It’s like a joke but almost true!!

If you don’t let him kiss you, you don’t love him
If you let him, he thinks you are cheap
If you praise him, he thinks you are pressuring him
If you don’t, he thinks you don’t care
If you agree to all his wants, he is abusing
If you don’t, you are not understanding
If you want to be romantic, he thinks you want a sugar daddy
If you don’t, you are plain and boring
If you visit him too often, he thinks you want to get married
If you don’t, he worries about new boyfriends
If you put makeup on, he accuses you of flirting
If you don’t, he thinks you look like a housewife
If you are jealous, he believes “It’s natural for men”
If you don’t, he thinks “He can have his cake and eat it too”
If you want a gift of flowers, he thinks “Its a waste of money”
If you don’t, he thinks you don’t deserve it
If you come early, he thinks you are an irony lady
If you don’t, he thinks “That’s a girl’s way”
If you want an ambitious man, you are pushy
If you don’t, you don’t care about his future
If you help him out, his ego is injured
If you don’t, his feelings are hurt
If you make more money than him, he cannot marry you
If you don’t make any, he wants someone else
If he make a suggestion, he wants you to agree
If you don’t, you are being difficult
If you say “no”, he thinks you mean “try again”
If you don’t, he has no respect for you

What will you do? lolzzzz


4 thoughts on “MAN

  1. duongchan ថ្ងៃចន្ទ ទី 25 ខែមិថុនា 2007 / 7:45 ល្ងាច

    Cool… Most are true. Most of em are true😀

  2. khmerlyric ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 26 ខែមិថុនា 2007 / 9:05 ព្រឹក

    Yes, really. Then I think you should do nothing! hahaha

  3. kunthy ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី 26 ខែមិថុនា 2007 / 7:42 ល្ងាច

    Guys are so difficult to understand!!..

  4. khmerlyric ថ្ងៃពុធ ទី 27 ខែមិថុនា 2007 / 12:04 ល្ងាច

    Once you will understand. Don’t care too much about this.


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