How can I win her back?

អ្នក​ដែល​ធ្លាប់​មាន​ស្នេហា​បែកបាក់​ពិត​ជា​យល់​ថា​វា​ឈឺចាប់​កម្រិត​ណា។ តើ​មាន​វិធី​ណា​អាច​ជួយ​គាត់​​ឱ្យ​នាង​ត្រឡប់​មក​វិញ​?

I’m in a real mess just now. I recently lost my girlfriend, I was stupid at new year and went to kiss someone. I never did but she found out and obviously very upset. It was the biggest regret of my life and I hate myself for it! After this we’ve spoken and met, I gave her something for valentines as well just to show her that i still love her. She said it was sweet but asked why. She’s also said that she wants to be by herself just now, wants to see what happens, but its hard not to talk to her and I find myself texting her a lot. Last night I was out and she was with another guy and it killed me. I didn’t do anything but did text her drunkenly later on and tried to phone her. I love her with everything I have, is there anyway of getting her back or is it done?

11 thoughts on “How can I win her back?

  1. khmerpoemboy ថ្ងៃចន្ទ ទី 18 ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 2008 / 9:08 ព្រឹក

    ទាក់ទងនឹងរឿងអញ្ចឹងខ្ញុំមិនដែលមានទាល់តែសោះ។ ក៏ប៉ុន្តែខ្ញុំជឿជាក់ថាចិត្តមនុស្សមិនមែនដាច់ខាតឡើយ បើនាងនៅមានចិត្តលើបុរសម្នាក់នេះ តាមការព្យាយាមសូមទោសនិងខំធ្វើល្អទៅនាង  នាងប្រាកដជាលើកលែងទោសអោយ។
    ខ្លាចក្រែងតែនាងអស់ចិត្តឬអស់សេចក្តីទុកចិត្តទៅលើបុរសម្នាក់នោះ វាគឺជារឿងដែលពិបាកផ្សះផ្សា។

  2. Wanna ថ្ងៃចន្ទ ទី 18 ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 2008 / 10:07 ព្រឹក

    No worry, man! Try your best, her heart will be soften soon. Being with another guy seems just a cheat.

  3. ល្បងសាល​ LokBongSal ថ្ងៃចន្ទ ទី 18 ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 2008 / 12:33 ល្ងាច

    If you are very sure she is really the one for you, then go for her. Keep trying. Everyone makes a mistake and it is fine to correct it. Remember, don’t be drunk to solve the problem as it will make the situation worse. Girls will find drunken boys very disgusting. Also, Writing always stays longer than speaking, so keep text messaging more than talking to her on the phone. Say things in the sms that you want to say. Try it and if it doesn’t work, come back to me and I’ll give you the second step. Hope you don’t mind my sharing.

  4. ទឹម បឿន ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 19 ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 2008 / 10:30 ព្រឹក

    -There are many methods handling woman psychology depending on their character.

    1.She may be the jealous style.The jealous style will be self-confident as long as you run behind her and she won’t take you seriously because you will be something she has conquered.
    *Treatment*:Don’t run behind her and begin living your life without her haunting you.If she notices this and especially if she sees you talking a lot to other females she will begin coming closer to you.

    2.She may be the demanding one.Loyalty means a lot to the demanding one.What happened in your situation would be a critical strike for such character.
    Wounded women after medium/long relationships would not date a guy for a specific period and there will be a storm in their minds.the storm may be bad for you but it also may be an advantage if you take the plunge and appear are a supporter to her.

    *Treatment* If she is not in the “storm” situation you just need to convince her that you are there for her but -CAUTION- without using odd methods because she may think you are trying to manipulate her.

    3.The shy one.The shy one would mostly be sad with herself after a break up like yours.

    *Treatment*Make her feel confident.That will mark your presence in her life and will definitely find you attractive.

    4.The confused one.She really does not know what to do first:Worry about what happened?Find a new guy?Excuse you?Act as if she does not care?Get angry? etc. That is a taboo situation…you need to wait till things settle up and when they do so you would be able to know the treatment.

    Those were 4 of the most well-known kinds of girls.I hope that it will help ye mate,and always know that an end foreshadows a new beginning.Good luck to ye.

    By Jack Squire

  5. ទឹម បឿន ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 19 ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 2008 / 10:32 ព្រឹក

    Thank everyone for the idea for him.

  6. chharda ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 11 ខែ​មីនា 2008 / 9:23 ព្រឹក

    if i know how to get someone back to my arms again i would tell u …i really want to see him and hug him again , miss nas

  7. Boeun ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 11 ខែ​មីនា 2008 / 10:14 ព្រឹក

    This is love!😦

  8. chharda ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 11 ខែ​មីនា 2008 / 5:43 ល្ងាច

    yes this call love

  9. ម៉ុន ម៉ន ថ្ងៃចន្ទ ទី 17 ខែ​មីនា 2008 / 9:08 ព្រឹក

    love is a joke, it’s a part of life.

    យើងមិនអាចគ្រប់គ្រងចិត្តគេ គេក៏





  10. Boeun ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 18 ខែ​មីនា 2008 / 9:08 ព្រឹក

    love is a joke? មនុស្ស​ប្រុស​ស្រី​គឺ​មិន​ខុស​គ្នា​ទេ ដូច​ដែល​លោក​ថា​អ៊‍ីចឹង។ បើ​គេ​ចង់​ទៅ ប្រឹង​ឃាត់​ក៏​ពិបាក​នឹង​ឃាត់​ឱ្យ​បាន​ដែរ។

  11. lan ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 10 ខែមិថុនា 2008 / 4:41 ល្ងាច

    ខ្ញុំបានស្គាល់នារីម្នាក់នាងជានារីល្អណាស់ហើយខ្ញុំចាប់ផ្តើមតាមស្រឡាញ់នាង រហូតនាងយល់ព្រមស្រលាញ់ខ្ញុំវិញផងដែរ។ យើងស្រឡាញ់គ្នាបានរយៈពេល មួយឆ្នាំកន្លះ ខ្ញុំថ្នមនាងដូចជាព្រះនាងអញ្ចឹង អ្វីដែលនាងចង់បាន ចង់ធ្វើខ្ញុំ ប្រគល់ អោយនាងទាំងអស់។ ប៉ុន្ទែនៅអាទិត្យមុនខ្ញុំបានជួបនាង កំពុងនៅជា មួយបុរសម្នាក់ទៀត។ ខ្ញុំសួរនាង រួចនាងនិយាយប្រាប់ខ្ញុំដោយត្រង់ថា នាងបានស្គាល់បុរសនោះមុខខ្ញុំ រួចនាងនិយាយថានាងស្រលាញ់គេជាខ្ញុំ ហើយនាងបានយករឿងខ្ញុំនិងនាងទៅប្រាប់បរុសនោះផងដែរ។ រឿងដែលចំលែកនោះគឺ បុរសទី១ និងបុរសទី២(គឺរូបខ្ញុំសុទ្ធតែស្រលាញ់នាងដូចគ្នា) ហើយក្នងពេលនេះគឺ នាងជាសង្សារបស់អ្នកទី១​ ផង និងជាសង្សារបស់ខ្ញុំផង។ នាងនិយាយថា មិនអាចបាត់បង់ទាំងពីរ។ តើខ្ញុំគួរដើរចេញរីនៅបន្ត? តើធ្វើយ៉ាងម៉ិចទើបខ្ញុំបាន នាងត្រលប់មកវិញ


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