupid and pathetic they really are … worse than dogs actually

    people around the world would back up and support thailand anyways .. it’s just a way more peaceful country

    thais don’t waste your time with cambodian dogs 😀
    im going to thailand next month! dozo u rochigo

  168. my goddd

    are all cambodians like this??? very racist and uneducated!! i can’t believe it!!
    you are proud to be cambodian and love cambodia
    i am proud to be japanese and love japan too

    how about thai .. of course they are proud to be thai and love thailand too give them some pride man … and why are you insulting their king like that? for fun ??? so you would feel good?? very very stupid and uneducated

    very sad to know how cambodians really are

  169. Hi Miko,
    It seem like you too hurt. Did I really hurt you?? ohh I would not.
    I don’t Know who is Uneducated You or ME???

    I never call the people as the animal I pay my respect to even the animal.
    You would learn what we mean here you don’t read any thing here I know only a few article that you have done you don’t even know
    every thing!!!
    From my heart I Love Japanese Culture Yes I really do… I respect and congratulated it. I have many Japanese friends they come and work here for no money to help our people. I think compeer to you they do a very great thing in their life. I don’t know what you working for But I am sure that your just working for money and prepare a trip.

    About the History??? Do you study about that???? do you also like Thai people that blame your self?? I don’t need to know about your history between you and Korean! answer to your self. I don’t need to know from you!!

    ohh I Don’t know how to say with you cause you really don’t know any thing!!! Between Khmer and Thai!! and I don’t want to spent much time with you. to explain you just let you enjoys and see what will happening!!

    Breath Out…..

    So Stupid…….



  170. ooohh but you called me uneducated….Emmmm I don’t have Master degree, I not yet finish MBA but I finish high School already so I have some… 😉 hehehe but even better than you… hahahahhaha sorry I like to laugh…. 😀 but only special for you and with Thai people na…. hahahahha

    Wish you enjoys your trip at Thailand!!! 😉
    Oh I forget that you said we are jealous with Thai… ohh hahahahahah
    Emm…sorry why I need to jealous them???? I don’t know?? cause they richer than my Country??? hahahahhaha You so funny for me…. ahahhaha



  171. To MIKO

    MIKO is really Japaneses or THai I think 50% Thai and 50% Japanese???

    Rasmey you are good to say s.th but I think if you spend time with miko alot you will become dog too. Miko is the stupid one that the world does not need her to say something so she doesn’t have right to speak in her contry so that why she come to bark in Thailand.

    I know that Japanese is thee good country after world war II. They also build their country from nothing like cambodia!!! I love this contry very much!!!!!

    But for miko I don’t support her. Because as she said that why don’t we share the temple with thai??? This is the stupid question that she asked??

    I ask to you back miko why don’t you share your country with Korean???? Answer this question first before you bark to other?? ok MIKO??? If you are the good historiean you not said like that? Who build this temple??? Khmer king right??? where this temple located?? Khmer land right?? Why we need to share to the thief like thai?? I respect the thai people who know about history but i don’t respect thai people who want my land without thinking ok????

    Just think with the small problem ok MIKO???

    1- you and your family built the house and then other person want to live in your house as well and they try to find the prove that this is their house. So you let them stay with you that this is exactly your huose that you spend many time to build it????

    Oh I think you stay with other people that don’t help you to built the house right???? You are so perfect one!!!! that why why you try to learn from other s well. You are so funny hehehe!!!!!

    One more think yes we are uneducated people than your but with these uneducated people like Cambodia don’t let other take the property without thinking like that??? We are wrong in the past but now we have law and world to protect us to help us so they will find the truth for us.

    Thanks MIKO we are not kind like you that let other stay in your home without helping you to built.


  172. មេគោ​ លេខ ២៩០

    មិនដឹងជាមេគោចេះសរសេរ​អង់គ្លេស ខ្មោចយរ៍អីទេ កុំប្រកាន់មេគោអី​បងប្អូនអើយ​! មេគោឥតឈ្មោលយូរហើយមើលទៅ !​ យ៉ាងមេច ត្រូវការជាន់ពី​ហនុមានឬអី ? ហា ហា ហាស

  173. ไอ้เขมรมึงมันเป็นคนขี้โกงมาตั้งแต่บรรพบุรุษมึงแล้ว แผ่นดินเขาพระวิหารเป็นของคนไทย มึงได้คืบไม่พอจะเอาศอก อย่าทำเป็นพวกไร้อารยธรรม ประเทศของกูยกแผ่นดินให้มึงตั้งมากมายยังไม่เคยเรียกร้อง มึงติดหนี้บุญคุณคนไทยทั้งประเทศ ประเทศกูมีบุญคุณกับมึง อย่าเนรคุณ ไอ้เวร

  174. ប្អូន កុមារា

    បងសូមអរគុណប្អូនច្រើនហើយ ព្រោះបងអារឿងអានភាសាអង់គ្លេសសរសេរជាភាសាខ្មែរហ្នឹង
    មិនប្រសប់តែម្តង !​អរគុណប្អុនប្រុស !

    អូ ភ្លេចអរគុណសីហា​ផងដែរ កុំប្រកាន់បងអី ព្រោះហនុមានតែប៉ុណ្ណឹង !


    Don’t be so retarded! Write thai in khmer blog,who do you think will read those crap? Write English or Khmer if you got something to say.

  175. ประวัติศาสตร์จริง ๆ แล้วเขมรมันไม่ใช่ขอม เขมรมันมาตู่ว่าเป็นชนชาติขอม ที่จริงไม่ใช่ เขมรเป็นเพียงชนกลุ่มเล็ก ๆ เท่านั้น ประเทศเขมรโกหกคนกัมพูชาทั้งประเทศ

  176. to Miko on 290:

    Why we have to forget our history? So we don’t need to study our history or what?

    How come to say if we are buddhist we have to share the temple with thai? Thai need this?

    I am so ashame to hear u say u r japanese for agueing with Khmer. so how much u know Khmer and Thai? how do u know our history? oh, sorry, u forget our history already even yours… so how u know we r khmer jealous of thai? don’t u know who is jealous? what’s the word “If you are Buddhist you have to share Preah Vihear With Thai” why Thai demand Preah Vihear which is belong to Cambodian or you, Thai jealous?

    I think Thai should not ague with Cambodian coz u have nothing to ague. you treat us as dogs as we stay calm while Thai bark on us as a protesting and send troops to our territory. Does dog stay calm as one come to bark on him? Don’t u think some who bark is like dogs?

    As u talking about ur queen on comment id 291, i met her 2 times in Cambodia. She has very bad temper and treat people as dog while she’s angry. That’s what i was wonder why those thai people love her. but i don’t mean to it here just wanna fight u back as u come to say she’s good and help Cambodian. I can reply she didn’t. She cames to destroy Cambodia is real.

    Thanks for coming and let me know what you are thinking. I am so sorry that you didn’t show that you are Thai, seem i am talking to Japanese people but i think u understand that i am talking to u as Thai. I hope u r not ashame to show us that u r Thai if u come to comment later.

  177. Hello MiKo are you still there?? say hello to us….
    are you Thai or Real Japanese?? Show your self…. Don’t be scare??
    Are you scaring??? if you are Thai, I am not suprice I think it normal for Thai people like to do this hahahahha.
    But if you Japanese, my comment is YOu have to learn more and more…
    សុំសរសើរបងៗទាំងអស់គ្នាពិតជាមានថ្វីមាត់មែន… សម្រាប់ មេគោ​ នេះពិតជា
    ឆ្កួតចុមតួរហើយ ទុកឲ្យបង ហនុមាន ចាត់ការចុះ៚ 😉


  178. obviously the temple belongs to thailand

    why r u stealing it from them i don’t get it

    plus japanese love thailand far more than cambodian, you can ask any japanese .. they will tell you how much they hate the cambodian’s violence even in their own country

    you love cambodia and proud to be cambodians
    surely thai love their thailand and proud to be thais
    why hurting them? do you gain any happiness doing this? do you think it will make Buddha happy? do you really? ….

    korea is a country … the temple is a building .. they are totally different ..

    the entering is in thailand … that’s the answer to everything

    may buddha bless thai people

    to Thai people, let them bark
    as your monk once said “angry is stupid. mad is crazy”
    let them be angry and mad .. it’s their heart that is suffering
    thai just be relax and your heart will be happy

    oh beside cambodians you might not know this, vietnamese is fucking hate you

  179. rasmey and others

    you can say any bad thing you want to … that’s the way you are

    i am a buddhist who believe in karma

    so i’ll let you say .. anything you want to .. i’ll stay calm and understand that you guys are uneducated people without heart

    since i don’t get hurt, it’s only you who are suffering trying to hurt me
    but yet again, it’s me who will destroy the evil comments out from my heart

    i truly believe in karma

  180. or yeay one thing for you rasmi before i leave this hell forever 😀

    why Thai demand Preah Vihear which is belong to Cambodian or you, Thai jealous?
    your quote …

    see? you think it belongs to cambodia?
    surely thai think it belongs to thai
    and thai think the way you think too .. just in another way around

    do you still have brain? it seems like you are thinking on your side only! how stupid you are!!! make me wanna laugh till death ahahahahaahahahahha

    vietnamese hate cambodia!!!! that’s for sure

  181. u think Preah Vihear is belong to you or Thai? gimme ur clues! and u said Khmer are stupid! gimme ur clues to support ur word also.

    Who is really stupid? I should not blame you but ur elders coz ur elders change ur history and let all of ur people crazy and stupid like this but i also wanna blame u and ur people also coz u didn’t read any history book from foreigner who research and write khmer and thai history.

    i didn’t command for some book which wrote by Cambodian but foreigner coz all those foreigners has no reason to wrote a fake history of other countries.

    Don’t be like a frog. The world is so big and there’s a lot of poll to let u live. I hope u will try to read foreigner book about Cambodian history. And don’t be stupid like ur people.

    Thank u Miko or fake Japanese

  182. បងៗ​កុំ​ចំណាយ​ពេល​ជា​មួយ​មី​ មេគោ​អី ព្រោះថា​មេគោ​នេះ​ពិត​មិន​ដឹង​ស្កាល់​អ្វី​ជា​អ្វី​ទេ ដូច​នេះ​វា​ប្រហែល​ជា​ឡប់ហើយ​ ហើយ​ណាមួយ​វា​មិន​ដឹង​ពី​ប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រ​ទេ​ព្រោះ​វា​ជា​មេគោ??????

  183. មិន​បាច់​ចង់​ដឹង​ទេ​សីហា អាហ្នឹង​និយាយ​ឡូយ​ណាស់ សុទ្ធ​តែ​អាណា​ចេះ​ថៃ​ឲ្យ​ប្រែ​ឲ្យ​ពួក​យើង​អាន​ទៅ។ គំនិត​វា​មិន​ខុស​ពី​អា​មេ​គោ​ស្អី​ហ្នឹង​ទេ។

  184. Miko you have to read more about History and learn more how to speak… learn more about Buddhisms. As I am Buddhist I am sure that what you believe in Buddhist have some thing confusing I tell you cause I am also Buddhist and Khmer still kind to you cause you so so so Stupid… you will know by your self if you involve more in world society. Don’t be scare…. in your text your shown me many thing about your scaring(think your self) if you learn more than this you will not scare like that 😉
    Ohh I write here cause I am sure that you will come back and see what happen…
    Don’t blame your self…. ahahhahahhahaha and if you blame your self
    you are not different from all that Thai people.(that why you can live with them, oh ohhh I see) hahhahahah you are so funny!!! hahahah

    Ohh you said I have no brain but my thinking is much better than you
    as you think you have brain but can’t think…..so poor hahahahah
    ohhh off cause if you continue here you will really really stupid as you thought course it like you told us how stupid you are!!! hahahah

    Incredible……Stupid!! hahahahahah



  185. MIKO

    return home is better than walk out to see the world ok??? You like the frog in the weel just see the world is circle ok???? but go to thailand you also have some experiences and listen the thai guid told you tov deng hey oh they maybe proud to be thai hey so this is for you ok???

    you aks them did thai king in the past know how to build the temple like us ok???
    this question is very important to ask thai ok??? if you visit temple in thailand please ask them also that this temple was build by who(king)? when your king take from cambodia???

    If you lear about Cambodian History you will pity thai or siam ok??? and you also know why thai want our temple ok???

    bt maybe you don’t have time to read about that cos you are so busy with learning a bad word to support other?????


  186. អរគុណ​បង​បឿន​ហើយ​កុំ​ អី​ខ្ញុំ​នូវ​តែ​ចង់​ដឹង​ទៀត​តែ​បើ​ដូច​ មី​មេគោ​ទេ​មិន​បាច់​មើល​ក៏បាន​ដែរ។

    មីមេគោ​និង​ពិតជាខ្សោយ​ចំនេះដឹង​ទូទៅមែន​ ថា​ខ្ញុំ​ទៅខ្សោយ​វា​ មើលទៅ​មិន​ដឹង​ថា​ម៉េច​ទេបងបឿន​អើយ!!!!


  187. បងប្អូនរួមជាតិ
    កុំបារម្ភពីមីមេគៅអី ទុកឲ្យខ្ញុំហនុមានចាត់ការវា ព្រោះខ្ញុំចំណានខាងអារឿងមេគោហ្នឹង

    ទុកឲ្យខ្ញុំលេងវាឲ្យអស់ចង់តែម្តង​! មេគោម្តងនេះនាងមុខជាតៃហោងហើយមីនាង​!

    Cow I meant Miko
    We knew you haven’t take your medication lately.I’m so worried that you stop coming to this blog, I can’t eat or sleep – NOT !

    You said it a waste of time come to this blog, well that’s odd coz you keep on peaking in. You claimed you’re buddhist, what kind of buddhist are you? a retarded one I guess. Why do you pretent to be someone that you’re not? I’m surprise to see such a person like yourself in this world. I think it would be wise if you use your head before you open your mouth. Cambodian people are the gentle,kind, and loving in the world. We’re not meant like you said,if we did you deserved it_ coz you’re a moron !

    As one khmer individual I’m sick and tired of people like yourself,please stop coming and create any unnecessary drama !

  188. Thanks you so much lol.
    I know we have small brain but with this small brain of my people, we can think so far than your people that they don’t think and did it without consider about the how the real is ok?

    បង​បឿន​សូម​បង​ឆ្លើយ​នូវ​សំណួរ​ខាង​លើ​ដែល​ lol បាន​និយាយ​ផង​ព្រោះ​ខ្ញុំ​មិន​ហ៊ាន​ឆ្លើយ​ទេ???


  189. I think this issues is from real right?? we are Khmer like to find out why? what is real? so what we have to do??? I been in Thailand many time..
    I just wonder why when I said I am Khmer most of the people from your country change quickly look at me so different. they make me feel that they don’t really like me.. I am sure cause they know me as I am Khmer!!! I stop here because I don’t really want to remind that!!! before this situation I think I would come back to Thailand again to complete the last important place in Thailand that I never been is Ayuthiya. that really can prove me to think Thai people is really hate Khmer and they really blame in the history. I saw on my own eyes that they had done this!! even the way they decrypt of the temple.

    you said all Thia people Respect my nation?? totally is not true you blame us!!! off cause they respect Khorm(this name in world book history you will never found, only in Thailand). i believe you do not blame you self right?

    Even many people in my country do not hate or think bad to your country… But now they do and I support them to do!!!!!

    I hope before to talk you said who start this problem?? You should learn about this situation infact you have to standing in the middle first!!!! and ask you self why your govt worry if Cambodia bring this problem to the international justice….. only this question you have to done a very hard working!!!


  190. Thank you LOL

    Yes these are what i have thought with your country. Who said you blame my nation my leader or governor? I don’t right? and I also don’t said i hate thai as well but what i hate is thai people that don’t have brain to think. Oh i forget that sorry that i said your some of thai people don’t have brain to think actually they have brain but they don’t think sorry!!!!

    Yes what you said is true i have low capability to think exactly true but i don’t think bad about other countries as well right? And also my country never have problem with other as well right? For example, about the map that the world never know but your government try to show my government and want us agree with your. I don’t think my government will agree with you, long time to think about this ok?

    Like preah vihear, you remember you lost 1 time in the court right 1962?? Why my country want to put it in the world herritage why your country try to stop us? But now we put it already why your country don’t agree with the world? Why your government sent the troups to border??? or you want to lost again??? I think you want to wear mask back to your country right??

    You know i wish in the meeting on monday we will not get along with each other because i don’t want my government agrees with your gov’t because now i feel so hate about your gov’t. You know before i don’t hate but now i did!!! You will know why i did??? Because we have low capibility to think so we don’t think i want the world that they have high capibility to think think about these problem ok??

    But after they put it into the world maybe your gov’t and your people try heard to find the prove?? But what i think now they are making the mask already for wearing back ok like 1962 again.

    My country has low brain for long long time ago that make your country invade us e.time when you want. Now we should upgrade the brain to be equal like your right lol??


  191. @ Miko #319.
    You wanted to tell Khmers about Buddha teaching
    “angry is stupid and mad is crazy”.?
    But look at yourself Miko, you are the one angry stupid mad & crazy.

    Cambodia, Thailand and Japan are Buddhism countries; do you think Khmers don’t know about Buddha teaching? You and Thais are the one who don’t know about Buddha teaching.
    Go telling the Thai government to bring back all Thai soldiers with arms, guns, grenades and cannon from Khmer sacred land if Thais believe in religious like Buddhism.

  192. Hi Seyha and all,

    It’s nonsense topic and seem to be irrilevant escalated.
    Please remind yourself is better than gave harmful and fool comment.
    If you know yourself and the situation, you’ll understood your stand.
    So far, who help Cambodia to develop facility?
    Can you use your mobile as well? Which operator? Huh?
    You can do by yourself? It’s just one example.

    We’re respect you and didn’t saw you as enimy, i’m not Europe country as you loose your liberalize to them.
    This is not first time as we feel annoying with your argue.
    Actually that we are not feeling bad with you all.
    Up-to-now, some people in khmer don’t stop softhead.
    It’s not only on this blog but many blog post and pitching to our Thai people.
    If you understood in the fact, it just only one group ( in Thailand Thaksin and his party) and we could say “Yes, we’re not agree with them.”!
    That’s a reason why i told you that we are not start this issue, coz it’s only one of us is not only all of us.

    Up-to-now, Thai’s people should to know that what exactly our friendly country think about us.

    I’m sure that we’re disappointed with you.

    So, please stop to start any arguement now.
    Please scope yourself is better than think like whom that hate you.
    May you can found in many answer if you can not change your paradigm.

    Just remind you and believe that you can’t go out of your doom
    You’re mumified.

  193. Come on lol.
    You got to appreciate Khmers that Khmers buy Thai and fly Thai.
    Khmers buy and fly Thai that makes Khmers helping Thais, not Thais helping Khmers.

    Since Thais invaded Khmer land, now Khmers can fly and buy Taiwan, Korean, Japan, Australian and many more….so stop thinking that Thais help Khmers, it’s not true.

    Don’t tell Khmers to stop argument, if you Thais got nothing to discuss, just get lost, but to tell Khmers what to do, your dream never comes true!!!

    I encourage all Khmers living world wide to stop flying Thai and stop buying Thai until the Thai government pull back their Thai soldiers out of Khmer sacred land.

  194. Hi Vanna,

    Where as you gone? or
    How old are you now?
    I think you’re too child for known and understanding in the real behind your business.

    What do you think about your facilities as you’re daily use now?
    I ask that “Could you build by yourself? Huh?”
    What’s answer is?
    Shame on you don’t understand my question, so child and softhead with small scale.

    Now, i think you’re underdevelopment is suitable if your nation have people like u Vanna!

  195. ohh look this is what your people thinking???? help us??? what is behid your business???? my English is not well cause I have low capacity 😉
    but it really funny!!! and we would say thanks to ?????you????? ohhh look!!! look far as you can look!!!! Are you business man??? I saw you go to my blog… I don’t mind I don’t delete your!! you know why??? cause I want it remand me about Thai people that in my brain mean Stupid!!!!!! So So Stupid!!! hahahahahh so funny also…
    I am now 19years old and my friend Vannak I don’t know him. but his thinking better than you… and as I know what is behind your business I would laugh and hate your so much!!!!!!!!



    Incredible Stupid!!!!!!!!!!


  196. Excuse me lol, u small minded loser, wat the hell would u know about respect? u know SHIT ALL! and ur comment “Thai people never blame you and your nation first.” excuse me wat is this shit here may ask? i hate having to use digusting language to get my point across but seems u small narrow minded people have no dignity left in ur blood! can u read this section i copied from the news plz? Thailand opposes the involvement of the U.N. or ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which both countries are members of. Thailand’s U.N. ambassador, Don Pramudwinai, has accused Cambodia of bringing the quarrel before the Security Council because “the Cambodian target is not only Preah Vihear but the entire common border.” courtesy of yahoo news..

    this is not called pointing the finger? this is not called blaming or accusing omg ur rudiculous u know that, we hav had a talked with ur narrow minded bird brain thai pplz, but u dont listen! we want to resolve it as humanly as possible but u guys are animals sending ur troops into khmer land! we seek UN support to help resolve the issue to ensure that both countries can live in peace but u thai People reject!

    now now, i know ur brains are small and ur mind is limited but seriously if u dont know any thing dont make a fool of ur self here, coz it only makes u look worst then monkeys right now! u hav no dignity in ur blood wat so ever! Our khmers ancestors were to kind to give u some of our land in the past, thats why u hav become more greedy and shameless!

    ha ha ha its funny how pplz like u “lol” have no education on the matter, stop living in ur fake history and get a reality check, ur people dont respect no one! if thai people did they would accept UNESCO ruling that the temple belongs to khmer, but hey hey, i know its hard to say and believe that u people are fake , living in a artificial world! PLZ remember thailand was created AFTER CAMBODIA so errrr,….LOSER u need to study some history mate ur a fool!

    U really make me laugh, ha ha ha Pathetic as always, so before u make a stupid comment just think long and hard of wat is the truth,as saying that thai respect my nation, BULL SHIT stop ur freaken BARKING im so sick of u thai pplz, get out of my country and stay out! stop being so freaken greedy! arrogant faggots!

    PATHETIC IDIOT, ha ha ha i give u a wink for tring to make thai look good but i give u a thumbs down for being so retarded. and as for ur comment to SEYHA that “Shame on you about LOW capability” well errrr bird brain SEYHA’comment is call “SICASIM” but coz of ur LOW capability and knowledge, u wouldnt understand!

    As for MIKO, man ur so pathetic u really japanese mate? u think preah vihear belongs to thai? shit man ur as retarded as the rest! small brained non educated loser, mate pick up a couple of history books that are not MADE IN THAILAND and hav a lil read, it might give u a better understanding of life! as for japanese love thailand more then cambodia, i really dont care about that issue.

    As for saying khmer are stupid, man i feel like knocking u out wit a history book! miko u faggot! have some fucken respect, if not go and jump in the river and kill ur self coz really u have no use in this world, ur too stupid and narrow minded! Fuck sakes, u fake shits really do my head in.

    Miko why do u like to remind us that viet hate khmer? u tring to tell me viet love thai? u crack me up mate, u so dumb! one day mate u will know!

    Miiiikoooooooo ha haha u COW! now stop ur crying and ur thai pplz need MILK!

    Let me get back to lol again vanna is child and soft headed? really? sorry i think ur so lost that u dont even realise that the terms “child and soft headed” refers to U and ur THAI pplz, ur like children who are addicted to sugar,but instead of sugar ur addicted to other peoples land. so self centred and soft headed that u wanna use a fucked up map to argue ur point and claim preah vihear to be urs, geez so pathetic mate! now as for my friend VANNA have some respect for other people u pathetic thai, so full of crap!

    Now go back to ur bangkok pride the raining parade of the TRANSVESTITES….where men are women and women are men! run away dear child, u have no say here!

  197. Dear Ausmen, i dunno if u were writing to me, u want me to explain about the child prostitution in cambodia?

    WTF would u know about a war torn country like us, we dont produce prostitutes like u do! for fucks sake u turn ur men into women to work in this FACTORY!

    could you please describe about this issue for me then?

    i hav nothing against gays, but u think cambodia produce child prositution, let me tell u some thing no ONE CHOOSE TO BE A PROSTITUTE especially children! but u THAI’s not only produce transvestities, but has a clear lable ” MADE IN THAILAND” written all over it!

    Stop confusing ur children, some are born think they are a girl but they really are a MAN! wake up, stop living in ur plastic artificial world!

    So dont be so insensitive, no one wants to force children into prostitution u fucken dumb WIT, u narrow minded ungreatful loser!

    If u wanna see something about prostitution take alook at this:

    Does it hurt? to see ur people like this? not even i want to see women and children being sent into prostitution, no one on earth no matter wat nation or country should be force to do this kind of work, just to survive!

    so Ausman, if ur small narrow minded brain doesnt wake u up, i will, dont bring issues such as these here, we are human and no one wants any one’s fate to be like these girls but i do quote” You’re well-to-know as a child prostitute factory.

    Ugly and disgusting!

    coz this is WHAT u wrote, does this make u seem better or worst u low life loser? have nothing else to say but bring up horrible things such as child prostitution as a topic to argue about, did u see the figures? ur country is not war torn, yet 30% of its population works in the sex slave industry! what do u hav left to say?

    C’mon u fool, wake up admit it ur wrong! if ur country was so clean and so good why the fuck are u people selling them selves to foreigners, men are force to change into women, just to make some money to survive! listen here fool….who is ugly and disgusting now????????

    think about it! and get back to me, and im happy to give u a few lesson’s or two about life and to stop being so narrow minded!

    i only argue or dispute a topic if its A) BULL SHIT, B) DUMB and C) there is a lesson to be taught! so AUSMEN! i hope u learnt some thing! coz u really need to be educated mate!

  198. oh AUSMEN, coz im open minded and not retarded like u, even the images and figures i saw on that video clip about prostitution in thailand, makes me shed a tear, because women and children shoud have more rights in this world and should never be force to enter this work, but due to poverty they are force to sell, their children, sister,daughters just to live another day!

    SO ausmen was this a wise “come back?” i mean if ur tring to make ur self look good, u have reached a all time low……u now not only make ur self look bad but thailand look even worst!

    great job mate, keep up the good work!

  199. Hi ausman, well if ur aussie id like to say G’day coz im aussie as well. maybe i hav mistaken u for a thai who also goes by the name of ausmen, aus people etc and has said many offensive comments to khmer people. its great u dont hate some one coz aussies are usally open minded!

    What was ur question? that we are well too known to be a child prostitute factory? look at ur terms used, and think about the question u just answered, DAH its global News that child trafficking in asia is very popular, a documentary as this about children in cambodia only high lights the problems that the country is facing.

    Do u understand the reason behind this issue? do u think child prostitution is only in cambodia? can i ask who provokes this kind of sex slave behaviour? is it not money? not foreigners who visit this poor vulnerable countries and throw their money in people’s faces?, like they are not human? men who visit these places to have sex with children????

    Excuse me, wat issue do u want to discuss? the fact that it is disgusting and horrible and that its is every childs nightmare? or the fact that a war torn country like cambodia has no chance of survival and is using methods like these to live another day?

    this is issue is not highly sensitive but has a lot of issues surrounding the matter, we are people and we do not want to see this happen. In australia it is a matter heard but not known, u dont understand the true facts and stories if u havent been there to see for ur self.

    People at their lowest, left with nothing are force to give up their children, to survive, to most westerners its unbelievable and disgusting but wat would u do in that situation? some people say they will never do it, but u neva know wat u would do, till ur place in a life and death situation.

    Some children agree to become child prostitutes, why? because they give them selves up in order to save their families from poverty.

    they give up their child hood and their chance to live in happiness for the chance of gaining a few dollars to buy rice to feed their family and put a roof over their heads. is this selfish? any one can shoot and report an image like the one in the video and yes its truly heart breaking but has any one ask why???????????????

    why do we look down on people who are forced to the limits?
    we should work together to educate and help poor vulnerable people and children, not exploit a country and name it a ” child prostitue factory!” u said You’re well-to-know as a child prostitute factory.Ugly and disgusting! this is wat u wrote before hand.

    u said ur aussie? are u sure mate coz ur english is pretty bad mate!

    u invited me to answer, so i have, wat do u think about child sex slaves? u said disgusting and ugly damn straight it is! children not only loose their child hood but are risking their lives to HIV/ Aids which is a becoming a epidemic in thrid world countries across the world. cambodia is only one of them!

    can u imagine ur children doing wat these poor cambodian children are force to do? in australia we give children pocket money for helping with chores around the house, hey are educated, feed and well looked after.

    But these children do not have even the simple Necessities of life, to live, to breath! can u image being a 10 year old girl being force into a room with a man who looks old enough to be ur father and force to sleep with him???? ur world is no longer full life, even if the sun shines the world is a dark place. horrible yes, heart breaking definitely and how do u feel? disgusted and wat are u going to do about it?

    Have u ever thought of stepping up to the plate and helping poor people across the globe to tackle these kind of problems?

    After watching the video u posted to me, so u sleep well at nite? at least when u have a nightmare ur able to wake up! those children are living a nightmare day and nite. The only way to wake up, is when their lives end………

    So ausmen wat do u think? how do u feel? and wat is the reason behind the video that u showed me?

    why u only post cambodian children? why do u called it the child prostitue factory? dont u know that its a common thing in third world countries in asia and africa?

    so this is my view point,now i invite u to explain to me, why u posted that video and wat u wanna do to help? can u help?

    if u are true blue aussie as my self , though i am khmer and i love khmer but i was born in Australia, so im as green and gold as the rest of aus.

    but if ur not really aussie mate, and ur thai dont lie or hide ur self, only makes u look really pathetic, no matter wat back gound u are, u should be proud! never forget ur roots mate! coz even if u colour ur hair and tan ur skin, u have the same blood running through ur body.

    just like me, born in australia but have khmer blood pumping through my veins. i am patriotic to both countries. and proud to be an australian khmer!

    so who are u? Ausmen, u really a good damn aussie bloke? think about it! dont have to prove it to me, just prove it to ur self mate!

    Miss Mai!

  200. Emmm… Mr? Miss??? Emmm Ms??? /o| or |o?/ Emm… or like this |O| ??​​​ or like this |o| ?? okay anyway!! you said I am too young!! I agree heheeh BUT I much better than you… 😉 hahahahahah ask your professor of Cholalongkon???(I don’t know how to write this name 😉 but I don’t care)hehe University. or Professor of ChainngMai University?? Ask them hahhahha You are really really incredible stupid!!!! I don’t give you any shit cause I don’t like you get any profit from me okay?? 😉 but my advise to you is pls look at this world!! This world is not small and it not too big to understand or find out!!! the book is standing anywhere. Pls fly to another country to find a good book to open your mind THINK and THINK!
    I am so… pity of you now cause you 100% Incredible Stupid!! Miko this one also Incredible stupid!!! maybe like this we can’t find in Japanese!

    Also Malaysia Burma Laos they are shear the neighbor with Thailand do they like Thai people or Thai Govt??? Totally NOT THIA Govt also make some stupid problems with them!!!!!
    now start with Cambodia you will see what will happening to you!!! as you think we are low capacity!! 😉
    You also funny!!!! I like to talking with you also…. 😉


  201. ha ha ha ausmen u fucken thai, aussie wanna be, bull shit mate, if ur a true blue aussie? ur a disgrace to be an aussie mate, dont be a fool! weak points? ha ha ha mate every country have weak points unless ur fucken blind to see them, funny ei ei just like u, ur close minded! ur not an aussie mate, u truly not! look at the way u talk, aussie dont talk like that.

    ha haha funny ei ei u siam, u thai loser, who ever the fuck u are, mate ur not aussie. and “i dont need cambodian in my country” ha haha ha ha ur english is terrible mate, horrible actually lol

    mate u dont fool me, look at ur self in the mirror and wat do u see? but a thai or siam starring back at me??? u aussie mate, HA HA HA HA u make me laugh mate. coz if u understand english my answer above would have more meaning. coz i didnt talk about cambodia from a personal view point but on behalf of all third world countries. who are facing problems with poverty including thailand.

    oh and errrr…..u never answered my questions, but then again u mite not be able to read it lolz sorry for my aussie context mate!

    did u read the information i supplied to u? i dont think u did, FUNNY EI EI, u make me laugh lol

    UR COUNTRY, if UR aussie mate u wouldnt say such racist comments because australia is a country with a Multicultural society, and we have grown to learn and accept other cultures and we dont discriminate against other countries, faith or cultures. i was taught this at school.

    BUT maybe some one like u dont understand shit, coz of ur narrow minded personality! FUNNY EI EI lolz u make me laugh EI EI

    FUnny ei ei my god, look at ur comments ha haha plz if ur not aussie dont try make us look bad mate! funny EI EI!

    oyyyyyy u make me laugh EI EI…………………

    And UR COUNTRY??? ha haha its my country and my aboriginal people, aint urs mate! so FUNNY EI EI……coz u dont know any thing!

    hery, yap nass lork ery, khyom sose alot pek tired nass, monos ey khmean brain sos, tey tich kor ort dae, smarn tey pookey karpit, jear monos khmean besdorng hery khmean brain teat, tha kloun eng sirt tey aussie, slab hery khmass ke nass, chea thai rir chea siam kor min hean tha! pit chea monos lop mern! tired nass…min deong sose ey teat te jah, keep for bong bros, bong srey argue madorng jos na, tarm sabai jah!

  202. សួស្ដីអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នា
    ព្រមជាមួយនេះ គឺការប្រែភាសាថៃពីមតិថៃខាងលើ។លេខ264និយាយថា
    (ខ្ញុំថាមិនគួរឈ្លោះគ្នា អាមនុស្សប្រជៀវភ្នំ។នរណាក៏ស្រឡាញ់ជាតិកន្លែងកើត
    តាំងតែបុព្វបុរសមកហើយ ផែនដីភ្នំព្រះវិហារជារបស់ថៃ អារែងបានមួយចំអាមហើយចង់បានមួយហត្ថទៀត កុំជាអ្នកគ្មាន់អារ្យធម៌
    ប្រទេសអញលើកផែនដីឲ្យអារែងយ៉ាងច្រើន នៅមិនទាន់ទៀមទារផង អារែង
    ជំពាក់បុលនិងបុណ្យគុណថៃទាំងប្រទេស ប្រទេសអញមានបុណ្យគុណជាមួយ
    អារែង កុំរមើល(ភ្លេច)គុណ អាចងពៀរអើយ)។307ថា(ចាំពាក្យនេះទុក​ កុំជាអ្នកអកត័ញ្ញូជាមួយប្រទេសថៃ)។313ថា(ប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រពិតៗ ខ្មែរវាមិនមែនខមឡើយ ខ្មែរវាមកប្រកែកថាជាជនជាតិខម តាមពិតវាមិនមែនឡើយ ខ្មែរគ្រាន់តែជាជន(ជាតិ)តូចៗបុណ្ណោះ ប្រទេសខ្មែរ
    បើខុសឆ្គង​សេចក្ដី សូមអត់ទោសផង។អរគុណ

  203. To: ausmen #345

    That Cambodia Child Prostitute Shock Clip is peanut compare to Thailand banana

    Don’t you know that Thailand is number one world sex, drugs and prostitution industry?
    Here’s some for you. Enjoy Thai sex, Thai drugs, Thai gay and Thai lesbian industry.





  204. To: ausmen #345

    That Cambodia Child Prostitute Shock Clip is peanut compare to Thailand banana

    Don’t you know that Thailand is number one world sex, drugs and prostitution industry?
    Here’s some for you. Enjoy Thai sex, Thai drugs, Thai gay and Thai lesbian industry.





  205. Thank you RAsmey, Mai and សុខគង់
    I love reading your excellent writings.

    @ lol #341 you really make me LOL
    Khmers built so many stone temples in SEA and one of Khmer stone temple has been plundering by Thai thieves right now.
    To say Cambodia is underdevelopment country is wrong.
    Both Cambodia & Thailand are in the same list development country.


    @ ausman #345 you’re such an ignorant one.

    If you Google Thai sex and Thai transvestite, there are more than thousand websites and if you YouTube search Thai sex and Thai transvestite, there are more than hundred videos on YouTube



  206. In general idea WAR is not the solution even if we are stronger or weaker, both of loser and winner is lost, only less or more………

    now both of gov. try to settle the dispute by peacefully, in this case any side is start first that side is fault, ASEAN and UN will punish that country.

    by right nationalism should start from now if never have before……. every Thai/Siem products, restaurants or even music must stop.

    This the way that we could gain a little bit benefit from the event.

  207. Continue – both Siam and Khmer want to be a winner because they love their own country without sense, those Siem people just look around themselves and then think i’m perfect, they just listen from mouth for mouth say that “this land is belong to us”, and suppose that true. but not all, some thai people they understood because they are educated.

    don’t worry they are not the one who have authorized to settle those problem.

    What they are doing now is making our country (Khmer/Cambodia) famous, International will start known how good Khmer is and how bad Siam is.

    So if we wast time to talk with those peoples is useless, just use our brain to think what we have to do to continue moving our country forward. people like those of you (Khmer) is the country resource. keep doing what you think is right, do what ever we can to change our youth’s mine back to thinking of study and their future, but this should start from our individual first even myself.

  208. ถึง(ไอ้)คุณ KON THAI คุณ(มึงจะทำให้เกิดความขัดแย้งระหว่างบ้านพี่เมืองน้องทำไม มึงไม่รู้หรอคนสุรินทร์ หรือคนแถบนั้นส่วนมากเขาก็แต่งงานกับคนเขมรก็มีนี่(ไอ้ควาย)มัวแต่ขุดรูอยู่หรอมึงไม่ไร้อะไรกับเขาเลย แหมจะพูดทั้งทีไปด่าเขาเสียชื่อคนไทยหมดสัส) และคุณ សុទ្ធិពង្ស (ขอโทษทีอ่านภาษาเขมรไม่ออก) ผมก็ไม่รู้นะว่าใครเป็นคนเขียนหนังสือประวัติศาสตร์ของไทย ไม่รู้ด้วยว่าโคตรเหง้าศักราชไอ้คนเขียนหนังสือประวัตศาสตร์ของไทยมันคือใคร แต่ในความเป็นจริงลองดูถึงความเป็นไปได้นะครับคนไทยก็คือคนไทย เมื่อก่อนเรียกตัวเองว่าอะไรไม่รู้ศัยอยู่แถบนี้คู่กับขอม (เขมรในปัจจุบัน) มานานแล้ว แล้วอีกอย่างนึงพูดง่าย ๆ คือ คนไทย กับ ขอม แต่เก่าก่อนก็เคยมีความสัมพันธ์อันดีต่อกัน แล้วข้อความในหนังสือประวัติศาสตร์(หนังสือเรียน) มันก็เขียนมได้ว่าคนไทยแต่เก่าก่อนอพยพมาจากตอนใต้ของจีน ซึ่งไกลถึงเทือกเขาอัลไต อันนี้จริงไม่จริงอย่างไรไม่รู้ แต่จากที่สังเกตความเป็นไปได้คงจะยากนิดนึงเพราะความเป็นอยู่ของคนไทย กับคนจีนเรียกว่าแตกต่างกันโดยสิ้นเชิง

    ไม่รู้นะ แค่ไม่อยากให้ทะเลาะกันครับ ยังไงก็บ้านพี่เมืองน้อง ปัญหาแก้ไม่ยากหรอกถ้าทำตมข้อตกลง ไม่มีการแสวงหาผลประโยชน์ และตั้งถิ่นฐานในบริเวณของพื้นที่ทับซ้อน อย่างที่เคยตกลงกันไว้นะครับ ก็อย่างที่รู้ ๆ กันแหละครับ รัฐบาลไทยมันเฮงซวย มัวแต่แสวงหาผลประโยชน์เข้าตัว ปล่อยประละเลยจนเกิดปัญหาใหญ่


    เอาเป็นว่าถ้าคุณ សុទ្ធិពង្ស ได้อ่านข้อความของผมแล้วเห็นว่าเป็นแนวทางที่ทำให้คนไทย และเขมรเลิกด่ากัน เลิกทะเลาะกัน กลับมาเป็นเพื่อนบ้านที่ดีต่อกันก็ช่วยแปลเป็นภาษาเขมรให้ด้วยละกันนะครับ

    หรือถ้าไม่ดีอย่างไรก็แนะนำผมหน่อยก็แล้วกันที่อีเมล์ l3undesliga@windowslive.com หรือถ้าจะดีกว่านั้นคือช่วยสอนภาษาเขมรให้ด้วยจะเป็นพระคุณอย่างสูง ขอบคุณครับ

  209. ចមជាខួចមែនពួកអាសៀមនេះ។ហៅវាថាអាចោសៀមទើបត្រួវនិងគំនិតវាដែល
    ១៩៧៩និង១៩៨០​ ពេលដែលខ្មែរខំប្រឺងរត់ភៀសខ្លួនពីពួកយួនប្លន់ទឺកដីដើមបី

    ទទូលយកប្រាក់ដុលារយា់ងច្រើនពីអង្ការមនុស្សធម៍ ដើមបីអង្ការមនុស្សធម៍


    នៅពេលដែលពូកចោសៀមនេះចាញ់ក្តីនៅធ្នាំ១៩៦២ ពួកសៀមដែលស្អប់


  210. Straight up chuz!!! My Khmer folks never teach us Khmer to hate the Thais…thats real talk…your right, both Contury are just as bad to one another. But when it come down to the line. Thailand has done more harm to innocent Khmer civilian than Khmer has never done to any Thais. In fact during the 800 ad it was document Thais aka Siam was before Thais were Tai people living in Nanchao South China, until the Mongol came and they forced Tai people running into Khmer land. Tai people were welcome in Cambodia (Funan) and they were helped by the Khmer King Brother’s Preah Rong.

    -Read: Eksar Maha Boros Khmer’s-

    Thai refugee camps were not free.
    Read “Quality of Mercy” of William Shawcros.
    Shawcross was a journalist following about 45,000 Khmer refugees running into Thailand seeking for help, but instead those poor Khmers were forced by Thai soldiers to get in buses and transfer to Preah Vihear Khmer-Thai border and those poor Khmer refugees were forced by Thai soldiers to walk across the land mines back to Cambodia.
    Thai soldiers shoot Khmer refugees who dare to turn their back to Thailand.
    Shawcross estimated thousands were killed by Thai soldiers and by land mine.Thai cruel action provoked the international community and the UN.
    Thailand was forced by the international community and the UN to accept money and guarantee, so that the international community and the UN can get all Khmer refugees out of Thailand safety.

    Thai soldiers beat up Khmer children who played the Thai coins that have the Thai King on the coins. Khmer refugees who lived in the Thai camps refugees had very bad souvenirs with Thai soldiers. They were treated so badly by Thai soldiers.

    Read the Preah Vihear temple case. It has been almost 50 years now that Thailand lost a case against Cambodia and Thailand today continues to protest against Cambodia over the same Khmer temple none stop.

    It is Thailand that hates Cambodia, not Cambodia hates Thailand!!!

  211. Hi all khmer people!
    we are one na. Please do not argue each other na.and please ,all new khmer generations stand up and do our best to save or develope our country.On behalf of khmer i am suffer about what our neighboring country look down us na.In the past , we are the great one in this region because of we are one na . and we are worsening till nowday because we don’t have solidarity, harmony etc.of cause , i am nationalism na….eventhough, i stay a way from my motherland but my heart think of her forever na.i will never forget my motherland eventhoug a second. i always keep what thai look down us in my heart every words and keep it as my lesson to reach success na. One day i watched TV with thai people about football. then Khmer team losed Seam 8-0. YOU know, How do i feel ?when i got bact room i slept with sad and my tear fall down. then, i think what a pity my country is . And it makes me hate thai more than before na. i promise myself one day when i have enough ability i would develope my country na. and i want to be the president of cambodian Football Federation na. oneday , if Khmer won Siam 3-0 i would celebrate a big party all a round the country na. so if we hate anyone we must try to make ourself better than them na. Are you ready to join developing our country na.?for many year thai try to encroach cambodian(Khmer) territory such as , they launch the troop over phreah vihear temple and Phra Sat TA MUOEN THOM , phra SAT SADUKUK THOM so far? why don’t we complaint to UN na?what does our government deal with these problems ha,..nobody beside us Khmer to look after Khmer na . If Khmer do not love Khmer what happen to Khmer in the future ?
    bye miss all khmer people around the world
    do not forget to keep your love for khmer na
    we would be better na if we are one , then we would be strong na. miss u by Mr LEE write me bye email..bunlyhuy@yahoo.com bye

  212. Thais, please respect Khmers as the creator of your Thai letters, Thai vowels and Thai numerals that Thais have been using these Khmer creations as Thai official language in Thailand and please stop invading Khmer lands and Khmer temples and claimed belonging to Thais.

    Please watch the video below of Khmer and Thai language and stop looking down on Khmers, because if you look down on Khmers, you look down on yourselves.


  213. Please take the word of LOVE in your mind!
    Cambodian people need the peace. We wish to live in peace, not war!
    Every country has their LOVEs.
    If you get in Cambodia and wish to take our temples,SO PLEASE TAKE YOUR ASS OUT OF OUR TERRITORY.
    We are neibourhood, we need the friendship with all countries in the world, esp. with the countries in the region. Friendship can forget the history. History is the experience for us to make a better future.
    Get up Khmer youth to build your country!

  214. We know that the past was our experiences that we meet. Before and now is different why?

    Last time after Angkor Era Khmer king like to fought each other cause of the throun that allow SIAM to cheat us but right now no one like before, they gain their power to build the country so i must said that our government today don’t keep these kind of problems away from them sit and wait to see.

    Why thai want our temple because as i mentioned before they dont’ know how to build the temple like our ancestors that why their children try many ways to get those kind of temples. Because they want to show to the world that they also have temple that their ancestos gave it to them as well but infact they dont know how to build as well.

    I feel very upset when our government take the letter back from United Nation and agree to talk with thai! We said we want friend not enemy but exacly thai don’t want us to be their friend because they saw that we are weak so they could force us to follow them but actually we not so thai just think and think not stop for one minute and think” how can i get what i want?” Oh very stupid when i think about these kind of things that happen!!!!


  215. This is the truth of Thais characteristic. Thais must try very hard to hide it true identity to the world. Indeed it has succeeded. Now we sees it true intention toward Cambodia. Thai don’t play by the rules or the laws.
    It doesn’t matter to them. This is Thailand.Thailand is the land of thieves, back stabbers, rapists, homosexuals, morons, imbecilities, inferiors, manipulators, scavengers, molesters, ass kissers, and etc. If Thailand so great, why steal other people lands and culture? If Thailand so plentiful, why robbed of poor Cambodia? If Thailand has dignity and pride, why no shame of false claims and invasion. Who built the temples in Thailand? No Thais can answer this particular question

  216. ehhh I don’t wanna be thai man anymore even I’m 15 but I can understand what are they going to say and you all right our teacher parent even my friend always complaining about that everytime and everytime I heard it I felt like we were very selfish ผมขอโทษนะครับ แค่รู้สึกละอายใจแทนผู้ใหญ่บางคนที่พยายามกรอกหูเด็ก ปล.จบสักทีเถอะครับ

  217. To our Khmer people, we as a nation have the right to claim what is ours. Its about time that we stood up for our people and fight to the death. I am 200% behind you guys, we will shame the Thai people and proof to them that we “KHMER” are far more supperior.

    I’ve always known the thai to be rude and impolite, they have no respect for our poeple, who the hell do they think they are?? the thai people who are writting bad things about us are just ignorent and uneducated, I think their parents need to give them a slap and put them in a proper schooling “I think they are attending a handycap scholar” SHAME on you thai people.

  218. Thai Boy, I believe you are the first thai to actually understand what your people are trying to do to us KHMER people, we have done nothing wrong to your people, the whole world knows that. You are so right, your people need to rethink and apologised to us Khmer people and give what belongs to us and leave us KHMER people alone. We have suffered enough in the pass 50 years and we don’t need your nonsense. We love to rebuild our nation but your people keeps on taking away our treasures and causing trouble. If your people know better and are far more educated than they would have the brain to help rebuild the neigbouring country and not the insult.

  219. Miko, if you say who you say you are, you have the ordasity to say that Khmer people are dogs, I think you need to rethink and look at your self, I think u are a dog, becuase its seem that you don’t have feelings like animals, and because you enjoy going toThailand it doens’t give you the pleasure to say bad things about our country, don’t you bring your tourist crap and compare to our history. I think you been brain washed by the Thai people, you really need to come to Cambodia and see our side of things, we are not bad as you think. We welcome you to visit our country and learn about who we are and tour our history.

  220. what? am i not dreaming to see thai boy’s comment? I never ever thought Thais feel this way like you, thai boy! I thought all of you Thais always hungry for Khmer land and heritages!

    But now I know at least you, Thai boy, know what is fact and what is fake between our two nations. And in return for your sympathy, i would like to do you a favor: FAILURE PAD! long live your recent government!

  221. My Khmer people, I guess alot of you who lives in the US and around the world must have gone through the Thai refugee camp or your parents must of gone thrugh the experience?? I thought I would share my story with you all as I was there in that killing field.

    I was old enough to remembered my child hood growing up in the Thai camp. At the time I was only six years old, my family decided to take the risk to go abroad to find a better future for our family. To get there we had to go through the obsticals and that obtical was to get through the thai refugee camp. Along the way to the camp, I over heard old people saying that we must be very quite and we must keep together and that if the thai soldiers see’s us they will shoot us all. Damn I was so scared, I will never ever forget that moment, and for me as a 6 years old boy, I was afraid that the thai was going to kill us all. I encountered dead people along the way and it was not a good experience for me as a 6 y/o boy at the time.

    We were ones of the lucky ones to reached the Thai camp, but not so lucky for some other Khmer families who were killed and raped by the thai dogs (soldiers). It was a horofying experience.

    My family basically went though hell and back if you know what I mean. I recalled the refugee camp as stavation to killing fields. as refugees, we were missed treated by the Thais, the questions comes to my mind, what did we do to deserved this?? ás kids we weren’t even allow to play with their coins because it had their thai king on it “we still played it anyway”.

    Hey,I will continue my story, got to go now…bye catch you soon my bro’s.

  222. ថៃដួលដោយមិនបាច់ច្រាន​ហើយខ្មែរបានដោយមិនបាច់ខំ។​ បានអី? បានសុខ
    សន្តិភាព​ បានទទូលផលពីការលក់ប្រេងដែលរកឃើញ ភ្ញៀវបរទេសចូលមក

  223. Suriyavaraman sacked Lawapura(Lavo/Lopburi) the land of the ancient Davaravati in 11century, cuase the Mon/Tai/Khmer to mixed for centuries.

    In the 13 centuries ,Siamese, the hybrid people the mixed of Mon/Khmer/Tai as “one”, established “Krungthep Dvaravati Sri Ayuttay” or the kingdom of “Ayuttaya”.They used Austro-Tai as their inter-communication language.Their culture represented amorphous almagam of Mahayana and an older Thervada Buddhism with Angkorean Brahmanical religion and the Indian arts and sciences.

    They became more hybrid after Srivijai and Sukothai merged with Ayuttaya.

    Anyway the bottom line is we are all related…………….

  224. Let keep in quiet even our leader now cannot find the final resolution coz Thai still issue the newly unvaluable complain us that will be make Cambodian get headache. So we are the real human we must to trust ourselves and believe that the people who live in the developed country could be the real human too and understand more about international regulation or rule and try to do everything not stupid. Please stop your dreams na Khun Thai. Please crazy only yourself we don’t want too…..with you, from realy human of Cambodia.

  225. We should let everyone learn the “FACT” that they all are related here.

    Siamese were not only the “Tai” ,but the mixture of Tai/Mon/Khmer/Malay/Chinese mixed together as “one”. They use “Tai” as their inter-comunication language,but actually their language are Austro-Tai , ever notice many of Siamese/Thai words are the combination of two words with the same meaning. For example, DungJamoog(ดั้งจมูก) Dung is “Tai” meaning “nose”, Jamoog is “Khmer” also meaning “nose”. ; or SunKlon(สั่นคลอน) Sun is “Tai” meaning shaky, Klon is “Mon” also meaning “shaky” Ethnicity is very insignificant for Siamese/Thai. They did inter-married and blend together seamlessly as Thai people. Their arts, cultures, and combat arts happened through this integration; they mixed and blended the elements from many parts of their ancestors together as “one” to become “Thai” meaning “free man”.

    We could be proud of our countries, while we should never look down on others, because at the end we should learn the Fact that we are all related.

  226. Anatta, when Thais are going to admit that Thai culture is Khmer culture??????​
    Khmer Ah Tith = Thai Ah Thit = Sunday
    Khmer Chan = Thai Chan = Monday
    Khmer Angkea = Thai Ang Khan = Tuesday
    Khmer Put = Thai Put = Wednesday
    Khmer Prohos = Thai Proshat = Thurday
    Khmer Sok = Thai Sok = Friday
    Khmer Sao = Thai Sao = Sunday
    It’s easy for Khmer to learn Thai because most Thai words are Khmer words.
    Khmer and Thai pronounce alphabet almost the same…
    Khmer and Thai vowels pronounce the same…
    Khmer and Thai numerals are 100% the same.
    Watch video below that created by Khmer. Thais can never create like Khmers because Khmers were the creator of Thai alphabet, Thai vowels and Thai numerals.

    When Thai soldiers will get out of Khmer lands and Khmer temples from the border and all Thais will recognize and acknowledge of Thai culture is Khmer culture, I am sure Khmers will be proud of Thai people and Khmers and Thais will live like brotherhood as per the Khmer King said.

  227. ទាហ៊ានថៃជាង១០០នាក់បានសម្រុកចូលទៅក្នុងប្រាសាទតាក្របីទាំងយប់។ ពួក
    ទាហ៊ានថៃបាននិយាយថា ទាហ៊ានខ្មែរកំសាកណាស់ ពូជខ្មែរកំសាកបំផុត។ វាថា
    ខ្មែរបាក់ស្បាតតាំងពីសម័យខ្មែរក្រហមមក មិនហ៊ានធ្វើសង្រាមទេ។

  228. Rumtum:
    What is Khmer Sanskrit? What different from Indian Sanskrit? Can you give an example.i don see any different.Just a Transliteration, i see (that we use khmer letter instead of Indian letter)

    for example : Sun in English
    Aa-di-tya (Indian)=អា-ទិ-ត្យៈ -> អាទិត្យ in Khmer
    (I know nothing about Siam language, so i cannot say..)

    Coedes (or someone else)said that Thai get Pali and Sanskrit of India from Khmer,they have no chance to get those culture directly from India.Anyway, the khmer mekong flows from Siam/Laos, we can still say it comes from Tibet.
    And i don see any proud to get sth directly or indirectly from other.

  229. វិចិត្រ
    Khmer Sanskrit and Khmer Pali are written in the Sanskrit and the Pali meaning in Khmer alphabet. Khmers created Khmer Sanskrit and Khmer Pali because Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers.
    Ah Tith is Sanskrit written in Khmer alphabet called Khmer Sanskrit.

    Another example is Sak Yant. Sak Yant is Khmer Sanskrit, it’s written in the Sanskrit meaning in the Khmer alphabet Aksar Moul (Round letter).

    No country created the Mekong River, the Mother Nature created the Mekong River.

    Khmer Sanskrit and Khmer Pali were created by Khmer ancestors Indian-Khmers. I don’t know about other Khmer, but I am proud of my ancestor Indian-Khmers who created such beautiful Khmer Civilization in SEA.

  230. Rumtum:
    I donno if you know about “transliteration”…
    I can say there is Khmer-Sanskrit,Roman-Sanskrit, French-sanskrit, English-sanskrit, Siam-Sanskrit,….etc.
    Or Roman Japan, Khmer French, etc….

    Khmer created the equivalent system to sanskrit, not the sankskrit itself.
    For example: Khmer-English :
    English: I go to school.
    Khmer transliteration: អាយ ហ្គោ ធូ ស្គូល -> នេះ​ហើយ​ជា​អ្វី​ដែល​ខ្មែរ​បាន​បង្កើត​មក​នោះ គ្រាន់​តែ​មិន​មែន​ចេញ​ពី​អង់គ្លេស​ តែ​ពី​សំស្ក្រឹត​វិញ។
    (Khmer : ខ្ញុំ​ទៅ​សាលា)

    I’m not sure if our ancestor is pure khmer or khmer indian or indian. i don care. and I found nothing proud in having our ancestor blood mixt with indian..

  231. Samantha : who create Khmer Empire?
    i answer: why not Khmer?
    Example of Roman<-Sanskrit: goto wiki Devanagari_transliteration
    You confused: I never mean Roman or else.. intermarried with Indian…
    Samantha: I think you don’t understand what is Transliteration?
    I give you an example:
    1) ទេ វៈ នាគៈ រី (ទេវនាគរី)written in khmer letter (an indian word).-> This is what Rumtum call Khmer-Sanskrit!!!
    2) De-va-nāga-rī written in Roman -> So i call this Roman-Sanskrit!!!
    3) —– (written in Indian script ): I donno.
    In this example: D ទ; e េ; v វ; a ៈ ; n ន; ā ា ; g គ; r រ; ī ី
    So i ask you how is not possible for other country like Siam, that have their script very close to Khmer script, cannot create their system of transliteration?

  232. Khmer Muay Neak : Go to Ask the historian!! Do they already have common idea? Kampuchea written in correct transliteration is “Kambuja កម្ពុជៈ”. Some historian say that this come from Kamboja (កម្ពោជៈ)(mean gold, elephant,….). Kamboja is a group of people living in India. But some people said that Kamboja​ is not Kambuja…
    King suryavaraman (សុយ៌វរ្ម័ន) name our country as Kambuja ​for the first time….(i confuse?)

  233. បន្ទាប់ពីបានទទួលដំណឹងថា កម្ពុជានឹងប្តឹងទៅអង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិនិងតុលា
    ការអន្តរជាតិ ពូកថៃវានាំគ្នាសើច។ ពួកវាបាននិយាយថា​ គ្មានអ្វីត្រូវបារម្ភទេពី
    ព្រោះពួកវាមិនដែលគោរពសាលក្រមតុលាការអន្តរជាតិម្តងណាទេ។ ទោះជា
    ខ្មែរប្តឹងទៀត​ឬ១០ដងទៀតក៏ពួកវាមិនគោរពដែរ​ហើយពូកវាថា​ គ្មាននរណា
    ហ៊ានធ្វើក្បាលក្តអីពួកវាទេ។​​ លើសពីនេះទៅទៀតនោះ ពូកវាបាននិយាយថា
    ប្រទេសថៃជាប្រទេសមហាអំណាចមួយនៅអាស៊ីអគ្នេយ៍។ ប្រទេសជិតខាង
    ណាក៏ខ្លបខ្លាចប្រទេសថៃដែរ។ សូមរំឭកថាកន្លងមក ថៃបានបាញ់សម្លាប់ប្រជា

  234. វិចិត្រ

    Khmer Sanskrit and Khmer Pali were created by Khmer ancestors Indian-Khmers.
    The first Khmer royal family was King Kaudinya Varman from India married to Khmer Queen Soma of Naga of Nokor Kok Thlok.
    Read the Khmer wedding ceremony history “Preah Thong & Neang Neak”.

    I don’t think you understand what I am trying to explain you.
    Let me put this way, Khmers are born in a broad, they can speak and understand Khmer on conversation, but they can’t read Khmer and they don’t understand the meaning of Khmer writing, so we have to borrow the Latin alphabet to associate with the Khmer writing.

    For example in Khmer writing with Khmer alphabet ខ្ញុំទៅសាលា for those Khmer who can read and understand Khmer writing.

    And for those Khmer who can’t read Khmer alphabet but understand the meaning of Khmer when they hear…
    Kyom teuv sala ខ្ញុំទៅសាលា I go to school

    This “Kyom teuv sala” created by Khmer, but Khmer don’t owned it, because Latin alphabet is not Khmer.

    Khmer Sanskrit is written in Sanskrit meaning with Khmer alphabet.
    Khmer alphabet is owned by Khmer and Sanskrit meaning is owned by Indian, since Khmer were Indian-Khmers, Khmers owned both Sanskrit and Khmer that’s called Khmer Sanskrit.
    For example “Sunday” in Khmer Sanskrit is ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យ

    For example my father is Indian and my mother is Khmer, I owned both Indian and Khmer heritage because of my parent Indian-Khmer.

    Here’s some example from Sak-Yant of Khmer Sanskrit


    Kambuja was not named by King Suryavarman.

    King Kaudinya Varman and Queen Soma were Buddhist and reigned at Nokor Phnom which the Chinese called Funan.
    (សោមវង្យ) The Moon

    King Kampu កម្ពុ also from India was married with Khmer Queen Mera, they were Hindu, and they reigned at Isan Borei which the Chinese called Chenla.
    (សូរ្យវង្យ) The Sun

    Later សូរ្យវង្យ (Chenla) invaded សោមវង្យ (Nokor Phnom) and named his Kingdom after his name Kambuja in Sanskrit which is Kampuchea in Khmer.

  235. សៀមមហាអំណាច?គួរឪអស់សំនើច!

  236. Rumtum:
    For example “Sunday” in Khmer Sanskrit is ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យ,
    in Roman-Sanskrit is “Aaditya ..”, so it can be in Lao-Sanskrit,or….

    Khmer have developed “Khmer script” not “Sanskrit”. We have used khmer script to write Sankrit, this is what you call “Khmer Sanskrit” (for ex. អាទិត្យ). European use roman to write sanskrit too (Aaditya). you don’t call this roman sanskrit? So how can you say that European copy this word from Khmer or from Indian? So how can you say that Siam copy this word from Khmer not from Indian?

    About the Khmer history, i cannot refuse what you said. I see many scholar have this idea too. i type the wrong name of the king, he is in fact Jayavarman II who named Cambodia as Kambuja fro 1st time, i mean.

    Perhap there is intermarriage between khmer and india, perhap there is only some king of khmer only, not ALL KHMER PEOPLE!!

    Sometime in the history a khmer king married with Vietnamess princess, but i DON’T say All the Khmer have Vietnam Blood!

  237. ទាហានថៃកំពុងរុះរើលំនៅស្ថានប្រជាពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរនៅច្រកជាំហើយ​ទាហានខ្មែរនាំ
    គ្នាឈរមើល។ តែបើខ្មែរចូលដីវាតែបន្តិច កុំថាឡើយពលរដ្ឋសាមញ្ញទោះជាទាហា

  238. អូ​ ខ្ញុំភ្លេចប្រាប់រឿងមួយដល់បងប្អូនទាំងអស់គ្នាអោយបានជ្រាប។​ ដ្ឋាភិបាលថៃ
    គ្មានអំណាចទេ​ ហើយទាហានថៃវាមិនស្តាប់រដ្ឋាភិបាលវាទេ។​វាស្តាប់តែស្តេចវា
    ហើយនិងមេបញ្ជាការរបស់វាតែប៉ុណោះ។ អីចឹងទេ រដ្ឋាភិបាលខ្មែរគួរតែឈប់
    ចោរចូលផ្ទះហើយម្ចាស់ផ្ទះបានដេញចោរអោយចេញពីផ្ទះតែចោរមិនចេញ វា
    បែជាដេញម្ចាស់ផ្ទះអោយចេញទៅវិញ។​​ វាថាបើម្ចាស់ផ្ទះមិនចេញពីផ្ទះរបស់
    ខ្លួនទេ វាក៏មិនចេញដែរ ហើយបើផ្ទះណាវាចង់នៅ​ ម្ចាស់ផ្ទះត្រូវតែចេញ៕

  239. Hi, friends,

    Just want to write what I known a little bit about the History,

    1. Khmer and Khorm are the same; by the way, Khorm are Khmer and Mon combine together to be Khorm. It is Khorm= Khor+Mor=Khmer+Mon.

    2. I want to emphasize here that the Khmer history is more accurate and trustworthy, because we have not only history books and research, but we have the evidences that those ancient Temple, sit and located in Lao Champa Sak, and many of them in Thailand from the East, Northeast, Central part like Lopburi or Lopburei in Khmer, down across the country to the South are created or made by Khmer. Because we Cambodian can understand those Temple’s names so easily, unlike those Thai have hard time in understanding those Temple’ name. One more thing most temples, with scripture written on or without scripture written on, look a like the same to those Temples in its own Mother land, Cambodia.

    These actually the Thai know also, but the thing that create the hate between the two nations is that Thai history from the book and Thai history from the Mouth is not the same. Book and Mouth are not the same. Thai history books may say one thing, oral history may say other thing. Even so, in some history books of it, may vary from one another.

    Many time it try to tell people that Khmer and Khorm are different, and before the arriving of Thai into this Sovanaphum land, this land is ruled by the Khorm not the Khmer. This is true I tell you. I have been to the northeast part of thailand, many house have Khmer alphabets in their house, and when I asked them “Do you understand this and what letter this is?” they answered me that These are Khorm alphabets and they don’nt know the meaning. Then I asked them who are Khorm, suddenly they looked at each other and asking each other, some of them said Khorm are Burmese, and some said Khorm are Khmer. And I told them, “I really want to know who is Khorm also but if these alphabets really belong to Khorm people then I am Khorm too because I can read those letter in the house and Khorm must be Khmer too, because I am Khmer or Cambodian. I told them I can read can write because this is my mother language.”

    So today I just this much with you about Khorm,
    See you tomorrow my brothers and sisters
    Note from Khmer are Khmer and Thai are thai, but Thai are also Khmer but somehow become stupid on the way in the past.

  240. To Reahoo:
    Many scholar accept that all the temple is khmer temple, all the land was occupied by khmer for many hundred year, before the arrival of Siam,…
    I heard one day the Thai minister said during the opening of Asian Game one day that Siam was born here in 13century… accept many of Khmer culture,… the same as what we know.
    i read some Siam tourist magazine , said that many temple in Thai are khmer temple,….exactly the same with what we believe.

    What i don’t believe is that there is still some Siam do not believe that all theirs present land in SE was once khmer land…

  241. Ok my brothers and sisters!!

    Here is the point, like I said that the Thai the Thai has many history books and the oral history or we can call market history which is told from mouth to mouth are not the same. Mean book and mouth are not the same when it comes to the Thai history. Even in the books are not the same too. It writes for the Thai students to learn in one way, and it write for foriegners and the world to read, learn and study in one way.

    Most of the time when I read Thai history in English it says Thai comes to live in Suvannaphum land or Khmer land a bit before 13th century then it claims and gain its victory over Khmer at 13th century.

    But when I read it in the books not all books but a certain book, says that the Thai lives over in mother land, the land today, even before B.C. And to some other books, once upon a time, they come down from South China, just because the war, to live with Khmer in Sukhaotei.

    But the oral one, from mouth to mouth, Thai have been here on its motherland since the ancient time and it says before the Thai come, theis land is ruled by Khorm Kingdom which some of them say it is Khmer and some of them say it is Mon or Burmese.

    And for these, it makes some of them to think that Khmer are just the small ethnic group of people not the Khorm who have built so many Temples over the Land.

    In summary, I just want to share how the Thai see, think and look at Khmer. So here I like to presume or conclude that the false is because the Thai itself due to the History is very various within it society.

    Too much to say,but just this much say it later in other time.
    Bye!! Have a good time for all Khmer, Lao and Thai
    Be at peace!!!

  242. Oh wait forgot to descripe about myself. By the way I am a Khmer, real Cambodian, at this moment I am living in Thailand, Saraburi, Srah-burei by Khmer when it once was Khmer’s.

    And I have a lot of Thai friends and Lao, Malaysian, few Indo. and Burmese.

    So what I know and write here can be trusted. Don’t worry. It is not a market place. So I will share what I know from time to time.

  243. វិចិត្រ

    You are missing the point.
    Did Roman intermarry with Indian?? Did Khmers use Latin alphabet to create Latin Khmer “Kyom teuv sala” claim belonging to Khmers????
    Roman can’t claim Roman Sanskrit, because Roman are not Indian. Khmers can’t claim Latin Khmers because Khmers are not Latin.
    I gave you example, if my father is Indian and my mother is Khmer, I owned both Indian Khmer heritage.
    So the same thing as Khmer ancestors, they owned both Sanskrit and Khmer because they were Indian-Khmers.

    Thais can create Thai Sanskrit, but they have to create differently from Khmer Sanskrit.
    If Thais can call Khmer as Khorm differently from Khmer, they can create Thai Sanskrit differently from Khmer Sanskrit.
    And stop using Khorm like Thais because Khorm never existed in the world history. That’s what Thais are trying to wipe out Khmers from history and culture by changing Khmer names in to Thai names.

  244. to Rumtum:
    ខ្ញុំ​ទៅ​សាលា in khmer can be tranliterate to roman using ALA-LC code as khñuṃ dau sālā : this expression i can say still khmer expression, it is just written in Roman script. why? because when a man say it, whether Khmer or Englishman, we say he speak Khmer.

    So āditya , indian word written in Roman and អាទិត្យ​written in Khmer script, is still Indian word just written in Khmer script. This case indian word, roman word and Khmer word is exactly the same, it is just written in different system of script only. This is what we call Transliteration. Khmer use this word directly so we call this ពាក្យ​កម្ចី. English has different name the Sun, this is english word.

    If you need Thai to create Sanskrit different from Khmer, so what is the different between Roman āditya and Khmer អាទិត្យ​ ?

    “Khmer Sanskrit and Indian Sanskrit is the 99% the same by theory” why? “Roman Sanskrit and Indian Sanskrit is the 99% the same by theory” why? Because Khmer Sanskrit is just Indian Sanskrit but written in Khmer, and Roman Sanskrit is just Indian Sanskrit but written in Roman.

    But i understand what you meant is that you pretend that Khmer is Indian( ref: Roman can’t claim Roman Sanskrit, because Roman are not Indian.). Is this proposition(Khmer is Indian) is generally accepted?
    Me, i’m not historian but i don’t accept this. If so, we could pretend that everybody is African, because we all came from Afrique by migration of some type of Monkey some million year ago,etc.

    “Thai alphabet, Thai vowels and Thai numerals are Khmer 100%.”this is generally accepted not only by Khmer, but by many international scholar and some Thai scholar too.. ”
    some Thais or Siam don’t accept this, because they are too much proud of themself, and dare not to accept the truth. So don’t follow this bad character

  245. I am Reahoo, I don’t hate anyone, neither thai, lao, or vietnam. but I just want the right to say, to express what is the truth. At these moment and time, people should be able to live as a global world which the unity is the most important factor that we should hold on to.

    But if there were any one saying such and such which is not truth we should just be brave to come out and share the truth, not to make conflic, so we have to keep in mind that we are one, we are friends,…… just for peace. We do it for we want to get it better.

    Like what we can see today, what going on today, like what Thai are doing today is not appropriate toward its neigburing country Cambodia, of cause, they are doing so because they want to protect their land, and country like we, khmer, do, But there is something wrong here about History of its, and the teaching of its (Education), so we have very right to express our thought and ideas, solutions to make it better for the People Thai and Khmer can live happily under the same sky, sun and moon.

    So Question: What Can we do to make Khmer and Thai live together as brothersand sisters?

    To be friend is better to be enemy

  246. Hi everyone!!

    Thankful for comment, I agree on that. This is one of many ideas.

    My friends I am so proud of you,,,,Your idea is good though….then let move on How to make Siam should do something to make their people understand the fact due to its history…to make everything better.

    Perhap you can do something for this or it is me… or maybe it needs more than that, it needs everybody, Khmer people have to be brave to pinpoint what is right and what is wrong.

    To do that it requires two things from us 1. Khmer youth people have to learn more and more, be educated, worthy enough to talk so that they will listen to us respectfully. 2. We have to do whatever to gain our right in speaking in public, like TV, Radio, newsapaper, maybe non-violent demonstration…etc.

    Maybe there’re many more way to this…

  247. Hi everyone!!!

    For few years ago, I heard something on the Radio that the Thai claims that the Khmer, present-day is not the one who build the ancient temples.

    and this what I’ve found in one of the article posted by a Khemer about the Thai point of view on Khmer.

    “According to Vadhakarn’s theory, the place now called Cambodia once belonged to an ethnic group called “Khom”. They were eliminated by the Thais. The Khmers who lived in present-day Cambodia were part of the Thai race. This is, according to Vadhakarn, proven by the identical-ly similar civilization, culture, tradition and arts of the two countries.

    Vadhakarn was not alone in this theory. A Thai nationalist newspaper, Chaothai, on 31 October 1959, stated the same thing. The newspaper quoted an opposition party leader, Seni Pramoj, a Thai lawyer in the Khmer-Thai dispute in the Preah Vihear case (1962), saying that there was an ethnic group called “Khom” living in the areas now called Thailand and Cambodia. The article continued to say that Thais had killed most of them and the rest were chased away, retreating to India where they once belonged. As a result of this Thai victory, the Thais were divided into groups: one group was concentrated in the lower part, now called Cambodia; and the other one lived in upper part now called Thailand. The proof of this was that the arts and the traditions were strikingly similar.

    Vadhakarn also stated “it is an established fact that the Khmers and Cambodians are not the same people… The coming into existence of this new name ‘Cambodja’ marked the end of the old Khmer Race and the birth of a new people who have 90% of Thai blood”. (Thailand’s Case, p129).

    Contrary to Vadharkan’s assertion, the term “Khom” was an ancient word used by Thais and Laos for the Khmer people. According to the historian Charles Keyes, in his article “The Case of the Purloined Lintel: The Politics of a Khmer Shrine as a Thai National Treasure”, this term was used in “the popular press – with semi-official backing – to disassociate the modern Khmer from the heritage of Angkor” (p278). The term “Khom” was Thai and Laotian pronunciation and transliteration of “Khmer”.

    from: http://preah-vihear.com/thai's-unique-view-of-khmer-people-and-history.htm

    Ok Rahoo just want to share what some of Thai think aboutus. Rememeber not all of them think the same way. and this ideas of its, is not true that why the International Court decided to give Preavihear over back to Cambodia. The world has acknowledge the truth of our country, Thai and Vietname can not do anything to confuse the world.

    Be brave and smile my bro and sist. Cambodia is belong to us Khmer. What we should do is to study, exercise the right.

    Good night.

  248. វិចិត្រ

    khñuṃ dau sālā is still different from Kyom teu sala.
    But Khmer Atith and Thai Atith are exactly the same.
    Thais can create Thai Sanskrit differently from Khmer Sanskrit like the Roman Sanskrit diffenrt from Khmer.
    Thais must give credit to Khmer when Thais use Khmer Sanskrit and Khmer Pali.
    It’s good that Sak-Yant folks giving credit to Khmers by mentioning Khmer Sanskrit on their webiste.
    Thais who accepted Khmer culture in Thai culture is not a treat to Khmers. I’m not talking about those Thais. I’m talking Thais who created the problem with Khmers that threaten Khmer like those Thais are robbing Khmer temples and Khmer lands at the border right now and claimed belonging to Thais.

    I still stand with my point of Khmer ancestors were Indian Khmers
    and Khmer ancestors created Khmer Sanskrit and Khmer Pali.

  249. I bet those Thais like Vadhakarn and Seni Pramoj in that times never have thought of one day the world could be connected to each other on internet. Since the world has been connected to internet, Khmers and Thais are fighting really bad claiming this and that belonging to their own.
    If Khmers are not here to explain what belonging to Khmers, I’m sure the world could believe in Thai like Vadhakarn and Seni Pramoj erasing Khmer from history.

  250. to Rumtum:
    So what the different between Khmer អាទិត្យ and Roman āditya?

    Make a comparison:
    (1) Khmer expression (origin): ខ្ញុំ​ទៅ​សាលា
    (2) Khmer create “Kyom teu sala” using Latin. (you said.)
    (3) Roman create “khñuṃ dau sālā” using Roman.
    Somebody else create “……” using …. letter.etc

    compare with
    (1) Indian word (origin) : ????? (i donno how to write it)
    (2) (nothing to compare)
    (3) Khmer create : អាទិត្យ​​​​ using khmer letter.
    Roman create āditya using roman letter.

    Can you prove that Khmer ancestor is Indian Khmer?

  251. វិចិត្រ

    You can show that Roman Sanskrit “āditya” to Khmers, I don’t think Khmers can understand it. But Khmers can understand Khmer Sanskrit “Atith” that Thai using it.

    I can prove Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers just look at Khmer Sanskrit, Khmer Pali, Khmer temples, Khmer wedding dress and read my post #415 for Khmer history how Khmers mixed with Indians.

  252. Hello the rest of the world:

    I am Khmer, but I don’t say who is bad or good for both Khmer and Thai. Let’s it be for what happened in the past. I think only what is the present days. Nevertheless, I can’t help saying now!

    For many decades, Thai have told to the world that Khmer are bad or other things that you all and I heard. But now you can see by your own eyes what happens on Cambodai-Thailand’ boarder around Phras Vi Hear Temple. The World knows that it belongs to Cambodia, but only Thai do not know about that. This is the only one thing that you know, but there are many things about these that you should know. We are poor country, BUT WE ALL LOVE PEACE. I support Cambodai Peace Government Today that we try very hard to stop the war between Cambodia and Thai today.

  253. I’m Thai. Thai King’s family is SHIT! Just leave them alone. They’re gonna kill each other for that fucking throne again and again forever.

    To be honest my Khmer friends. I never look down nor hate anybody. Border lines are shit!! who was the first person created a border??? Who was the first person invented Kingdom and Monarchy??? They all are shit!

    ปล่อยให้เมียอ้วนกับผัวบอดมันโลภไปกับเก้าอี้ร้อน ๆ ไปเหอะ เดี๋ยวมันก็ฆ่ากันตายเหมือนกับที่มันเคยทำกับตระกูลมัน ตระกูลนี้มันตระกูลเลือด ฆ่ากันไปฆ่ากันมาเพื่อราชบัลลังค์มาแต่ไหนแต่ไร ในหลวงอานันท์พี่ชายไอ้เหี้ยแว่นภูมิพลตายเงียบไม่รู้สาเหตุ ปิดหูปิดตาประชาชนมากี่ปีแล้ว กี่คนต้องตายสังเวยให้ไอ้เหี้ยแว่นตาบอด มันได้แต่อยู่ในประเทศไทยไม่กล้าออกไปไหน เพราะออกไปก็จะโดนต่างประเทศถามเรื่องลับ ๆ ทั้งหลาย กี่ปีแล้วที่มันไม่กล้าออกไปนอกประเทศเลย

  254. เขมรด่าไทย ไม่เท่าไร เพราะยังไงรัฐบาลเขมร แต่มีไอ้พวกเหี้ยคิดขายชาติ นี้เหลือทน ไอ้พวกเหี้ย ไปอยู่ปอยเปต หรือเลียตูดเจ้านายที่ลอนดอนนู้นไป

    khmer not kyom but kyom is every empire around suwannapoom
    thai not from south china but we are here more than 2000 year
    Name the castle is not pherah viher but is phra vihan

  255. Who is this saying something that is not true

    “khmer not kyom but kyom is every empire around suwannapoom
    thai not from south china but we are here more than 2000 year
    Name the castle is not pherah viher but is phra vihan”

    You go and read more books and do some researches before saying shit. Khmer is Khorm of cause, and Khorm is from Kh letter + M letter. Kh+m= Khorm. Kh is Khmer and M is Mon. You got it now?

    Study some more!!

    Thai are group from south of China of cause, with Lao are the same. But Thai is the first group of Tai group who came down first before lao. Thai came to stay with Khmer, Mon, Burmese, and some other tribes, and begin to unite to be Siam.

    About language, Thai and Lao are so close so to say they are must come from the same tribe. Anyhow thai and lao’s language got lots of influence from Khmer which already consisted of Bali and Sangkrit.

    I dare to tell you Khmer people can just spend one week can master how to read in Thai and Lao. This is true I myself now live in Thai I tell you I don’t need to go to school to learn thai, but now I can read it even lao.

    To all Khmer this is true if we want to learn Thai actually it is so easy to learn because Thai’s language is derived or from Khmer.

    One more thing, actually thai language is Khmer who make for Thai and Lao not Thai King, the thing is it just happen during that King only.

    See you next time

  256. I have read something up there written by some of us here, saying that the language of Khmer and Thai are not the same. Well it is different in sound or tone, tonation, high and low in pitch. But I tell you that if the sound is close and the meaning is close too, it means that the same.

    For example Khmer says “go to a walk” Doue lang and Thai may say Douen len. of cause it is the same. Khmer says Bro-jea-jon for people and Thai may say Pra-chhaa-chhon and the Lao may say Pa-sa-son for people, see!! the point the meaning is People the same but the difference is pronunciation. Ok for spelling, for khmer and thai are the same but Lao a bit difference. However that is the style of it. because they don’t want to be the same.

    One more thing, about the tone a gain, some of Khmer may experience saying 100 riel that Mouy loiy for some places and province instead of Mouy roiy. and for Tov Rean some time we say Tov rhean which Lao always say Pai rhean or hean. whatever it is the thing is people adopt one another, and each location have their own accent of saying words. Just like English and USA and Australia their enlish may be a bit different from each other.

    But here everything is about politic, so eventhough thing is the same, but they say not.

    Anyways, Khmer is the first group in this Suwanaphum, Khmer is the one who built all the temples in Champasak in Lao, and those in Thai. Khmer language is older that those Thai and Lao. The two actually derived from Khmer, and Khmer made it for not those Kings.

    So please do not just say something which is not true. Do some research, read before write. Thai people in those province still remember that those land once used to be Khmer and those temples were Khmer’s.

  257. Rahoo u knowlge??? your history is out of date. Languese is not everything. It have more data to reserch Thai langues have some word form Khom or khmer yes it true but not all cause thai is not tai but thai trend langues form tai same you not khom not khmer but you trend culture form khom. I have more tham to tell you. I have deegree History but I’m not sure english so i can’t tell you all I knowlge in order that I see what your said. last I want tell your history reserch same thai’s history reserch about 50 years later. You knowlge history what your goverment want you knowlge. It natonalism’s history but it not true and Thai recieve badly from your country but in thailand have history translate form more langues even if I’dont knowlge English more but I knowlge your history writing to fasle do you knowlge I can tell you a little Khom form reserch in thailand it have data from more stone inscription to tell Khom not Khmer but more khom king is from basin of a Jao Phra Ya river

  258. To all Thais

    The Mon-Khmer family were the native living in SEA at least 4000 years before the century AD.
    The Mon were living along the Menam River where Thailand now and south of Burma today. The Khmer were living along the Mekong River where Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam now.
    The Mon-Khmer family were believed the creators of the plain jars in Laos. Khmers are still using jars in Cambodia today. The Mon-Khmer no tonal speaking has at least 100 members speaking in SEA.

    The Khmer royal family Naga ruled in Srok Khmer or Nokor Kok Tlok until the Indians from India came to intermarry with Khmers and they founded a Kingdom of Nokor Phnom or Funan in the 1st century AD. They were the first Indian-Khmer royal family of Mahayana Buddhist (Read Preah Thong & Neang Neak) Its history was carved on the Baksei Chamkrong stone script in Phnom Banon at Prey Veng province in Cambodia where their temple still standing there today.

    Thais were Tai people living in Nanchao, China. The Tai tonal speaking is the Tai language group in south of China. Tai people took refugee into Khmer land when the Mongol invading their Nanchao. The Khmer King Jayavarman VIII gave Sukhotei to his brother Preah Rong to help Tai people founding a Kingdom. In order to have a Kingdom, Tai people must have a language writing system. Preah Rong and other Khmers taught Tai people of Khmer writing system based on Khmer alphabet, Khmer vowels and Khmer numerals. King Ramkamheing was believed a Khmer King Brother Preah Rong who was a Monk. Only a Khmer Monk can read the Khmer script and created Tai writing system to fit with Tai tonal speaking. Preah Rong borrowed the Khmer numerals to complete the Tai writing system to be used as Tai official language in Sukhotei.

    There was no record founded of war between Tai people and a huge Khmer Empire armies as per Thailand history claimed that Tai people fought Khmer Empire armies for Tai Independence. Tai people can’t protect their Nanchao from the Mongol, Tai people can’t fight against huge Khmer Empire armies for Independence if the Khmer Empire King did not allow Tai freedom.

  259. ចំពោះខ្មែរ


  260. To I love thai king hate I Meaw in London, show me what u know about the new research, u can write in Thai because I can read Thai, even I did not take Thai class. I tell you from my common sense thai language is just like Khmer but the thing is it is written in the other way around. Rutum got it right actually. your Thai language was created by Khmer for thai not your King. But history just was written to favorite your own people. No matter how Thai written word look like, but still I and Khmer people can recognize if we take a good look at it.

    Write in Thai, I am ok for it.

    One more, you say it is all about politic and government, I ask you how about your Govt. is it honest you? I tell you Thai history is vary. when it deals with Khmer it says one thing and when it deals with lao it says other thing. it purposely just want to fulfill its ambitions only.

    I know that your history tells thai students that Thai before is big, it consisted of Thai, Lao, Cambodia, and Vietnam also. It teaches every thai to do their best as possible to gain those land back. I tell you the idea of Khorm is just happen during 1962 when Khmer and Thai brought an issue over Prah-vihea temple to the International Court. that was the time that your lawyer says that Khmer and Khorm is not the same.

    If it is the case, why some Thai TV show everyday on the screen that the first Kingdom of Thai, Sukhaothai is taken from Khmer empire. The Thai Tv always shows it on the screen. Siam solider invaded Sukhaothai from Khmer.

    I think your Govt has problem, and it is very serious to you not me.
    See you.

  261. To all friends, Khmer and Thai
    I am Rahoo today just want to share one thing to you all especially to Thai. Please take a few minutes read and think carefully. Would you agree on this if we teach young children (3-5 years old)at this generation that the Black color is White and the White is Black, and by the time they are 12-15 years old they will most likely be ready to say that the black is white and the white is black?

    Poor story, and sad for those who are blind by the wrong teaching. Now the history of Thai tries to seperate Khmer and Khorm apart. It says Khorm are the great empire, who build those temples not Khmer, purposely just want to invade the Khmer, it even says that Khmer and Thai are the same but somehow these two were devided from each other. This is not true at all. We can go to Google search for it. Nothing saying like that, only in some Thai documents.

    and those evidence on the temples, and the ordinary people living in those provinces in Thai and Lao and Vietnam still alive and they know, but why this kind of idea still exist.

    Please stop invading each other, can we live in peace?

  262. To all friends, Khmer and Thai
    I am Rahoo today just want to share one thing to you all especially to Thai. Please take a few minutes read and think carefully. Would you agree on this if we teach young children (3-5 years old)at this generation that the Black color is White and the White is Black, and by the time they are 12-15 years old they will most likely be ready to say that the black is white and the white is black?

  263. ความเห็น 439 ปากหมาจริงๆนะมึง Khmer’s friend อยากเอาตีนตบปากว่ะ
    ทำเป็นปากเก่งรบกันจริงๆ มึงก็พวกขี้แพ้วันยังค่ำ คนไทยไม่คิดจะรุกรานพวกแต่พวกมึงชอบทำเก่ง

  264. ไอ้พวกควาย เหี้ย เขมร เดี๋ยว ไทยกุ ปิดด่านทั้งหมด ห้ามขายของให้มีง ห้ามคนเข้า เขมรชั้นต่ำของมึง เยวพวกมึงจะรู้สึก ทุกวันนี้ยังขอทานประทังชิวิตเขาอยู่ทำเป้นอวดดี ไอ้สัตว์เขมร

  265. 439. Khmer’s friend – ខែ តុលា 4, 2008
    I’m Thai. Thai King’s family is SHIT! Just leave them alone. They’re gonna kill each other for that fucking throne again and again forever.

    To be honest my Khmer friends. I never look down nor hate anybody. Border lines are shit!! who was the first person created a border??? Who was the first person invented Kingdom and Monarchy??? They all are shit!

    ปล่อยให้เมียอ้วนกับผัวบอดมันโลภไปกับเก้าอี้ร้อน ๆ ไปเหอะ เดี๋ยวมันก็ฆ่ากันตายเหมือนกับที่มันเคยทำกับตระกูลมัน ตระกูลนี้มันตระกูลเลือด ฆ่ากันไปฆ่ากันมาเพื่อราชบัลลังค์มาแต่ไหนแต่ไร ในหลวงอานันท์พี่ชายไอ้เหี้ยแว่นภูมิพลตายเงียบไม่รู้สาเหตุ ปิดหูปิดตาประชาชนมากี่ปีแล้ว กี่คนต้องตายสังเวยให้ไอ้เหี้ยแว่นตาบอด มันได้แต่อยู่ในประเทศไทยไม่กล้าออกไปไหน เพราะออกไปก็จะโดนต่างประเทศถามเรื่องลับ ๆ ทั้งหลาย กี่ปีแล้วที่มันไม่กล้าออกไปนอกประเทศเลย

    ไอ้439 มึงปากหมานะมึง ไอ้เหี้ย เห็นว่าอยู่อินเตอร์เน็ต ไม่มีใครเห็นตัว มึงถึงกล้าพูด ไอ้สัวย์ แน่จริงนะมึง ไอ้เหี้ย มึกเป้นใครกูไม่รู้ แต่อย่าเสือก ว่าในหลวงของกู

  266. ความเห็น 439 ปากหมาจริงๆนะมึง Khmer’s friend อยากเอาตีนตบปากว่ะ
    ทำเป็นปากเก่งรบกันจริงๆ มึงก็พวกขี้แพ้วันยังค่ำ คนไทยไม่คิดจะรุกรานพวกแต่พวกมึงชอบทำเก่ง มึงปากหมานะมึง ไอ้เหี้ย เห็นว่าอยู่อินเตอร์เน็ต ไม่มีใครเห็นตัว มึงถึงกล้าพูด ไอ้สัวย์ แน่จริงนะมึง ไอ้เหี้ย มึกเป้นใครกูไม่รู้ แต่อย่าเสือก ว่าในหลวงของกู ไอ้พวกควาย เหี้ย เขมร เดี๋ยว ไทยกุ ปิดด่านทั้งหมด ห้ามขายของให้มีง ห้ามคนเข้า เขมรชั้นต่ำของมึง เยวพวกมึงจะรู้สึก ทุกวันนี้ยังขอทานประทังชิวิตเขาอยู่ทำเป้นอวดดี ไอ้สัตว์เขมร

  267. ไอ้เหี้ยฮุนเซน กับไอ้คนเขมรเหี้ย พวกนี้ โคตรพ่อโคตรแม่มันเป็นเหี้ยมาก่อน กูอยากจะกระทืบพวกมึงทั้งโคตรเง่ามึงให้ตายคาตีนทั้งที่ตายในนรกและยังอยู่หนักโลกใบนี้จังเลยโว้ย กูอยากจะเยี่ยวรดใส่หัวไอ้ฮุนเซน และ ไอ้บรรพบุรุณชั่ว ๆ ของมึงมากที่สุดในชีวิต ไอ้เหี้ยเอ๊ย พวกมึงเลวบริสุทธิ์จริง ๆ จากใจจริง ไอ้สัตว์นรก

  268. ไอ้สัตว์นรกชาติหมาชิงหมาเกิดฮุนเซน มรึงอยากตายภายใต้ ฝ่าตีนกรูหรือยังไงไอ้สัตว์ พ่อมรึง แม่มรึง ไม่ได้ สั่งสอน มรึงติ หรือขาดความรัก ความอบอุ่น ถึงได้จาบจ้วง สถาบันเบื้องสูงของประเทศไทย เยี่ยงนี้ กรูอยากแล่เนื้อมรึงไอ้เหี้ยฮุนเซน แล้วเอาให้หมากิน เมียมรึง ลูกมรึง จะส่งไปให้ นักโทษ รุมข่มขืนโดยไม่ใส่ถุงยาง ครอบครัวมรึงต้องโดนประหารเจ็ดชั่วโคตร และตามตกลงไปนรกขุมที่ไม่มีวันได้ผลุดได้เกิด ชดใช้เวรกรรม ตลอดไปนานเท่านาน ตราบชั่วฟ้าดินสลาย ไอ้สัตว์ฮุนเซน

  269. แด่ไอ้เหี้ย Khmer’s friend

    ข้าแต่สิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์ที่สิงสถิตอยู่ พร้อมอิทร์ พรพม ยมเจ้า
    ท่านเจ้าป่า เจ้าเขา เจ้าทุ่งเจ้าท่า เจ้าถ้ำ พระพายพระแม่ธรณี พระแม่คงคา
    เสร็จพ่อรัชกาลที่ 5 และองค์กษัตริย์ทุกพระองค์ในราชวงค์จักรี
    สมเด็จกรมหลวงชุมพรเขตอุดมศักดิ์ ผีบ้าน ผีเมือง
    ขอให้ท่านทั้งหลายจงมาเป็นสักขีพยาน และดลบันดาล
    ให้ ไอ้เหี้ย Khmer’s friend
    จงมีอันเป็นไปถึงลูกถึงหลาน ขอให้ชีวิตมีแต่ความเศร้าหมอง
    ต้องเผชิญเภทภัยโรคภัยไข้เจ็บ ขอให้ทนทุกข์ทรมาน
    ทั้งกายทั้งใจ มีแต่ภัยพิบัติ สมบัติจงสูญสิ้น หายมลายสิ้นทั้งวงค์ตระกลู

  270. จัดให้ครับแปลไม่เก่งแปลผิดยังงัยขออภัย ใครเป็นชาวเขมรร้อนนักก็แปลให้พวกมึงฟังนะนะ ไอ้เขมรเวรนรก ไอ้เขมรเหี้ยนรก พ่อแม่มึงทั้งโคตร บรรพบุรุณมึงทั้งโคตรเป็นสัตว์เดรัจฉานมาเกิด

    ใครก็ตามที่ดูหมิ่นสถาบันพระมหากษัตริย์ไทย ฉันขอสิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์ทั้งหลาย เทพเทวาที่สิงสถิตย์อยู่ทุกสถานที่ เช่น พระอินทร์ พระพรหม พญายม แม่ธรณี พระคงคา พระมหากษัตริย์ไทยทุกพระองค์ ผีบ้าน ผีเมือง โปรดเป็นพยาน และ ดลบันดาลให้ชาวเขมรชาติชั่วทั้งหลายประสบความฉิบหายแก่ครอบครัวของมัน ตลอดกาล ฉันขอให้ลูกของมันหลานของมัน พบแต่ความฉิบหาย ความเศร้าหมอง พบแต่โรคภัยไข้เจ็บ ฉันขอให้มันพบแต่ความทนทุกข์ทรมานทั้งกายใจ มีแต่พิบัติสำหรับชาวเขมรทุกคน ฉันขอให้ทรัพย์สินของมันสูญสิ้น ตราบเท่ากาลปาวสาน
    whoever who disparage royal Thai institution , I beg for holy all thing , deity god that dwell every the place . such as Indra , Brahma , god of Death , earth(God Mather of land) , Ganges River monk(God Mather of KongKa) , every great Thai king His Majesty , house ghost , city ghost , please the witness , and , inspire give member Cambodian wicked race all in meets the catastrophe to its family forever . I request its grandchild its child meet but catastrophe , sorrow , meet but illness , I request it meets but the durability suffers both of mind body , have only the disaster for member Cambodian everybody in , I request its assets exhausts , as long as , for ever and ever .

  271. I don’t think Thai have considered cambodian as a rival……They’re looking for something closer, Malaysian and Singaporean are their choices.

    It’s just only cambodian who hates Thai….

    Don’t forget Thai have never felt any severely pains. Some might argue that Preah Vihear may raise the issue for Thai. But don’t forget that Thai’s used to conquer Cambodia for centuries. This provided long-term pain to most cambodian hearts.

  272. Khmer !!!! Do you know this???

    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  273. Cambodian person has suited already that is the family of Praya Lawak ( bad warlord from Cambodian country ) When 400 last year . while , King Naresuan behead of Cambodian bad warlord , lead the blood of a fighter person this come to wash the feet , Cambodian fighter in the past is compared as dog backbites. Now Cambodian person doesn’t differ from the past.

    คนเขมรสมแล้วที่เป็นเชื้อสายของพญาละแวก ขุนศึกชั่วจากประเทศเขมรเมื่อ 400 ปีก่อน เมื่อครั้งสมเด็จพระนเรศวรตัดหัวของขุนศึกเขมรชั่ว นำเลือดของนักรบผู้นี้มาล้างพระบาท นักรบเขมรในอดีตเปรียบเสมือนหมาลอบกัด หมาลอบกัด ปัจจุบันคนเขมรไม่ต่างอะไรเมื่อครั้งอดีตที่ผ่านมา

  274. ពួកអាចោសៀមនេះមិនចេះខ្មាស់គេទាល់តែសោះ។សួម្បីតែអក្សរសៀមក៏ជា

  275. WHAT A JOKE
    Thailand says : “its ready for WAR”

    01:46) Report
    Oct 14 – Thailand has denied Cambodian claims that it’s withdrawn its forces from a disputed stretch of the Cambodian border and says its ready for war.

    A deadline set by the Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen for Thai forces to pull back from the disputed border area near the the 900-year-old Preah Vihear has since expired.

    On Monday, the Cambodian leader threatened to turn the area into a “death zone” if Thailand didn’t comply with the ultimatum. Singapore is calling on both countries to show restraint and to resolve the issue through negotiations.

    Tensions have been high since July, when hundreds of soldiers on both sides faced-off only metres apart.

    Helen Long reports.

    look at the video: http://www.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=92194&newsChannel=worldNews

  276. គំនិតចោសៀមចង់បំបាត់ពួជខ្មែរនិងលួចយកអារ្យធម៍ខ្មែរថាជារបស់ចោសៀម

  277. I just replied to someone asking
    If war broke out, would Thailand easily defeat Cambodia?

    Here’s my reply to that someone and that goes to all Thais too.

    Cambodian royal armies captured 10 Thai soldiers yesterday; those Thai soldiers are treated nice by the Cambodian royal armies.

    Siem Reap means “Siam defeated” is a Khmer province; Khmers named it after Khmers crushed Siam aggressors like bugs under the Khmer feet when those Siam aggressors were robbing Khmer national pride Angkor Wat temple.
    Today, Thai aggressors are robbing Khmer lands and Khmer temples at the border. Cambodia has no modern weapons, modern tanks, modern airplanes like Thailand, but Khmers have heart defending their country from Thai aggressors and Khmers will name another Khmer province as “Thai Reap” means Thai defeated soon if Thai aggressors will not stop their aggression towards Khmers who helped them from the Mongol killing 700 years ago. Khmer alphabet, Khmer vowels and Khmer numerals have been using by Thais as Thai official language today.


    Thai govt committed crime against humanity just like the KR did, Thai soldiers killed thousand Khmer refugees in 1979-1980 at Dangrek Mountain and no one is taking Thai govt to the crime court yet.

    Thai aggressors never recognized any international law; Thais are acting like Hitler as people can see Thai students celebrated the Nazi day in Thailand.


  278. ไอ้พวกควาย เหี้ย ไทย ไอ้พวกดี okok you all are good,,,,May your goodness help you be good and righteous all the time and your goodness help you out of ignorance. ไอ้สัตว์ไทย.

    You are lucky that are born to be Thai who have right to exerise your very right. Good. I tell you if we ordinary Khmer have power to express our thought and idea we will do to let you know how stupid Thais are.

  279. Hey I am Rahoo don’t want to insult anybody too. Listent Thai people this is 21th centuary be more open-minded. Don’t be so proud. What I am Rahoo trying to say is YOu guid are getting wrong informations from your some teachers, history, ideas, philosophy, and so and so. Why I say so because there are still lots of evidences all over Thailand.

    1. Visible evidences: go and check those Temples, most written in Khmer words, non-Thai. if can not see Khmer script it means some of you erase it. or you can go to your Royal Palce and museum.
    2. Living evidences: Go and ask people in , Kanjanaburi, Saraburi, Khorat, Borei Ram, Sisaket, Surin. most of them still who Khmer were and are. or Ask some Lao and Burmese and if posible ask your King.

    Question: HOw can you say your country is big should be inclouding Camb, lao, vietnam. Forget about it man. ONe sun one moon one sky be peace to each other.

    Come on don’t let นรก or នរក​ belongs to you nor Khmer. the fact is that Some thing is wrong with you historically and polictically.

    Tell you the truth We khmer are suffer enough, we don’t want war any more. we don’t hate you at first. Today it is still we are ready to live in peaceful world with you thai, lao and Vietnamese.

  280. เขมรเอ๋ย
    สูเป็นแบบนี้มาแต่บรรพบุรุษ แล้วยังจะเป็นไปต่อในภายภาคหน้า
    ปู่ทวดเราเคยตัดหัวทวดสูเอาเลือดมาล้างตีน เราและลูกหลานก็จะตามผลาญสู ลูกหลานสู เอาเลือดมาล้างตีน ตราบชั่วลูกชั่วหลานเหมือนกัน ตราบเท่าที่สูและลูหลานสูยังเนรคุณ

  281. เข้าใจปะว่าไอพวกเขมรมันเหี้ยๆๆๆๆๆ เป็นประเทศที่เหลือขอ
    ทำอะไรไม่เคยคิด อยากทำห่าไรแม่งก้อทำ
    อยากให้ประเทศแม่งหล่นไปอยู่นรกจังวะ *-*

  282. >>>>> Khmer’s friend <<<<<>กูไม่รู้ จะเปรียบบพวกมึง ที่ว่าให้ประเทศไทย ของกู อะไรดี ….?
    จะด่าว่า ควายก็ไม่ดี * ควายมันยังมีประโยชน์ช่วยคนไถนา มีข้าวกิน*
    จะด่าว่า หมา ก็ไม่ดี * หมามันยังนิสัยดีเฝ้าบ้านให้คน เป็นเพื่อนคนได้*
    เอางี้ ขอด่ามึงว่า /*/แมงสาบ/*/ ไม่มีใครต้องการคนอย่างพวกมึง —
    เอายังไงดี … หนอ ? เอาสั้นๆง่ายๆแต่ได้ใจความ *

    ……กลับไปแดก ห อ ย! แม่มึงซะ ไอ้ อี่ พวก สัส นรก ทั้งหลาย……..

    เออะอะไร ก็ฟ้องศาลโลก~ ศาลโลก วันๆ พวกมึง ได้แต่ เกาะชายกระโปรง
    ของฝรั่งเศส อยู่นั่นแหละ หัดเอาน้ำใส่กะโหลดชะโงกดู กะลาหัวซะบ้าง

    ทำอะไรได้บ้าง ห๊า กระหรี่ นัก นะ มึง!

    อี่ ไพร่ เสนียดจัญไร ! ……. ไปตาย ! ซะ ห อ ย เขม ร*-*

    สุดท้ายกูขอฝากไว้ว่า . . . . ไอ้อี่ คนไหน หรือคนใดในที่นี้หรือ พวกเขมร ดูหมิ่น ในหลวงกับพระราชินีของพวกกู ขอให้ ประสบแต่ภัยพิบัติ อันจะหาที่ซุกหัวนอนมิได้ ฟ้าดินเป็นพยาน ขอให้ฟ่าผ่า ล้างประเทศเขมรมัน จน หา จุดจบมิได้เลย เทอญ .. ..ฯ


    ปล. เวร! ย่อม ระงับด้วยว การ จอง* เวร สำหรับกู

    >>บะเขมร ก็เหมือนพวกโห่ร้องเหมือนเปรตของส่วนบุญ . . . .อยากได้ก็
    ขอกันดีๆ พี่ไทยจัดให้แน่! จะอุทิศ ส่วนบุญและอานิสงค์ไปให้ จะกรวดน้ำ
    7 วัน7คืน เอาเป็นลิตรเลย*-*


  283. >>>>> Khmer’s friend <<<<<<
    ว่าไทยนะว่าได้ แต่มึงอย่าริบังอาจ มาว่าให้ ในหลวงกับพระราชินีกู*
    สัส ได้แต่ด่าในเว็บ ถ้ามึงแน่จริงมึงออกมาด่าเลยสิ
    กู อยากจะรู้ หนังหน้าของมึงๆ จะเหลือซาก มั้ย ?
    คนอย่างมึง ต้อง ฆ่า นำมาเฉือด ”คอ” เอาเลือดล้างตีน เอาหัวเสียบบประจาน
    เเล่ เนื้อ!!! เอามาตุ๋น ใส่พริก ใส่เกลือ รอให้สุก ตักใส่ชาม นำมาวางแทบเท้า
    และเรียกหมา มากิน! . .. .. .-*-

  284. ไอพวกนรก !>>>>> Khmer’s friend <<<<<>กูไม่รู้ จะเปรียบบพวกมึง ที่ว่าให้ประเทศไทย ของกู อะไรดี ….?
    จะด่าว่า ควายก็ไม่ดี * ควายมันยังมีประโยชน์ช่วยคนไถนา มีข้าวกิน*
    จะด่าว่า หมา ก็ไม่ดี * หมามันยังนิสัยดีเฝ้าบ้านให้คน เป็นเพื่อนคนได้*
    เอางี้ ขอด่ามึงว่า /*/แมงสาบ/*/ ไม่มีใครต้องการคนอย่างพวกมึง —
    เอายังไงดี … หนอ ? เอาสั้นๆง่ายๆแต่ได้ใจความ *

    ……กลับไปแดก ห อ ย! แม่มึงซะ ไอ้ อี่ พวก สัส นรก ทั้งหลาย……..

    เออะอะไร ก็ฟ้องศาลโลก~ ศาลโลก วันๆ พวกมึง ได้แต่ เกาะชายกระโปรง
    ของฝรั่งเศส อยู่นั่นแหละ หัดเอาน้ำใส่กะโหลดชะโงกดู กะลาหัวซะบ้าง

    ทำอะไรได้บ้าง ห๊า กระหรี่ นัก นะ มึง!

    อี่ ไพร่ เสนียดจัญไร ! ……. ไปตาย ! ซะ ห อ ย เขม ร*-*

    สุดท้ายกูขอฝากไว้ว่า . . . . ไอ้อี่ คนไหน หรือคนใดในที่นี้หรือ พวกเขมร ดูหมิ่น ในหลวงกับพระราชินีของพวกกู ขอให้ ประสบแต่ภัยพิบัติ อันจะหาที่ซุกหัวนอนมิได้ ฟ้าดินเป็นพยาน ขอให้ฟ่าผ่า ล้างประเทศเขมรมัน จน หา จุดจบมิได้เลย เทอญ .. ..ฯ


    ปล. เวร! ย่อม ระงับด้วยว การ จอง* เวร สำหรับกู

    >>บะเขมร ก็เหมือนพวกโห่ร้องเหมือนเปรตของส่วนบุญ . . . .อยากได้ก็
    ขอกันดีๆ พี่ไทยจัดให้แน่! จะอุทิศ ส่วนบุญและอานิสงค์ไปให้ จะกรวดน้ำ
    7 วัน7คืน เอาเป็นลิตรเลย*-*


  285. Who is your หลวง and พระราชินี? shut the fuck up!! your หลวง and พระราชินี
    I want to laugh ahahah….your หลวง and พระราชินี just a man with one head like me and tow hands and legs, one dick like me. your พระราชินี just like a woman with one head with 1.4 kg of brain, one pair of breast, two hands and legs. Don’t ever think i am scare of them.

    Ask yourself who are you? who are Thai?
    You guys never have clear self-information, how can you say you thai and that King is your king. Maybe your ancestors are Khmer Lao or Mon. who knows?

    Why you need to curse other like animal. Look at yourself with one dick to fuck, 1.5kg brain, how good you are to curse other.

    Go fuck yourself then come back again.

  286. I am the father of Thai King. I am so sorry that I did not teach my son and people well. Sorry I was wrong to teach them to invade other land. Now I am in hell. I feel so hot in flame. It is hotter and hotter here.

    Can you guys here tell my Thai people stop invading other land?? because I can not stand or else I will go to the earth to take my son and some Thai people to stay with me here in hell.

    Fuck Siam, Stop being crazy. Be friend, nice, generous to other so that peace will come to you.

  287. Khmer always unites in oneness!
    Siam always fight each other, the North and the South, one day Burma will turn Ayuthiya into ashes…Well I heard that Bangkok will be under water shortly…Is it the reason that Thailand need more land to survive?…Attacked Burmese few weeks ago, sadly Burmese troops snatched and burned down Thai’s 6 villages…so unlucky!…Maybe it’s time for Thailand to pie off from being a thief…hahhaaha….Oh by the way I heard that after the King Mibol, there’s no more king fit…Imagine how terrible Thai people will solve their own problems…Ok that’s it my most beloved Thai friends…Su Su before your ass got kicked 🙂

  288. Special thanks to beloved Thai friends who dare to turn your ass into Khmer community…n from my utmost and sincere I dedicate my thanks for the above Thai skunks who have sweated so extremely by bringing fake expedience. Last year I heard that the world historical compendium stationed in New York had announced the invalidity of Thai history due to changes and modification….why Thai have changed their history?…History is culturally bound, embedded in Thai perception…the consequence is that Thai have learned to forget their Identity as Siam, which widely known as the opportunist or to be direct as “thief.” David Crystal the world anthropologist, sociolinguists, and a historian wrote in the book called “Asia in View” is being bold that Khmer don’t like to be called with a new name, but rather maintain as Khmer. Khmers love their identity, culture, and tradition….What David Crystal writes Thailand is so obsessive to accept modern culture including free sex. The world historical account declare that Khmer is the mother language for Thai, which mean Khmer created Thai alphabets and other linguistic elements…that’s why a Cambodian takes just few months to learn Thai…but a Thai would take years to just understand Khmer language. Thais are well known for using offensive, abusive, street vernacular, swear, and curse vocabulary which are well codified in the today Thai lexicon. Believe me Thais are not smart!…Thailand never under war or major crisis…yet it’s just a developed country…I want to response the above guy that Khmer is jealous of Thai is more developed…believe me buddy…Bangkok is crowded,..people are deceitful and crooked…the country side, and remote areas are almost poorer than Prey Veng if you know it. Bangkok is filled with the rich and poor and the poorest…you know that I mean buddy…so stop barking that Thailand is more developed…It’s a warn to all buddy if you r not well educated…stop lying people in this community 🙂

  289. Special thanks to beloved Thai friends who dare to turn your ass into Khmer community…n from my utmost and sincere I dedicate my thanks for the above Thai skunks who have sweated so extremely by bringing fake expedience. Last year I heard that the world historical compendium stationed in New York had announced the invalidity of Thai history due to changes and modification….why Thai have changed their history?…History is culturally bound, embedded in Thai perception…the consequence is that Thai have learned to forget their Identity as Siam, which widely known as the opportunist or to be direct as “thief.” David Crystal the world anthropologist, sociolinguists, and a historian wrote in the book called “Asia in View” is being bold that Khmer don’t like to be called with a new name, but rather maintain as Khmer. Khmers love their identity, culture, and tradition….What David Crystal writes Thailand is so obsessive to accept modern culture including free sex. The world historical account declare that Khmer is the mother language for Thai, which mean Khmer created Thai alphabets and other linguistic elements…that’s why a Cambodian takes just few months to learn Thai…but a Thai would take years to just understand Khmer language. Thais are well known for using offensive, abusive, street vernacular, swear, and curse vocabulary which are well codified in the today Thai lexicon. Believe me Thais are not smart!…Thailand never under war or major crisis…yet it’s just a developing country…I want to response the above guy who defamed that Khmer is jealous of Thai because Thai is more developed…believe me buddy…Bangkok is crowded,..people are deceitful and crooked…the country side, and remote areas are almost poorer than people in Prey Veng if you know it. Bangkok is filled with the rich and poor and the poorest…you know what I mean buddy…so stop barking that Thailand is more developed…It’s a warn to all buddy if you r not well educated…stop lying people in this community, or else you r brain dead 🙂


    Hey who said Khmer=Jealous country?

    I’ll tell u the truth Cambodian people are the most honest people on earth, abiding by the rules of Buddhism. They are friendly, helpful, kind, gentle, creative, hardworking, never tell lies, and have a healthy state of mind. However, it was also for these things that brought our nation to a downfall, as neighbouring countries such as Thailand had noticed our weakness.

    Yet Cambodian are not to be blamed, they are not the ones who started the battle. According to history, Khmer and Mon (Burma) are the first settlers